Saturday, August 15, 2009

Snippets from my Aqua Aerobics Class

One of my clients who sat in one of my Aqua sessions took some shots of the class and me and I thought I'd share 3 with you.

I instruct Aqua Aerobics aka AquaFit to corporate classes. Clients will book the pool - whether it is a private or a Singapore Sports Council public pool. The latter usually is a tad tricky and has alot of red tape and waiting time to getting an SSC location.

I have had enquiries for a public class, however I have yet to manage to source for a location that would allow such public classes if it was not corporate or condo-private. If you know of a pool that I can use, please let me know!

My students go through rounds of warm ups, heart pumping cardio workout, resistance exercises, circuit training, interactive games, sometimes we dance - yes, you can dance in the pool. I call it purposeful movements. Each movement has a purpose to work a certain body part/joint/muscle group. I usually end with some relaxing water therapy and a complete cool down.

I use water resistance and equipment such as Aqua noodles and balls. I may decide to invest in water dumbells and aqua vests at a later time to do deep water classes in the future.

In the meantime, I conduct shallow depth *chest level* classes for my students. There are times that I do have students who are not swimmers or have a certain amount of water fear. We try to ease their anxiety over the course of the program. So far so good! I am very proud of all my participants! I can see the improvement in everyone! *hearts*

Non swimmers usually manage to complete my class too. Options for participants and those who can manage more advance moves are usually provided for different skill and confidence levels.

If you know of an organisation, school or company or a group of at least 15 people or if you are interested and can gather a group of friends and FIND a pool suitable for use. Talk to me at and perhaps we can explore some sessions together. :)


Anonymous said...

I do not mean to sound rude. But ya hubby should start keeping fit.

Aka Pamela S. said...

Anon: And what does his size have anything to do with you?