Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photography by C. En Yung

One of my friends, En Yung is a new budding photographer. He started out as a silent blog reader who I found out when he revealed himself later, was actually one of my dance mates at the gym and eventually became one of my regular dance class students in my private ZumFit classes.

I love seeing how people explore their interests and passion and hope that they become wildly successful in the things they love to do...

Armed with his newly purchased special lens, we headed out to VivoCity on a late afternoon to take some casual pictures with me. We took a couple of shots and reviewed them at the end of the day and there were several more that I liked but I chose 6 to be featured here... :)

Kudos to En Yung to have quite a good majority of shots that turned out pretty nice. We didn't even take alot so that means the percentage of good shots is high! For new photographers, practice & experimentation definitely makes perfect and it would be great too when one had an eye to capture the "magic" with their lenses...

If you like his work and if you would like to give En Yung a try for some photography work (personal or commercial), do contact him via his Facebook page and leave him a message! He's a really nice guy! Or Email me at for his contact number.

This shot.. walking down the stairs going down to the waterfront walkway at VivoCity...

Frowning at the setting sun.. attempting to capture a little side profile...

Sitting by the stairs.... even the setting sun was a little bright... * must put shades on* ..heh heh....

Resting a little by the waterside rose shaped seats...

and finally walking through the rooftop garden at VivoCity.. I like these shots.. and next time, we'll try some action photos and closeups and see how that goes! Thank you En Yung!! *big hugs*

Azzucar @ Clarke Quay

Anyone close to me would know that if I had to choose where to go to, to dance and have a night out. It would be at Azzucar, Latin club at Clarke Quay with their all cuban band, Cubania belting out many of my favourite dance and spanish love songs. *loves*

I had my birthday earlier this year there. Details on that HERE.

How apt it would then be that I now have work relations with them so I have the opportunity to enjoy my favourite live tunes belted out by the new & updated Cubania from time to time.

I really love the place.. the music.. I'm happy to be working with them...

I also had the opportunity to do a little photography work with Darran aka Limetouch *below* when I had to do some impromptu photo session at the club. Many thanks and heartfelt appreciation to Darran for being so spontaneous and meeting me with such short notice. He's a pretty cute boy isn't he!? And he works out regularly at the gym too! Fit, young, cute and still single? Whats there not to like girls? (*heh heh*)

Should anyone feel like they want to give a new photographer a try, you can contact Darran over at his blog. :)

Friday, October 09, 2009


"Are you Catholic or Christian?" asked my client as she peeked at my gold cross pendant that hung gently at the groove of my neck. "Catholic" I smiled and peered away with slight trepidation and guilt... "please don't ask" I thought to myself... but she did..

"Which Church do you go to?"... and then excitedly went on to explaining that she was Catholic too and she got married in the church that I "used" to attend.. I say "used" to go to because I haven't been to church for a very long time indeed. I believe. Yes... but I have not followed...

After that meeting, I strolled slowly down the road thinking about what we had discussed in our meeting and I suddenly stopped and looked up. I was standing at the main gate of a church. Strangely, in all the times that I had ever passed that area, I never noticed that there was a Catholic church where I stood.

I peered around the grounds and peeked at my handphone to check the time. Hmm.. still had some time to spare so I walked into the Church. It was empty except for a lady sitting on the far left praying with her rosary. I walked down the pews as I swished my fingers over each wooden arm rest till I found a spot I liked in the middle of the Church. And I sat.

I sat there for a while with my feet on the bar where other church goers would kneel and exalt in prayer during mass. I sat and thought and talked to Him. With all that is going on in my life now, I needed direction and I wanted a sign. I want clarity and I want focus and so I spoke.. in my head as my eyes darted around observing the state of the church. It was dilapidated and windy.

For several moments, I stared at the stained glass windows behind the altar and marveled at its beauty. It was a huge shining splash of colour amongst the peeling walls and ceiling. It was quiet and peaceful.

Some moments later, a couple walked in past where I was sitting and graciously kneeled on one knee before stepping into a pew to pray. I did a mental head smack to myself. Akk!! How could I forget to kneel n bow before I stepped into the pew! For a while, I felt embarassed. How could I forget? Did I forget how to do the sign of the cross too? I tried it discreetly and felt relieved that I still remembered.

