Sunday, October 04, 2009

Anthony Robbins Power of Momentum - Every day in Every I am the Best

I have this from the last Anthony Robbins seminar I attended in 2007. I want to keep this handy and what better place than in my blog so I can share it with my girls and to share with all who read my blog for you to read, affirm and love yourself and believe that all things are possible. Believe.

Every Morning I awaken centred, strong, happy, full of love and confidence, faith and joy. I am peaceful, full of vigour and life and ready to take on and complete with amazing success anything that is put in front, behind or anywhere near my sphere of influence.

Everyday I grow stronger and stronger in my faith and ability. There is a clear, clean window in which to see the glorious future that is my birthright. I wake up grateful and full of positive love and calmness, I am as calm and comfortable as a placid pond early on a warm spring dawn and I remain that way throughout the day into the night where I feel even more of the positive feelings and emotions that make me function at my very best.

God's gifts of prosperity continue to flow freely to me in oceans and oceans of glorious abundance, confidence focus and health, wealth beyond my wildest dreams. And I am grateful beyond measure as I continue to create even more health, wealth happiness and joy for all that I have the privilege of meeting and touching.

All these things are here in my life right here right now and I experience them even more with each and every breathe I take. I am Love, I give Love and I recieve Love from myself and all that are in my life.

A few more quotes I want to note are:

"The quality of my life is directly proportionate to the amount of uncomfortness I am willing to endure"

"Luck is where Opportunity meets Preparation"

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