Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Zumba Fever Party @ TAB

With reference to this preview video of the Zumba Fever party, here are the pictures from that amazing evening... my gorgeous Zumba lover girlfriend, Lisa Kong organised this event and I helped to get a sponsor for some NOMU black pepper grinders for the goodybag which everyone loved!! Lisa invited David back to Singapore for this event and the logistics of this practically drove her crazy. Kudos to her to have pulled off such a successful event and everyone is looking forward to the video that she and Melvyn are creating right as we speak.... *excited!*

Check out the video if you haven't already done so and preview the crazy antics and floor burning moves we did on the dancefloor at TAB @ Orchard Hotel.

TAB @ Orchard Hotel was a great club location for the event and it was indeed a party to remember. The lighting was great, it was sufficiently ventilated, finger snacks and a complimentary gingerale or soft drink was provided, along with phenomenal company of my closest instructor friends, dance students and of course, who could forget the man who taught me how to shimmy shake the way I do, David Velez. Who now lives in China btw.. if you were wondering where he disappeared to... 

The outfit for the evening? Outrageous Red! Black lace top with my coral Zumba pants and a short red wig... bling bling crystals and crazy long long dramatic lashes... no one recognised me till I greeted them in the face only to be received with a scream or a hug. The exhibitionist in me totally LOVED it! And I had to put this picture in here simply because it was too "act cutesy" for a middle aged woman like me with 2 pre-teens to be... *slaps self*

I had to pull off the wig right into the first set of the dance for the evening as it was slipping off and did the rest of the dance segment without it. Hard to miss my coral pants though.. and I loved that I was right smack in between the powerhouses of Shannon Lupian and Angela Grosse... we three totally rocked the dancefloor!!! If you want to know how a bootyshake is done, put us 3 together and it'll be a nosebleed.... wahhaahahaha!!

The dance floor was packed at the sold out event all the way to the bar and even up to the second level of the club as all that attended grind and bumped the clubs walls down... the atmosphere?! crazy crazy crazy... but then again.. its Zumba after all... its supposed to be crazy fun..


Ahh..and trust that David would give us that monkey monster face before we jabbed him into submission for a nice shot together... and finally he succumbed and said "okay.. here's a pose"... tada!! Zumba burning the dancefloor!! Zumba Heey!! Zumba Haa!!

Tonnes of pictures taken that day and I've only put some favourites up here for keeps. Group shot with organiser, Lisa Kong (front kneeling in green & green/orange top & a shot glass). A large majority, perhaps even more than 60% of the participants are licensed Zumba instructors... and that always makes for a great event..

Picture with my hot colombian chicka, Alida... love this shot! The blue lights make it so psychedelic!! *loves!*

Groupshot with my girlfriends - Sharon, Tosca, Charlotte with "Rasta-man" Terence and "Super Zumba Ella!" to the rescue!!... 

Another group shot with Emily and Azmy added in too!! Zumba!! 

One of my favourite persons, Sharon.... love that she came! She's new to Zumba and slowly.. I will convert her.. slowly... *evil snigger*.... ~hiak...hiak... hiak...~

I'm not sure about Azmy (in yellow) but the 3 of us here - Charlotte, Terence and I came from very fatty backgrounds. My 34kg weightloss story has always been a feature on my blog, Terence who was one of the successful winning contestants in our local TV weightloss programme, Lose to Win lost BIG!! He used to be really huge!!! and look at him now... exercise fanatic and yes yes yes!! newly licensed Zumba instructor too!! Charlotte - one of my dearest blog readers, dance student and friend also lost a great amount of weight to look as hot as she does now... she recently took the Zumba instructor course wih Terence too and she's also the founder and advocate of the Singapore Weight Watchers group.

More group shots with even more instuctors (Shannon L. to my left in gray) & Zumba Fitness fans....  and below Angela G. to the right most with her uber toned abs.. *whoots!*

And somemore as the evening goes by... can we ever get enough of posing in our Zumba gear?! NEVERRRRR... Wahahahhaaha! People say... "you Zumba people must be rich huh? everything on your body is Zumba this n Zumba that..." and Zumbawear doesn't come cheap.... so understand this.. we're NOT rich.. we're just passionately frugal... Wahahahhaha!!! (Now you know what to get me for my upcoming birthday people.. ZUMBAWEAR!! I wear a size M for tops, a size L for bottoms (equi. to a size 12) and a size 8.5/9 for shoes. Thank you.. *cough.grins.cough*

And again.. can we EVER get enough of Zumba events?! NEEEEVERRR also... so the next one coming up on the calendar is ZUMBA by the Park organised by Charlotte. (My girlfriend in pink hair in the first picture of this post). Details can be found HERE and Registration too. Space is limited but the Fun will be unlimited!!

And good news is that apart from Shannon (on the poster below), I will also be team teaching with her on stage so come burn the sexy dancefloor with me on the 14th of May 2011 at the Hort Park... we'll be there with a group of other fabulous instructors to buzz the bees right out of the park. Avoid disappointment by registering NOW & pay to secure your place... NOW!... yes.. now.. go.. now... what are you waiting for?!

Thank you!... Zumba Zumba Zumba!!! Olé! See you in the Park!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zumba Fever Party!!! Video Trailer...

Oh My Gosh... I have 9 long, picture intensive posts coming up so please look out for them. I've been SO busy these past couple of weeks, the posts just keep stacking up... so if I don't get to them soon, they'll pile up so much - fall over and flatten me.. *pooof*.. meanwhile, while I work some adobe magic on my picture albums.. enjoy the Zumba Fever Party trailer from the Zumba event I attended last week!!

Rockin' Phenomenal Event I tell ya! Can you spot me in the video? *Hint - Flaming Red head*... Enjoy!!! It was an evening of wild moving with a whole clubful of people I love, friends and students and it was all Zumba Zumba Zumba!!!

And guess what!? From May 2011 onwards, I have converted several of my dance classes to ZUMBA FITNESS!! More details for that to come in the following posts...  clear your days and nights on Tues 630pm, Thurs 1030am, Thurs 730pm and Sat 230pm!! Its time to Zumba!!