Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Pink Party at Azzucar!

Hey Everyone! I would like to share this with you and I hope you help spread the word to ANYONE who you feel may be interested to attend this really fun party!

Azzucar! Club & Bar, located in the heart of Clarke Quay (located next to the fountain, 2nd floor in front of Mulligans) proudly delivers an electrifying mix of the newest Latin funk, pop, salsa, merengue and reggaeton beats belted out by Singapore’s Only All Cuban Band, Cubania.

Seven exotic, sexy entertainers perform 6 nights a week with profound passion that brings forth Cuba’s cultural heritage and music scene, hand picked by experienced performer and club owner, Miguel Morales.

The Pink Party is a themed party by color but also by representation of this social segment of society that is otherwise represented by the color Pink.

This night is also dedicated in support to where drink bottles auction (Lychee Gancia Champagne x2 bottles (auction starts at $100 per bottle) + 42Below Kiwi Vodka (auction starts at $200) will be held on this night where 100% of the proceeds of this auction will be given to for their cause and activities.

Exclusive One Night Only Special Pink drink called “The Pink Ninja” has been created that comes with a handmade soft felt stuffed 3 inch tall Pink Ninja Brooch which allows party goers wearing this brooch to purchase subsequent party drinks/shooters at special prices for the night. This brooch can be taken back as exclusive memorabilia from the party.

The event which runs from 8pm to 12 midnight till late will have engaging interactive games held in between every 45 minute band play sets that boasts of exciting prizes such as bottles of 42below Vodka bottle and an exclusive to Azzucar! - Lychee Gancia Champagne bottle amongst other sponsor prizes up to $340!

From 830pm - 930pm, participate in a Latin dance workshop with a professional latin dance instructor, Albert Chung from S&A Danz X'pressio simple hot sexy moves that would sizzle the dance floor!

Two contests which will run for the night that will be drawn past midnight would be “The Most Pink Person” Contest which will be selected for the person who was dressed the Most Pink attire for the night.

“Come dressed in your Most Pink outfit; be as outrageously pink as you can be! Make a statement!”

The other contest would be for the “Azzucar Pink Party King & Queen” Coronation that would include a crown & a special prize for the winners.

“It would be such an exciting evening that the club for all attending that would be infused with engaging Latin music, fun interactive games, great prizes and crowd to dance a Saturday night away with a different experience that would befit a special night such as this….and for a good reason too! Support!”

Door Cover at the door for the Party would be $25 (includes 1 Pink Ninja drink + Handmade Brooch).

So Clear your Calendar people! Its Party time next Saturday! Gather your buddies & friends, RSVP please and I'll see you there!!
RSVP over at Facebook HERE

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photography by C. En Yung Part 3

Photoshoot time! I was a non professional model for the day again when En Yung told me that he bought some new lens for his camera and we head down to Hort Park at Alexandra Technopark to take some daytime, greenery pictures. *excited*

Pictures taken with a Nikon D90 with Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 and Nikon 50mm F1.4D lens.

I donned a colourful patched flowy skirt that I used as a tube styled dress. Yeah.. its a skirt. Costs about $20 and bought at Chinatown.

Here are some of the pictures that I liked out of this set. It was a Really REALLY fun photoshoot. The colours came out well. The angles and the new lens really made this set of pictures quite funny too! I love the one above!!! And generally, I'm very happy that EY has managed to capture a range of different kind of shots so far for his slowly growing portfolio! *Proud to be part of it*

Casual Shots @ Vivo City found
Evening Shots @ Clarke Quay found

There were SO MANY different little spots thats just perfect to take pictures with. Every couple of steps would see you in a little tiny spot with different landscaping or plants or furniture. Snap! Snap! Snap!! Some places had little wooden fences like this one...

Some places with strange plants and some information signboards about the park... some even had playground toys and even plastic Dinosaurs and Grass Dragons! We had a hilarious time at the Dinosaurs because I got stuck halfway up and he had to pull me off it with me screaming for dear life..."hewwwllp!!! I'm stuck!!!"

The park had various different kind of statues... you would see this metal swirly one when you enter near the park entrance...

