Friday, December 19, 2008

What I want for my Body in 6 months.

I was reading a couple of before and after weightloss blogs and some thoughts crossed my mind to what I want to see achieved for my body over the next 6 months before I hit my next birthday in July 09 which are achievable.

Esthetically, I want...
  • To have reached 55kg.
  • To have toned arms so I won't be waving bat wings anymore.
  • To have a toned torso and leaner hips.
  • To tone my legs and do something about the cellulite.
  • To tone my ass. 'nuff said.
  • To improve on my complexion *I can do with slowing down the visible signs of aging like freckles, wrinkles and pigmentation*

Physically, I want...

  • To be able to do proper sets of pushups on my toes instead of on my knees.
  • To be able to plank well without trembling like a human sized vibrator and build a stronger core.
  • To be able to dance *with a partner* well. I can dance solo but partner dancing is very different!
  • To increase overall lean muscle mass and lower body fat.
  • To increase my flexibility to make my dancing look better.
  • To wear a short skirt without feeling conscious & have ALL my clothes MEDIUM or smaller.
  • To fit into a NORMAL size calf height leather boot! I still can't zip up those damn boots!
  • To go roller blading and not feel conscious about the flab flapping about around the bikini.

I know I can achieve all this but I felt that writing it down now would help keep me in line to what I want to get done. Onwards we go... :)

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