Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I want Kitty!

This is one cute Kitty. I love kittens like that this! They're so chubby!!! Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

To Act or Not to Act, that is the question....

Do you know the feeling of being so excited over something only to finally get it realise that it was not as good as you hoped it would be?

I had a great experience filming the short film, The Red Geisha. The director was great. The cast was great. The crew was great! The set was beautiful, the costumes were lovely and heck! I even got the main role!

Not bad for a first time acting role in a film.

I was nervous as hell, feeling a little inadequate amongst all the professionally trained actors that were my co-stars, but still enjoying the experience nonetheless.

The still pictures came out gorgeous. I never knew I could fit into such a tight fitting cheongsam from Chinatown. I literally climbed my block for some days just to get my ass into that dress. They NEVER have my size so I was surprised I could even wear one.

I collected a copy of the final DVD of the film for my personal records yesterday and I sat down that evening to view the work. I must say that there are some nicely artistic parts that are really well done and some parts that I feel I could have done better.

My R(A) scene in the beginning I thought was a little horrifying and I was appalled to note that I looked so HUGE. They tell me that being on TV/Film can add 20% to your size but since I lost 25% in real life off my body and face and the film piles another 20%, I pretty much looked like I was back at 95kg!!

I was simply appalled and traumatised that I looked so fat and sometimes SO BLUR!! What the heck happened to my defined jawline? Dun have lor! I look so round!!

Was it that I was heavily menstruating at the time of filming that I was so swollen and water retentioned? I can only pray that was why I was SOOOOOOO FREAKING ROUND!!!!

Seriously, the show was good, the storyline was interesting. It was ME. I'm disappointed that I looked that way and started to wonder if that was how others really saw me and that I'm not as "pretty"as I thought I was after all.

Ok.. a little narcissism here lah, I think I look a hell of alot better now than when I was over 100kg in size but now I have my doubts. And its the doubts that makes me disappointed.

In a bedroom scene, if I were the man, I wouldn't even fuck myself if I had a partner who looked like roly poly "Ham Chee Peng" face me. Holy cow! and I've got to do SOMETHING about my arms lah. I have bat wings. *wails*

Bat wings - the flap of loose skin and fat that hangs off the upper arm.

In real life, you'd see that my stance, walk and posture will not allow for me to show for fallacies like a really bad double chin or even things like a DOUBLE CHEEK. Yes, it was THAT bad. Its more of my mother's influence in my childhood that we had a certain level of ettiquette and demeanour towards carrying ourselves from ensuring that we took care of our skin, teeth to hair to the way we walked. Ie shoulders back, posture and a strong walk.

I walked around in one scene looking like I was partially drugged and stumbling around looking for a toilet and I was supposed to be surveying and admiring my "brothel". And the worst part, even CJ laughed when he saw it and said "Very unglam leh! You didn't carry yourself well!". Gosh.. stab me in the heart will ya! .... *holding the tiny knifelet in my chest* And whats even worse was that, when I was doing that during filming.. I seriously didn't realise that it was looking like that. DO I walk really like that? Its very AUNTY LIKE LEH!! **wails**

Its not like I'm thinking making a career move out of this but I thought that it would make an interesting aspect to my life if I can do it. *Heh heh, I get this kick out of seeing myself commercially lah! hahhah*

It can be put down that I'm still new to this and an amateur and that I'll ripen over time with experience but for my first time, so sad lah! I'm disappointed and felt that I could have done better. I will surely be working to DO BETTER next time. When I get another chance.

In the meantime, I actually had some audition calls from some casting directors to try out for some roles but I missed them due to various reasons. But I'm still shortlisted for others with details to come if and when I need an audition for them. They said they'll be in touch with me... Stuff ranging from TVCs to a short film to a feature film. I guess who knows where this may lead. I'm tempted to just stick to print where I could pose for multiple shots and they find the best one and photoshop me up to perfection.. On film.. cannot lor!... sigh....

My actor/actress friends have been telling me that I'll get better over time with experience and that they had similar experiences and not to be discouraged and to chalk it up to experience. They've given me some acting advise too which are quite priceless so I'm grateful that they shared their insights with me.