And we tried a little perspective.. looking all professional, this was when EY lay flat on the table and took a photoshot upwards. Gosh.. the kind of positions photographers have to get into to get a different perspective... really not easy work!

Then he stood up on the table and shot downwards...

There were vegetable gardens and herb gardens.. I loved the Thyme bushes here.. they smelt so good too! *tempted to pluck some to use for grilled chicken*... (cough cough) but I didn't okay!

Different kind of stools, chairs and lounge chairs like this... this reminds me of some poolside deckchair...

And he caught me creeping about the flower bushes... "ah hah!!" (snap!) HOI!! .... *snigger snigger*

A portrait shot of me sitting by a flower bush.. and yeah.. the fluffiness of this skirt makes me look pregnant as a dress but I'm obviously NOT. I'm just naturally.. erm.. curvy.

And another shot of my favourite kind of picture for the day... BIG HEAD ME!! And that being said... If you like his work and if you would like to give En Yung a try for some photography work (personal or commercial), do contact him via his Facebook page and leave him a message! Or Email me at for his contact number. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Wishlist 2009

I have had some very lovely dear friends who had asked what I wanted this Christmas, perhaps so that they could get it before I leave for the Philippines on the 15th of December till month end. *clap hands in excited glee* Yes! I'm going to be off to the Philippines to spend Christmas there with my Mom and sisters and the rest of my maternal family. The Glama Grandmama aka my mom sponsored the tickets for the 3 of us via Cebu Pacific.

It would be a different Christmas for the girls this year for them to experience altogether. I'm pretty sure they're going to enjoy themselves. And we'll probably webcam with their Daddy n all at home here on Christmas eve/day itself. :)

So this years wishlist goes like this... I would put generally what I want.. it may not be within your budget or perhaps it is? but you DON'T have to get these if you don't want to.. but it might be easier knowing what I DO want if you want to get me something... but heck! If you remember me during Christmas and call/sms me to say Hi! I would be happy already!

1. Red Ipod
2. Tiffany Bracelet or Pendant. I don't put in necklaces as any necklace has to be pure gold or string or a natural material. I cannot wear costume metal jewellery as I have sensitive skin that would break out in a mad angry spotty rash. So if you're considering this, please note the above.
3. Hazel & Gray Contact Lenses - No degree needed.
4. Good Quality Lipgloss
5. Medium Size Bootleg Black Workout Pants (To fit a size 10/12 person)
6. Good Quality Sport Bras - Size 36C
7. A Small Portable Laptop - In black or pink.
8. Good Quality Headphones

Thats about it for now! :) Merry Christmas in Advance!!

Almost Exploding... Can't believe it...

This evening, I was going through some older event photographs for some work and I found one of myself 2 years ago at a past event. I had to do a triple take at the photograph as I realised that I was literally splittingly exploding out of my skin!

How did I let myself reach 100kg like that? Those were a size 44 pants and my official XXL event black shirt literally hangs on me now.. aye! This is a good reminder to keep working out and to keep in mind the kind of food that goes into my mouth. Gah! No more please.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Photography by C. En Yung Part 2

Armed with a new Nikon D90 camera, we set of to Clarke Quay to take some random photogaphs before a Salsa workshop at Azzucar. The last set of photos by C. En Yung can be found HERE.

Time taken for these set of shots were from around 6-730pm. Location at Clarke Quay, Singapore. Weather - Cloudy early evening with an eventual Clear Night sky.

The shot above taken at a doorway to a lonely alley near the central fountain at Clarke Quay.

Taken by the Bridge connecting Central and Clarke Quay.

Walking about Clarke Quay's shophouses.

And finally, me waiting for my dinner before the Salsa workshop begins. I thought this set of photos turned out pretty alright.. I looked somewhat fatigued but it was probably due to me not feeling too good lately and been sick the days prior to this. Still actually not feeling too chirpy as yet.

Dress & handbag compliments of my dear Mother in Law..yes! Its her dress. The one I wore before I left the house was too loose and she couldn't bear seeing me leave the house with a lousy fitting pink dress so she gave me this black one instead! It fit well apparently and I loved it! :)

I used makeup from Accessories & Heels are my own. :) Thanks for looking!

