Monday, December 15, 2008

Mysterious Xmas Pressie Surprise by Post.. Who sent it?

I received a present by post today. It came in an inconspicuous white pack and this little handwritten card. I've asked around with my girlfriends to who could have sent this to me but I still haven't found the sender.

Whoever you are, I'm very touched and very amused and very very curious! Thank you for thinking of me this Christmas. :)

So will the sender please buzz me on msn or email me and let me know who you are? I have no idea and dusting for finger prints isn't really something I can do.. hahahaa.. :)

Merry Christmas too...

UPDATE: I found her!! Aiyohh! You FREAKED ME OUT CAN!! Not alot of people have my home address larh! But I love it still... Thank you SHELLY..... that was indeed a lovely lovely surprise. *love love*

And here is the pic of my present! :) Fits perfectly.

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