But in the meantime, do I want to spend my time pursuing this path?... I'm still contemplating thus the sad look in the pictures above.... To act or Not to Act... that is the question.... but for now... I don't think I would be putting up for some roles till I hit my 55-60kg size so that I won't end up traumatising myself for looking like I'm 100kg again on TV. Unless of course they're looking for AH PUI Ah niah *fat girl* for some dairy commercial. I can lor... sigh. *wails*

**and I know that the director Lydia would definitely read this, but know your film was gorgeous and lovely and this is about only about me. Next time when you're a successful commercial international director, you can cast me again and I promise that I'll be better. Thank you for the opportunity, I'm eternally grateful for the experience. ~**

Can you relate to this?

I can and I burst out laughing when I first read it. *Insert contorted urgh?! face here - similar to the one on top* CJ read it and went "wah lau! they thinking of you when they wrote this issit!?!?" *ahem* Can you relate?

Said Also Don’t Listen

Listen Also Don’t Understand

Don’t Understand Also Don’t Ask

Ask Also Don’t Do

Do Also Do Wrong

Wrong Also Don’t Admit

Admit Also Don’t Correct

Correct Also Not Happy

Not Happy Also Don’t Say

Friday, April 25, 2008

Acting: A Peek into the Last Scene...

Remember I did some film acting some weeks back?

This and This would update you if you're not already familiar with what its about and Lydia, the director loaded up the final scene of the film plus credits for a little peek into the film...

*ahem!* Not bad eh! *hands sweating in excitement to see the finalised film* But for now... Enjoy!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kutu again...

Remember this? -.-''.

It happened. AGAIN. Lauren has head lice. AGAIN!!! Damn it lah! I spoke to her form teacher this morning and she advise that she will be swapping Lauren's seat in class from Monday onwards. Doesn't that sound highly suspicious to you? So, its to avoid a particular person in class and it just so happens that I know who sits around Lauren in her classroom and there can only be one which I highly suspect could be the carrier of these disgusting creatures. *roar*

Damn lah! It just means that apart from our office moving + moving the house around this weekend, I've gotta spend some hours MONKEYING her hair AGAIN!!! Damn Damn Damn!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Salad & Tocino

Had Salad on Sunday for lunch. What do you see here?

Torn Oak Lettuce. Sliced Strawberries *yes, I love strawberries*, chopped brazil nuts, sliced button mushrooms, sliced boiled eggs, sliced leg ham, shredded red onion, handful of dried cranberries, grated cheddar cheese and topped with balsamic vinaigrette.

Lauren and Eirian helped too. And on the side.. we topped it with this. Tocino *pronounced as Toh See No* which is a filipino pork dish of sliced meat marinated with pineapple and various spices. Its quite similar to char siew but with not so much sauce. Not the one I made this time anway. Enjoy.

What is Hope?

While still feeling melancholy... I'm wondering and I asked around for some thoughts... and this is what I got from my MSN pals... is there a definition for HOPE? Or is it confused with optimism, faith, coincidence or chance?

What is HOPE? *ahem, yes I asked every single one if I could quote them*
  • To wish for something with expectation of it being coming true....
  • Something intangible that can strengthen you and set you free, based on faith I think...
  • HOPE... something that you know is true and will come true but cannot be seen right now but will come to pass soon. However.. if someone tells you to HOPE LAH... that is defined as NO HOPE LIAO, better jump of the Singapore Flyer at the top. *-.-'' I knew I was going to get some kind of answer from this person hahahaha*
  • To believe; to look forward to with confidence...
  • Hope is milder than wish and the word hope is taken for granted by many people i.e. i hope blablabla but without doing anything to it themselves. but it's defiitely better to be able to hope for something rather than not having anything to hope for.
  • Expectation & Desire *hahha galfriend checked the longman dictionary for this!*
  • Hope can be good or bad; hope is about believing.
  • A dream/thought that something good will happen.
  • Possibilities to make things right.
  • Monday & Thursday night... after 7pm to be exact. *I was puzzled so I went HUH? and then it hit me. $1 million $$ hope. Hhahaha TOTO.. thats hope for you!* Funniest answer yet!
  • Still be able to achieve, to look forward to. Still got chance?
  • HOPE is something that I wish for in life... its a positiveness shown in myself
  • Hope is a faith..a belief in the unseen...that glimmer..that light at the end of the tunnel that u knw will defnitely be there even when circumstances are tough will be OK.
  • Hope is when you have all the reasons to give up on something but you can't.

