Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Alive! I'm Alive! Don't Worry!

Seriously now people, I am SERIOUSLY touched by everyone's concern. I had no less than 15 smses, calls or emails today asking why I haven't been to dance class lately.

People! Its only been 4 days! 4 days!! Hahahahaha!!! *hand to heart* I'm SO amused and am feeling a little loved.

Dance class just isn't the same without me isn't it?! Hahhaha! *prod my thick skin* but hey.. really.. I love you gals too... thanks for the calls of concern.

No, I'm not sick again. No, I've not quit dance. No, I'm not on holiday. No, I'm not injured. No, no one offended me.

But Yes, I have been away and will be away till next week once I manage to tie down my childrens' upcoming school schedule and slot in my dance classes in times that CJ can take over from me.

I've promised CJ that I'd stay home with him *he misses me larh... or so he says... - looking at him suspiciously* for the rest of the "year". *cough* anyway.... I've been outrageously weighing in at obscene levels of weight at 73kg!!!! INSANEEEE!!! *hopping off the scale in horror*

Whats with going from 67.5kg to 73kg in a span of pre-Christmas to now?!? *shakes head in disbelief*

Is really WTF lah... but.. I attribute a major part of the weight to food weight so I'm not freaking out yet. But the lean-ness is DEFINITELY not there right now.. I feel overly swollen even right as I type this. I am definitely doing some form of workout tomorrow. Definitely.

I have a photoshoot coming up next week and I'm so swollen?!! How can?! I must, must start a detox asap.

But yeah... dance girls.. You know I love you all... I'll be back. I'm fine.. really! Keep on missing me! :) Good things come to all who wait.. hahahaahahaaha... Happy New Year everyone! Dance on baby! Dance on!!


CNEIL said...

Thanks for keeping me updated!

What photoshoot do you have? Are you in another calendar?

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Cullen,

Oh, its a pictorial photoshoot for a foreign magazine audition. :)