Sunday, January 25, 2009

And so CNY Begins..

Uncle Robert.. *as seen in the picture here* invited everyone on my side of the family for a reunion dinner this evening... so now CNY finally begins... we all headed down to Viet Lang Vietnamese Restaurant which is located right next to the Arts House at Old Parliament Lane.

Nice cosy place. The food presentation was lovely. The people.. well were... errr... family as usual. Pictures were taken.. kids were playing.. general topics were discussed.. nothing really out of the ordinary....

And yeah.. if our Uncle Robert looks familiar.. you might know him from AIA. Where he runs the Robert Young Agency... wahhaa... ah hah! I imagine some of u now going.. I know that dude! Anywayy..... my top today is compliments of my sweets, Shelly who sent that to me as a suprise christmas pressie! :) Swee bohh... lol!

And how do we go to a family dinner without taking a picture WITH THE DADDY!! wAHAHA.. Yep, thats our dad and my youngest sis, Alex and... so it begins.. Reunion Lunch tomorrow! And Day 1 & 2 to come... *cough - must BAO ang bao liao! Runs off...*


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Relax said...

Wow... you have really cool family!