The couple left after a few minutes and all was silent again. I looked around and saw no one except the rosary praying lady sitting immobile except the swishing of her beads. I finished my "conversation", gathered my bag and stood up. This time.. I remembered to kneel n bow before I spun around to leave.

As I walked towards the main door, for a moment it alarmed me to see that I had not noticed a short, fairly fat old lady with a kind sweet face and a walking stick sitting by the door just after the entrance. I smiled and she smiled back with a gummy toothless smile.

I was just about to walk past her when she reached out for my arm and said "wait for me."

Wait for you? I wondered and blurted out a "huh?"...

"Wait for me" she said again.. and then she turned to face me. "Can you bring me home?" she asked. "I'm sorry. I don't drive and I'm off to another appointment" I said.

She squinted and winced as she bent over to move in her seat. "Doctor said it is terminal. I don't have very much time left..." she said softly with her voice trailing off as she pointed down to her feet. I looked down and saw her blackened, swollen and deformed foot with deep purple bruises. How did she even get all the way here? I wondered....

"Everyone has a sob story and everyone dies sometime" I thought to myself but quickly chided myself. I could not believe I was thinking so nasty and patted her arm and asked "how are you feeling today?"... she nodded.

"How much do you have?" she asked suddenly. I felt it was like she was asking a trick question.. How much money do I have or how MUCH do I have to be thankful for? I wondered....

I looked at her puzzled and she asked again.. "Do you have $10? Can I have it to take a taxi home?" For a few seconds, I contemplated while I stood there for a while, my natural reaction was to just say no and walk away.. brush her off like how we usually do with those who sell tissue or beg on the street corners..

$10. How outrageous and direct of her to ask for it without any qualms... I thought and knew that all I had in my wallet was $12. There I was, standing at the entrance of the church fighting a moral dilemma to be gracious. I looked around and found. There was still nobody but us. "Where do you live?" I asked. "Toa Payoh" she replied. And we were at Dhoby Ghaut... -.-'' I nodded and exhaled... and said "okay".

She looked to the altar whilst I reached into my bag and pulled out $10. And gave it to her.$10 is not alot of money but it is not little either. I had never given a stranger any more than $4 before that day. I opened her hands and placed it into her palm. "Take care okay?"...

Her eyes lit up and said quietly "Thank you... when I can, I will return this to you" nodding furiously and ernestly. My heart skipped a little as I shook my head. "No, you can have it". I reached out for one final touch on her arm and I walked out of the church....

The further I walked I contemplated.. and my phone rang "Pam! we want you to instruct on .... " I spoke into my phone.. and walked on smiling. HE has a plan and I stopped at the church for a reason. Perhaps this was the reason I spent those few minutes alone where I would not normally do on any other given day and for me to be there for her aid.

I asked for a sign didn't I?... it was a small one to show me how much I have to be thankful for and knowing that I am still...


Sunday, October 04, 2009

Anthony Robbins Power of Momentum - Every day in Every I am the Best

I have this from the last Anthony Robbins seminar I attended in 2007. I want to keep this handy and what better place than in my blog so I can share it with my girls and to share with all who read my blog for you to read, affirm and love yourself and believe that all things are possible. Believe.

Every Morning I awaken centred, strong, happy, full of love and confidence, faith and joy. I am peaceful, full of vigour and life and ready to take on and complete with amazing success anything that is put in front, behind or anywhere near my sphere of influence.

Everyday I grow stronger and stronger in my faith and ability. There is a clear, clean window in which to see the glorious future that is my birthright. I wake up grateful and full of positive love and calmness, I am as calm and comfortable as a placid pond early on a warm spring dawn and I remain that way throughout the day into the night where I feel even more of the positive feelings and emotions that make me function at my very best.

God's gifts of prosperity continue to flow freely to me in oceans and oceans of glorious abundance, confidence focus and health, wealth beyond my wildest dreams. And I am grateful beyond measure as I continue to create even more health, wealth happiness and joy for all that I have the privilege of meeting and touching.

All these things are here in my life right here right now and I experience them even more with each and every breathe I take. I am Love, I give Love and I recieve Love from myself and all that are in my life.

A few more quotes I want to note are:

"The quality of my life is directly proportionate to the amount of uncomfortness I am willing to endure"

"Luck is where Opportunity meets Preparation"