Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OMG! Pam Hospitalised?!...

So there I was. Lying in bed at Raffles Hospital earlier this month.. post surgery.. in a little pain.. and in a post operative depression... alone.. and grumpy....

Why was I there and what surgery you may wonder? Filming of course!! Okay.. okay.. so I was not sick.... Don't panic and start calling me before you finish reading this post.

It was a 10 hour filming day which spanned from filming at the hospital, to areas around Collyer Quay and around the Merlion.. to up around Raffles One in the CBD and finally ending at the Raffles place square before the filming was a wrap.

Who was it? A UK Healthcare & Insurance Group doing their new to-be-released internationally corporate video. Who was I? I was the sick post operative wife of a successful businessman who thankfully bought more than enough insurance to ensure I had the best medical care and peace of mind knowing that all our medical bills were fully covered.

It was such an experience filming in the hospital, interacting with real doctors, surgeons and nurses who played parts in certain scenes. Luc, my hubby for the day aka Mr. Successful Businessman, is not only my friend. He was also my core training instructor during my FISAF instructor course! It was easy filming with him because we already knew each other so the chemistry was natural and it helped show that on camera for more realism.

Started the day "sick" around 2pm and as the scenes went by... we shot the more "happy days, I'm not sick" scenes together.. a picture taken together at around 9pm at night already.. feeling quite worn out and quite ready to call it a day which we did around 11pm.

We were told that the film would be edited and the final video would be out sometime in October 09. All healthcare/insurance companies would receive it so if you see it and you're in that industry, let me know!! If I manage to get a copy of the video or it gets posted on youtube.. I'll share it here too... :) Look out for it!

It was a wonderful experience indeed and my talent agent... I'll say it again.. she's absolutely amazing. I am proud to have been part of the Organisations' video. Thank you for the opportunity!

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