This is what Wikipedia says:

Hope is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life. Hope implies a certain amount of despair, wanting, wishing, suffering or perseverance — i.e., believing that a better or positive outcome is possible even when there is some evidence to the contrary.

More here.

So there isn't a right or wrong answer... and I know sometimes we all just want hope to be a tangible thing that we can just find and have. I sit back and close my eyes in silent recluse and listen to myself breathe.

Hope has levels doesn't it? Like having little hope and alot of hope? On scales of 1 to 10? How do you give hope? Can you create hope? Can it be given? Can someone give me more? What is hope to you?

Picture Update & the Million Blog List.

Hi everyone. Just a picture update taken over the weekend.. no weight update either.. still wavering from 76-78kg depending on what I've been eating lately.

Haven't felt very up to working out either ever since I fell sick some days back. Need some new workout music and motivation and some serious vitamin M$M. They say stress hinders weightloss. I take it that I'm not going to be moving the scales alot for a while. Moving out of the office in a couple of days and feeling very crappy about it. I'm going to miss this place. Alot. *sigh*

Don't stop reading yeah... :) Oh and btw.. have you joined the Million List yet? If you haven't, check it out here. I'm number 470. Whats your number?

Or click on this and register your blog...

Get listed at

*cough* yah lah its yet another experiment but if you have a blog.. why not lah... Out~.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Boy had a Fit

God works in mysterious ways. And sometimes I can see how things happen for a reason or at least have it seem like things happen so that it will bring you to a place at the "right time" for a reason. I think it happened tonight.

For months now, I do my evening jogs around my estate and I start of with some mandatory stretching and then I begin plodding along my route and I do this normally for 6 rounds + stretch/crunch/legraise + do a final 25 floor climb to finish off. On most days, mental strength will pull me through my rounds and enable me to complete it with much gusto.

Some strange days like today, I was winded by my 3rd round and I couldn't understand why and I walked the 4th round and decided that that was it for the day so I settled in for my regular stretches and leg raises that I do after my runs. No matter what I did to talk to myself today that my body can do it, its all in my mind.. today. It was really just not working.

The playground was full so I didn't even have my regular spot on the ground to lay down so I chose a different area. I finished my 100 leg raises and then I decided again... thats it. Today was just not a workout day.

I strolled to my block and purposely slowed my steps so I'd miss a lift that was getting full from people coming back from work. Also because I smelt like sweat which really isn't that pleasant in a crowded lift.

I stood there with another lady and the other lift came down and opened. To our surprise, we saw a teenage malay boy bending over another one and we saw to our horror that the one on the ground was having a foaming fit.

Wah lau eh!! HENGSUAY LAH! Must happen to me lor!

At that moment, there was really no one else other than myself and that other lady around with the boys. We hesitated and stared not knowing what to do. I stared at her and we stared at them.

She asked "what happened?" The boy said "he's like that, just needs some time to get up"

So I asked "you need help?" The boy feebly nodded.

With the woman holding the lift doors open, I hopped into the lift and together with the other boy, dragged the unconcious one out to the lift floor.

MY GOODNESS. An unconcious body is DAMN BLARDY HEAVY OKAY!!! And he was skinny type one lor! -.-''

I take it that the boy is around 15 years old or so.

I attempted to lift him and fireman lift him but he was really damn heavy so we just dragged him by his armpits out. Aiyoh!

It just so happen also at that moment when we stepped out, another block resident was returning home from work and it happened to be a NURSE.

The woman yelled out "are you a nurse? are you a nurse? can you help?" and I turned to look at who was coming.

OF course she was a blardy nurse lah! She's wearing her full uniform what?!?!!! What the hell? Panic warped your mind issit? DUH!! Relax mah!! U panic, they panic, everyone panic then how? Piangs!!

