Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ZumFit Reggae Night!

Its a Special REGGAE Night this Friday at ZumFit!

Regulars! Make it a point to attend ZumFit this Friday!Its a special One-Off Reggae session. For those interested but have never tried ZumFit and want to, don't worry! We'll go step by step! Come by this Friday 2nd October 09, 730pm - 830pm at No. 20 Peck Seah Street.

Corporates - If you're keen on booking a Reggae class. Buzz me and we'll talk schedule. :)

Email honeymeow@gmail.com for registration forms or call me to book up a space this Friday! $15 for a trial class, $120 for 12 sessions. Bring a friend and yeah, I'm sure you don't have two left feet because after you leave class.. you'll find that.. YES! you can dance too. :) If you're interested, buzz me quick - don't be shy! :)

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