If anyone is interested to contact C. En Yung, you can look for him at his facebook page HERE.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Halloween 09 - Azzucar Spooky Night!

Spooky Night on 31st October came around and I spent the evening working. Yes, at a club and yes, it was Azzucar but for filming purposes. My videographers were there in full force recording what was needed for the night. While that was happening, the Marketing Manager and I made our rounds for the evening looking for Halloween Costume winners for prizes.

I interchanged my gold mask for the night for some black devil horns. What was I? Well I don't know really.. I had a mask, I had golden glittery spiders running all over my body.. some blood running down blood-red lips and blood splattered around my shoulders... so I was a bloody horny masked..err.. something.. *shrug*

Above was the first prize winner in red hair... below was the 2nd prize winner and the 3rd prize winner.. she left before we could take a picture with her. :(

And some more pictures with two of the band members (in pink hair and red horns)...

And my newest girlfriend, Michelle! Priscilla introduced us one evening some weeks ago and we hit off completely! She's a riot and completely hilarious... a really fun girl. REALLY fun. And best part too, she's also an Endorphin Junkie like me but she instructs swimming and trains for triathlons! Cool eh! Triathlons! Even I'm not at that level to even want to do a Marathon... much less Triathlon!! *hugs babe!!*

And I just HAD to take a picture with these guys.. its the GHOSTBUSTERS!! ... whod'yacall?! GHOSTBUSTERS!! Err.. on duty with Heineken? .... Got ghost how?.....

And of course, the evening would not have been complete if I didn't get a picture with the lovely owners of Azzucar, my clients... Miguel and his wife. "Rawwrrr!!"

And a final pic taken just before I left the house for the evening.. before the masks/horns/blood was put on.. still looking somewhat powdery n fresh.. face was much whiter in person... and no, I know it wasn't scary and my eyes were squinty.. but whatever.. "Raawwrrrr again...".... HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Photography Work & Friends...

Sometime the week before, I had to do another photoshoot for Azzucar but before that, I met up with a long time old friend, Daryl. For those who know Daryl, he's Mister Herbalife. He's a major big shot in that business....

Everything about him is Herbalife... hahahaha! I've known him since Eirian was about a year old so that makes him about a 7 year old friend already...

He's seen me at my fattest at 100kg some years back and tried to put me on his Herbalife products. If you don't already know that I was previously that size. You can check out my SOYJOY promo. videoclip done earlier this year HERE.

Unlucky as it was for those products, I was that 1% of people who had serious side effects from taking them so I had to stop consuming them or go into shock. Over the years, he slowly saw the transformation with my low carb/exercise regime and imagine the fast forward to 2009 the other week when we met for dinner at the Fisherman's Wharf for Fish & Chips.... :) "Is that really you?!".... always good to get that kind of response...

Then it was down to Azzucar for some work done. Picture first with the club owner, Miguel before we set off to work... and that evening, both my photographer boys went to the club to help me, Darran and En Yung.

Must take a picture with EY ... remember En Yung? *hugs* One more reminder below and you can check out the other photos taken by him HERE.

And thats my attempt to pretend to swing about the already slanted metal pole by the waterside at Vivocity during our photoshoot. "Quick take it! I'm sliding off!!!!".... Hahahah!!!

Zumbathon Again!

Last Zumbathon can be found HERE. California Fitness had another 90 minute but more private one last Saturday at the Novena branch and I would never miss it of course!

If you look to the left of the video, you might catch me too! Check it out. :) And a picture taken with some of my Zumba galfriends...

And Mike Thomas was in town this week and it was practically Zumba week over at California Fitness. Mike T used to the the Group X Manager here in Singapore till David and him literally swapped countries. He's now located in Hong Kong.

There was a Zumba party last Thursday night with him, David and Daniel at Novena. Was a complete blast! Very high energy! I'm looking forward to having him come back down from Hong Kong again to do another Zumba session here... Thanks Mike!! You would be missed. :)