Immediately I turned into healthcare mode. *I bet you didn't know I'm actually "medically trained" hahaha I'm a St. John first aider/student nurse and my MIL was a TTSH nurse before she retired...*

I pulled out my phone to call the ambulance and asked the boy if he wanted us to proceed. He didn't want us to call and said his brother is always like that. So we waited and checked again. "Sure you don't want us to call the ambulance?". He declined again.

I positioned the boy into recovery position and together with the nurse, we tried to assess his situation and check that he was able to breathe and had a pulse etc etc... he seemed fine considering that he wasn't actually still convulsing and foaming anymore.

He stopped spitting saliva and was just getting really relaxed. A minute later, he fell asleep.
Really sleep like snoring too.. so we all just squatted around him and stared at him while talking to his brother. Obviously we found out that they were brothers and they were walking up and down the blocks sticking "TO RENT" signages on the walls of each floor for some rental agent as some part time work.

We found out that they lived nearby and that the brother actually had fits regularly. We could still see the fear in the little brothers eyes so we tried to stay calm.

Then the RC door opened nearby from a finished tuition class and a stream of parents and children started to crowd the area. Obviously there were KAYPOs too, asking and asking what happened. IRRITATING LAH!! We tried to clear the area to make sure there was enough ventilation and before long, after some really LOR SOR uncles talking and giving their "sound" advise were cleared.

The lady that found the boys with me offered to drive the boys back home and she and her husband waited around while the nurse and me sat by the boys side.

For some reason, I didn't want to leave until I was sure that he woke up and was alright. I'm sure the nurse felt the same. It was like an obligation that held us there knowing that we'd not be able to live with ourselves if we just left the situation half done.

We patted his arm trying to rouse him. He slept on so we waited and waited and waited.. probably for about 30 minutes then he started to stir and rub his head.

We called out to him, "Irfan! Irfan! Can you hear me?" He finally opened his eyes and we pulled him up to sit.

He was in a total daze with his eyes wide open in shock and stared at us in panic. I quickly told him to stay calm and that he had a fit.

"Huh! Me had a fit? Oh no." Then clutched his head. We all held him up in a little of a panic thinking that he might throw another fit.

It turned out that while he was collapsing, he hit his head in the lift. Aiyoh!! Poor thing lah.

His brother said he has medication at home so we told him to go home and rest and make sure he took his medication. The couple then helped him up, he was steady enough to walk and they made their way to the car.

The nurse and I just stood by as we watched the car drive off to the boy's home. And I felt my heart swell in pride.

Pride in not that I was able to help but how we all rallied together to help a stranger out of genuine concern. And with that I was heartened to see the strength of the human spirit come together in times of trouble.

Thank God. You work in mysterious ways. I hope the boys are fine....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


HOLY COW!!!! *no puns intended hor!! no offense to anyone either...*

The link finally works. After years, I finally find a working link for this site.


We found this link some years back and found it so **EMPOWERING**!!

CLICK ON THIS!! THIS IS MINE!! and turn on your speakers too lah!! LOUD!

And you can customise it to your own name too!

CLICK HERE to customise this flash with your name and play it daily man!!

Whooohhoooo!!!!! Time to mess my mind!!! Whoooooot!!!

RRROOOAAARRRR!!!! I. AM. MIGHTY!!!!! *beats chest* ~Ƶuch!~ -.-''

Try it!!! oooooooooohhhhhhh!!!!

Strawberry Chicken Cranberry Salad & Misc....

So after a weekend of being down with the flu and almost 5 days of not exercising and eating at least one carb laden dish of rice/noodles each day I was sick.. I'm so ready to go back low-carb free.

I literally waddled down to the gym this morning for a light "come back" workout and to steam up my sinuses. It worked quite well and I left bugis with lunch on hand...

Plonked my ass down on my favourite leather chair.. *ahem* actually I only have one chair hahah anyway.. and made lunch. There u have it. Something very colour balanced as usual. I like my meals colourful with a good dose of green/brown and reds.

