Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Ashlyn and Aver!

Wow! What a difference a year makes! Happy Birthday Ashlyn and Aver! Their birthdays are so near to each other, it made sense to celebrate it together. :)

We were graciously invited to the girls party this year again, held on Sunday, 14th December. Last years' birthday party for Aver can be found HERE! And wow! How different everyone looks!

Wendy had planned a BBQ over at East Coast but due to the rain, the party was adjourned to her in-law's house which was near my place. The girls were dropped off there by my inlaws after an outing pre-celebrating Eirian's birthday *which is today - 17th Dec* at 6pm and I met them there.

I love parties bc there's always alot of food! :) So heres Eirian taking a picture with Wendy. :) Wendy is such a lovely lady with really creative handicraft hands.

There was a little boy there too named Jayden. He was so cute!! And it was so hard chasing after him to take a picture together with him as he kept on wiggling about so I snapped one of him by himself and he posed! So cute lah!

So down to the food. Whats a party without food... I thought this was an excellent idea. Agar Agar made in eggshells! Shapewise they came out great. And once you crack the shells open, you can throw them away! Good idea for picnics! I'll do this for a party one day. Oh.. and I had at least 12 of these "eggs" hahahah! I love jelly!

Oh.. and homemade curry vegetable is GREAT! *slurps*

Whahaha! And this is my plate! I had 2 plates too as I plonked my ass down right AT THE FOOD table and made myself VERY comfortable sitting with the food. Heh heh!

They had beehoon, sotong, garlic prawns, otak, grilled yakitori *Wendy made okay!*, fried chicken wings *favourite*, hotdogs, sotong balls, achar and Onde Onde... which was also homemade and CJ totally loved! He called it "bursting with goodness" balls... bc each ball that he put into his mouth, burst with the gula melaka with the first bite... *drools*

Wendy also baked cupcakes and a very cute Hello Kitty strawberry filled butter cake as the birthday cake! Very practical and very nice too... And they had a Piglet and Tigger candle for each girl too! Their favourite!

Such a lovely combination.

The cupcakes were chocolate chip chocolate cupcakes and they were very very pretty! Eirian swiped at least 3 cupcakes at the party and brought home another 6 pcs.. wahahhha!

I also met one of Wendy's childhood friend who attended the party. *Picture taken by and credit to Wendy* Its heartwarming to know of friendships that have lasted since childhood are still going strong.. I myself only have one from childhood and she is Phoebe.

I love how bright this photo is. Thanks for the lovely shot Wendy! :) Wendy had particular instructions not to come too dressed and without false lashes to the party so I went without! Hahhaa... but it turned out pretty alright if I might say so myself.. (throws false lashes to one side.. maybe I'll put less of that when I go out from now on...) *pats eyelids - can do with less trauma.. getting old liao..*

So we took another group shot. Wendy, the birthday girls Ashlyn and Aver and me. :) Hahha! I look a little stunned and angry here. But I was happy to be there! :) Thanks for the invite Wendy! Looking forward to yet another birthday to come in 2009.

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