Sunday, January 04, 2009

Download the Blogger Calendar 09!

Download the Blogger Calendar 09 HERE! Group picture of the bloggers present at the Calendar Launch.

We went for the Calendar Launch this evening at Ice Cold Bs at SMU. We as in, CJ, the girls and myself. Willy and his team were there taking pictures during the gathering and we had instant photoprints in card size given to us within minutes from taking live shots! Excellent lah! Can keep all these lovely shots in my wallet!

Ooohh, we look like a really long time OLD married couple.. oh wait.. we are! 13 years together and counting yah?

Some shots from the evening.. knock yourselves out. :) Some Calendars available with me in hardcopy crystal cover cases if anyone is keen on purchasing one direct from me. $6 a pop! Other than that, you can download a softcopy online for your own use.

Almost everyone had their personal calendar copies signed by each blogger who attended and had their picture taken during the photoshoot. Everyone was all up for giving their autographs. Fun.... hahaha! *pretending & going into drama mode* "Oh! you want my autograph! Suuure!" *snigger swipes out pen already ready & waiting snigger*

But of course met my best friend, Diana aka and took the first picture of the day with her.. :) Thank you for the Christmas pressie sweetheart... meet up with you soon. *Love love*

And another shot with Diana & Claudia.. I like this one. :)

And more bloggers! Go check out the online calendar and find out who they are! :) Download it! TaDah! Singapore's First Bloggers Calendar.. Honoured and proud to be in it. :)

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Dorothy said...

hey there Pamela!
I'm dropping by your blog tooo!! Your girls are lovely. Hope you have a wonderful 2009 ahead as well! :)