What do you see? Well its oak lettuce drizzled with zesty Italian dressing, sprinkled with dried cranberries, a peeled black pepper chicken leg and topped with fresh korean strawberries and a blob of cottage cheese and at the side, Meiji fresh milk.. hehehe...

And this being proof again.. eating to lose weight. Is. Not. Difficult... surely anyone can stomach a lunch like this? :) I can.. anytime. All the time.

And I love ONION RINGS! After I recovered somewhat, we had onion rings for dinner last night! *cough* yah lah I know.. sick and recovering still eat ONION RINGS?!? Heh heh... yep!! So GOOD!!! *slllurp* Don't you like onion rings?

And my daughter Lauren is a genius! Hahha a creative sculpturist!! Hhaha I'm so proud of her. *Contemplating sending her to an Arts School next time hahahahha....*

When I was lazing about over the weekend filled with virus, she was busy in the living room with some scraps. I heard the scotch tape whizzing in the hall but didn't bother with what she was up to.

She later came to my bedroom and presented me with a "get well soon" pressie! I opened up the pack which she painstakingly stapled like a gift and lifted this little animal up.

I was stunned.

"Oh!, Its. A...... *staring at it and turning it around* err... colourpencil animal?". (breaking out in smiles and CJ going into a jealous fit behind her *CJ pouting - "I also want!!""*)

I was and still am SO AMUSED. She crumpled little scraps of old newspaper and scotch taped them together and gave them limbs with her colourpencils! ... So clever!! Hai!! I'm so proud of her.. and this little thing.. now has a prominent place in my bedside. :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

All Aboard the Singapore Flyer!!

As promised in this post here *which has pictures too*, this post is all about our ride up the Singapore Flyer. It was my grandmother's 78th birthday so the family decided to ride the flyer together with her in honour of her special day and then follow on with a family dinner within the building itself.

Cost for doing something like this for the family.. nearly $2K just for an evening with tickets plus Birthday dinner. Insane!! Sim Tia!! Aiyoh!! But overall I enjoyed it. Its a little over hyped but at least I can now say, I rode the flyer. Even though there was nothing really fantastic about it. Would I ride it again if I had to pay for it myself? Unfortunately, no.

So us early birds and part of the family met up earlier to purchase tickets for all riding the flyer. And took a group shot in the meantime while waiting for the tickets and the rest of the gang to arrive. Eekk! Looking through these pictures I realise that pre-menstrual bloating really makes my face puff up alot lah! *pffftt!! so round!*
BTW, if you have never been there before and ask someone to "meet you at the ticketing counter". Don't assume like I did, that there is only 1 ticketing counter. Almost every where you turn, there is one blardy ticketing counter. From the foyer where the multi-storey carpark is has one, and when you walk over to the main building there's another and another and another!!... CJ arrived earlier so I buzzed him and said "meet us at the ticketing counter" and when he didn't show up in a couple of minutes, I called to ask where he was.
Pam: "Eh! Where are you?"
CJ: "At the ticketing counter lah!"
Pam: "Me too leh! I don't see u" *looking around*
CJ: "I'm standing right in front of it lor!"
Pam: "Dun have lahhhhh!!!!"
Then I looked across the building and realised. Fuck. So many ticketing counters.... -.-'' and I walked over and met up with a really pissed off CJ... *uh oh.. bad news....never get this man pissed off lor! ....* Sorry Sorry!!... bad assumption...Eeeekkkks!!! So NEVER Assume = making an ASS out of U and Me*

With tickets in hand, we set off to explore the main building. No prizes for guessing who sponsored the main atrium garden. Obviously it's Yakult. Hhaha I was surprised I didn't see a stream of Yakult or Yakult figurines strewn around the garden. Or maybe free Yakult samples when we finished walking around the place.. hahaha... Don't have ley... *cheh*

There was a walkway in this area that led you through this little "rainforest" and we stopped periodically to take pictures.. just like tourists! As it was situated right below the capsules, you can look up and see the capsules return from their flight.

And much to my delight, Popeyes had made its way there with it's second outlet! Whoohooo!! I LOVE LOVE Popeyes.. I love their chicken.. I love their coleslaw... and I love their biscuits!! Ok.. so no biscuits now that I'm carb free but I can eat the rest! Whooohooo!!!

