Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Zumbathon Again!

Last Zumbathon can be found HERE. California Fitness had another 90 minute but more private one last Saturday at the Novena branch and I would never miss it of course!

If you look to the left of the video, you might catch me too! Check it out. :) And a picture taken with some of my Zumba galfriends...

And Mike Thomas was in town this week and it was practically Zumba week over at California Fitness. Mike T used to the the Group X Manager here in Singapore till David and him literally swapped countries. He's now located in Hong Kong.

There was a Zumba party last Thursday night with him, David and Daniel at Novena. Was a complete blast! Very high energy! I'm looking forward to having him come back down from Hong Kong again to do another Zumba session here... Thanks Mike!! You would be missed. :)

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