Thursday, December 18, 2008

Continuation of Happiness X2....

As a continuation of Happiness X2 post yesterday....

It was a very nice day out for Eirians' 6th Birthday yesterday. Ever since I told her of Wild Wild Wet, she decided she wanted to celebrate her birthday there and we did!

It was our first time there and maybe it was because everything was new, we had alot of fun! It cost us $37 for the 4 of us to enter the theme park with our OCBC Baby Bonus card promotional offer.

And we tried almost every ride! Check out the different rides HERE. I didn't let them go down the really high individual tubes as I kept on imagining them being stuck inside it half way. We went twice on the Ular-Lah which we absolutely loved! It was really a scream! We would have gone more if not for the uber long que that stretched all the way down the steps!

We floated down the Shiok river twice... floated about the Tsunami which was a wave pool a couple of times and my boobs decided to play punk and tried to "wave" out of my top.. we quickly got out of that pool to save my dignity.. hahahaha!

Lauren and CJ went down the Slide Up with me absolutely freaking out below as I had flashing visions of watching them helplessly as my two sweethearts came sliding down and OUT THE WRONG WAY out of the slide which absolutely did not have any safety net AT ALL!!

I've never prayed SO HARD AND SO FAST before to keep them safe. "Oh Dear God and all the angels, PLEASE KEEP THEM SAFE!! It didn't help that the drop was almost a near vertical one and the weight discrepancy between Lauren and CJ is double!

Wait they FLIP HOW? Wait the float bursts on the way down how?! Wait they fly out of the slidey contraption the wrong way and not down the right as expected. Arghh!! Paranoia was just a little part of it. My hands and feet were cold and tingly and my legs were soft.

My head was pounding and it didn't help that they TOOK LONGER THAN USUAL to come down as Lauren was wearing a life vest and they wanted to make sure that children was allowed wear the life vest while using the ride.

Once they came down, I immediately BANNED THEM from going up again. *sees flashes of wayward flotation devices being flung out of the slide* No more... no more...

We rode the SkyRider.... and went up and down and tried all the slides at the Yakult Professors Playground. One thing is for sure, the girls had a fabulous time and my butt almost had scorch marks from sliding down so many slides.

As a school holiday special, they also had a FOAM PIT! We spent quite abit of time there revelling in the constant stream of foam! Again, paranoid mommy me kept them near the exit areas and facing away from the streams of foam as they cascaded down as the first time we entered, I lost both girls IN THE FOAM and I was on a brink of screaming for them as I thrashed about the foam that was building up till I found their heads and dragged them up and out with Eirian choking on bubbles. *shudder* I WILL NOT BE ONE OF THOSE STUPID PARENTS who would lose their children in some idiotic, can be avoided situation like choking on bubbles and suffocating!

They still loved it though.. but it was not something that I would do for an extended period of time ie foam party.... icky and bubbly and ... I was pretty damn sure that the daddy who was happily but suspiciously thrashing about with his daughter was trying to make an attempt to "accidentally slide" onto me in the pit. *runs away before he could get closer* Pffft!!

I also realised something that added to the significance of Eirian's birthday each year. I always seem to try something that I've never tried before during her celebrations. Last year for Eirian's Birthday celebrations, it was the first time I donned fake eyelashes!

This year, was the first time I wore a complete bikini in public! And it was a flaming red one too! Me being conscious about the cellulite up my thighs, my jiggly ass and the stretch marks on my belly that attempts to replicate the street directory disappeared as I realised just 10 minutes after I stripped that NO ONE WAS LOOKING AT THEM... but... instead.. we OOGLING at my BOOBS INSTEAD.... *gah!* -.-''

But .... whatever... at least it was an excellent first attempt and I daresay that I might feel a little more confident the next time I have a suitable bikini wearing occasion. *Throws away other swim costume*

And I also realised one thing. Banana Boat Ultra Mist Lotion Spray Sunblock is GREAT! It doesn't sting the eyes with its No Tear solution and it gives lovely SPF 50 protection too! And I'm tanned NOT BURNT which how I usually am after even a 30 minute swim in the day. Highly recommended! Works so much better than the sunblock lotion counterpart. *Pats face... not burnt!! yays!!*

So before this school holiday ends, and parents need a place to bring your kids... prefereably if all your kids are above 1.2m tall btw so that you can use all the rides. I'd recommend Wild Wild Wet if it doesn't rain... we definitely enjoyed it... and there's SOO many places to eat there too. Good for a long day out with the whole family.

Happy Birthday Eiri.... Mommy & Daddy loves you deep deep... :)

Oh and Another thing that I was talking about yesterday.. Rashidah! She's back! Her first return Zumba class will be on the 28th of December at 230pm, Bugis Club! So all you dance people, BE THERE! *happiness is me...* ((Muaks!!))

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