And Robert's Coffee... hahha CJ's english name is Robert so we got to tease him a little.... "eh you opened a cafe here meh?" *nudge nudge CJ* Hahaha.

There are other shops on each level of the building.. Kenko which has those little fishes that eat the dead skin off your feet. *I want! I want!* and the Teddy Bear Workshop too... there were several shops to explore... u can find out more about the retail & service outlets here.

So we went to the arrival area which was cordoned off just like the airport, complete with television guides about the flyer, x-ray machine where we had to put our valuables in and of course the metal detector frame which we had to walk through... *what? you mean there's no body frisking to check for hidden items on the body? Hahaha, I was looking forward to having the security frisk CJ and "accidentally" molest him hahahhhahha*

After going through security, we "beeped" our barcode cards on the barcode reader and entered the gates.
But not before CJ decided to have some fun with the tickets by sticking them all over his sweaty head..... -.-''
"Lao gong ah... wait u spoil the ticket barcode lah cannot go in, my dad will *bish* u" and he still continued to stick it over his face and posed with them... wah lau.

And while waiting in que, we took a group picture with the kids. That girl in the middle is my cousin, Steffie. She's the same age as Eirian.

We were then ushered into a room where we were all made to pose under frames and we all realised Ahh... a simulation of the capsule frame! And Uh oh... commercial picture shot... they're going to ask us to pay for this group picture but we obliged anyway and smiled so that we could get it over with and enter the boarding area. *Mumbling* we're definitely not paying for the photo. Sure daylight robbery lor!

Inside the capsule was very steady, so we took the chance to take photographs while the capsule ascended. Recently my dad appointed himself as the official family gathering photographer and comes complete with his Canon camera and tupperware like diffuser flash. I'm so eyeing it when he buys another camera and wants to relinquish this one.. I want a DSLR!!!!! *whine & pout* So here we are, my D, my baby sister Alex and me.

And the various views from the flyer... I've put the pictures out in a clockwise rotation so look at it from the top left onwards and you can get a general view of what we saw from the capsule. Including what it looks like when you look down. That circular thing on the building is the adjascent multi story carpark.

And the guest of honour aka the birthday girl. My mama!! :) She sportingly smiled for this shot and after I took it. She went "aiyah! Now a days ah, everywhere you go you carry camera ah?". *ahem* Errr... yep!... *blush & skip away*
My grandma has not changed the way she says things for as long as I remember. She still calls coins as shillings. Clothes as baju and when she's angry... "I'll give you a tight slap I tell you!!" was her threat to all the grandchildren when we got out of hand. Phew!~

So while still amusing ourselves in the capsule, we realised that the capsule had blue downlights so we had some fun posing under them and pretend to be smurfs. This one is Alex with her blue smurf look...

And of course, whats a ride without another group picture with the kids!! Say Cheese!!

I looked up and saw this side right above the door. "No Exit?" Then how to get out?? I'm sure no one at that point in time of flight was considering exiting the capsule. Unless they were seriously suicidal. CJ asked "would you pay SGD$29.50 just to jump down?"... I said "why not? If I really wanted to jump, whats $29.50?" Jeez!!... I hope the SG flyer has enough safety measures to avoid that kind of forthcoming issues... becuase you never know. Some depressed person may come along and try it one day. *Eeek*

So the 30 minute ride was over and all of us went "that's it?" hahah and hopped unsteadily out of the capsule.. which never stops moving btw.. u literally hop out one by one out of the moving "vehicle". We were then all ushered to the gift area which is pretty much tourist suicide. As expected, they tried to sell us our group photograph. I non-chalantly whipped out my camera and tried to take the screenshot of our picture but was immediately stopped by staff who went "Mdm! Mdm! No personal pictures here!".... cheh.... *pout*
We strolled the area and checked out all the SG flyer merchandise... did we buy any? NO. -.-''
So another stroll down and we passed by a private lounge which had transluscent glass walls and being the kaypos *busy bodies* we all were, we peeked in each time there was clear glass. Heh heh! Wah!! VIP lounge and Bar leyy.... *gag - so suaku (country bumpkin) can??*Wah lau.
So it was soon dinner time and we headed down to the restaurant which was on the ground floor. As we entered, we all went "ooooohhh food, great! I'm hungry!" and we turned into a glass corridor to our privately booked dining room.
Ohhh!! I like these kinds of corridors! Like so glam! And what did I do right after I stepped into it? Take a picture of my reflection of course! Hahahahha.....

