Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is about Food, Family... & GOD.

Merry Christmas everyone..! Feliz Navidad! Maligayang Pasko! Joyeux Noel!

Before we continue, I'd like to dedicate THIS SONG to everyone...Christmas Ain't Christmas anymore... Go have a listen! Christmas is all about food, family, friends and most importantly, GOD.

Yes, I'm Catholic by birth. Do I go to church? Unfortunately no, I don't. *smacks self & my mom smacking me too* But it doesn't mean I don't believe in God. Furthermore, Christmas IS a celebration with HIM. *points up to the sky* :) Thank you for every blessing Lord. *places hand on heart & closes eyes*

Despite the uproaring flu, the girls and I made our way down for a family gathering at my Aunt's house for Christmas dinner, exchanged presents and everyone just spent time and comfort in each others' presence while the children played. Last year's random Christmas pictures can be found HERE. I spent the evening drowning in litres of water, rubbing my already raw nose with tissue, sneezing and with my eyes watering.... *visualises germs floating about*

So the FOOD! ...Cookies were everywhere! Aiyoh... butter cookies again... *gobbles up more... heh heh*

And then I found these nuts/jap cracker men! So cute!!! *gobbles more*

Food time... with spiced fried fish....

Mixed Vegetables & Otak.... *slurps*....

Curry Vegetables and Chicken Curry.... *slurps more*

And I didn't take more pictures of the food but we had sushi and a large turkey which we carved to pieces... and totally demolished.. heh heh! Whats Christmas without turkey? *slaps on gravy & cranberry sauce* OH!! Where's the ROAST BEEF!! I want!!

And homemade fruitcake which was EXCELLENT.... very brandy infused and made 2 months earlier! Shioks!! I hate to think of how many pieces of these I had which needs to translate to dozens of dance classes to burn off... haha!

There were two different brownie cakes and a chocolate fudge log cake. We gathered all the December birthday celebrants and sang Happy Birthday to them.

Eirian was one of them and she was very very pleased with the additional celebrations... and we plopped lumps and lumps of chewy chocolate Ben & Jerry icecream all over each slab of brownie & logcake! Wahhhhhaah!! SINFUL ARHH!! We all had at least 2 servings of that... *looks down at belly... ahhh..pfffftttt!!*

After all that food, we all lazed about, played with the presents... and we swiped Alex, my sisters' sunglasses and took pictures with it.. loved it! I want it!! *going to swipe it from her*

And I'll leave off this gathering post with a picture taken with Alex, my younger sister and Bryan.. my 1.83cm giant sized cousin. Merry Christmas!! :)

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~ Jade ~ said...

Hi Pam,

Have a Blessed Christmas and New Year Ahead!

Happy Holidays!

Luv Jade.