So it was an expensive 9 course dinner plus a Chocz chocolate ganache cake which my aunt brought along. Yumm!!! Click on the image to enlarge to see whats available if you want.

When you enter the place and you're greeted by a wall of fish! I love these fish tanks at restaurants. They're great children distractors when they get restless and make a great bribe offer. "Finish your food and later you can go see the fishies!" hahahahaa.. gets them all the time. *chomp chomp chomp*

And to end this day's experience off and this post.. a picture with my mama and me in our first Singapore Flyer flight together.

Shake that Booty

This is what happens when you combine the daddy, my daughter and some music at the shopping centre. *faints* Where did she learn to shake her booty like that?!?! *appalled but amused*

Can't be from me.. can it? *smacks self* Can it? *pondering*... damn.. maybe it IS me... sigh. Time for some dance classes lah...

So if u see Lauren out there in the shopping centre prancing about like that... you can be sure that CJ is probably the one bringing them out shopping without me.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sick and Grumpy

Down with a bug. Am not feeling too chirpy. May not blog till I feel better but do come back regularly if you have already been reading me on a daily basis.
Nose blocked & dripping. Head pain. Eyes aching and blurring. Joints aching.
All I'm missing right now is a full blast high fever and I can qualify as officially sick for bed rest.
And yes. I will be seeing the doctor tomorrow. And yes. I already drink so much water that I'm a water buffalo already. And yes. I will be resting. And finally... yes. I do not diet when I'm sick.
Thanks for the concern. :) I'll be back. In the meantime, I need some serious TLC...
*mumble.. lao gong... a massage sounds good...can?*
Off to Bed I go. ZZZZzzzzzzz.....
UPDATE 11th Apr: Seen the Dr. already. Running a slight fever. Have enough medicine to drug a Rhino. And yes.. I know.. I'm sleeping early tonight. Out~

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Additional Red Geisha Shots

Following on from this.... little by little, the pictures are coming in so here's more from the shoot. I know I look a little royally pissed in this one but I'm just HOT. Temperature HOT aka sweating alot! That golden robe can really heat you up and you'd think that silk robes should be airy? NOT! Not when there's no aircon to bask in. And yes.. that is that chao dah *burnt* tan line still there.. I'm probably the only mamasan with tan lines.

And before I become mamasan. Thats me with Lydia whom I lovingly call "Madame Director!"
I am plain ole me without makeup and without anything in my hair and also almost without standard clothes. I came on set all days in very minimal and easy to change clothes that left no impression on my skin aka no garters and no tight waists to "kiap" aka make fat lines on my skin. *Screams* This is a rare shot of me on this blog that I will not repeat... scary!!*

Then I go for makeup in the sunlight and rollers in my hair to curl me up... I love these rollers! They're instantly heated, just plug in and heat and roll them in your hair and voila! Goldilocks curls!! Shiok.. anyone want to get one set for me? Hhaahhaa

Then a shot with my 2 "girls".... all in our silky night robes.

And the Red Geisha would not been reality if not for the creative genius of Lydia the Director/Producer of this film and the competent crew she had working with her. Credits go to these guys for showing professionalism in their work, passion and good application of technical know how.

From Left to Right:
*Back left* Cai Yuen Eden (director of photography/cinematographer)and *Back right* Nicholas Lim (1st Assistant Director/Camera assistant)*Middle 5* Hafiz (Sound/Gaffer), Qin Yu aka Fish (Production Manager), Lydia (Producer/Director), Endra (Gaffer - the ones who sets up the lights after Eden decides wat lights he wants and where), Alvin Tan (Art Director) and the one lying down is Mohan (Sound).

And the final day shot where all the adults were not needed was Day 4 where they shot the children "in the past" aka the young Leon aka young Pavan played by Jathis, young Violet aka Sharda played by Nadia Natasha Katerina and the young Pearl aka Amanda played by Clarissa Yeo.

Obviously since this film is somewhat in the genre of macabre where there are body parts being taken as a collection.. this part makes sense that the horrible fascination with human body parts must have been ingrained from experience from their youth. *shudder*

And Jathis aka young Leon playing with the detatched heads of the dolls. Eeekk! Reminds me of what I used to do with my own dolls when I was young.. hahhahaha....

And a final shot of Eden doing his camera work. I thought this shot really showed the essence of filming from the production point of view. I like how serious he looks because thats just how professional he was during the shoot. No awkward moments at all! Nice... More to come if I get more pictures.. :)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Red Geisha Filming Day 2

Filming the Red Geisha was quite an enjoyable experience for me. The cast was easy to work with and the crew was professional and it did help that I got fanned and made up like a star... With the makeup artist ready with the little sponge pad to touch up my face and crew fanning me bc I sweat easily. *smirk*

Now that I look back at the photos of day 2, I really have to applaud the director, Lydia for casting so well. The girls she casted were pretty and all had big eyes. They also knew how to act well! They made me up so I think I can pretty much pass for a real mamasan too! Aka the old money minding Bitch... hahahah

Points I'd remember for quite a long while during the filming of this show are mainly the bloopers that happened. Some were hilarious and left us in a laughing fit.

Stuff like....
  • Day 1 - Where Pavan aka Leon had to get up from the bed and put on his shirt and slammed his hand on the cupboard making a big "kdong!!!". I burst out laughing. The 2nd take after this still had me in the giggles as he was afraid to hit the cupboard again so his hand was really short like a turtle. Bwwuahahahahahaa... *CUT!!!!!*
  • Day 2 - When we were on the bed for the "dead" scene where they were cutting me up with a real scalpel. The bed broke! with all of us on it. Kdong!!!! Half the bed fell through!! OMG!! My face!!!! Heng no one got injured. *CUT!!!!* Thats all of us on the bed through the "mon" aka Monitor where the director checks for framing of the shot. And Yes, my eyes are open in this picture as we're not filming yet! hahahah....

  • Day 2 - Where the "crowd" came and we realised that 2 of our extras were actually secondary school boys!! Too young to be patronising a brothel lah! So we spent the time calling them "Little Boys!" aka Sam and Frodo aka B1 and B2. (Think Bananas in Pyjamas)Kua kua kua...! "Eh, Ah di! U think this is a school excursion issit?" They were pretty sweet and sporting after all lah... I hope they enjoyed their stint as extras.

  • Day 2 - My cheong sam was SOOO TIGHT. It was almost like a whole day of abs exercise just by sucking in my tummy and even so, I still had a tubby tummy. *alas, that just added to the old charm of being an "experienced aka old" mamasan; sigh*

  • Day 3 - I had a line which I absolutely could not say. "I make the Decisions here. Not You!"... I said "I make the Dechichions..."... again... "I make the Didgigions...."... ahhh fuck lah... try again... and Action!! " I make the dechidions...." *Screams* ((thud)) *CUT!!!!!* .... Chant... Decisions. Decisions... ok... finally... ACTION!! "I make the Decisions here. Not You!" .... ahhhhh phew!~
This is my collection of dolls for this show. No prize in guessing who the Red Geisha is and who the Mamasan is in this collection. But they were really pretty.

And this is the Red Geisha.. aka Pearl aka real name Amanda Tee. She's an acting student at La Salle and has the most elegant swan like neck I've ever seen anyone have. We had alot of fun joking around. It definitely made the experience alot more enjoyable when u laughed till ur stomach ached and ur face feels like it was cramping from laughing so much.

And this is Girl #2 aka Fizah. She's real pretty too but really very shy and quiet.

And this is Girl #3 aka Maria Baluyut. She has really huge eyes lah just that she's looking down here and is very very friendly too! She blogs here. I like her.

And this is my right hand lady, Violet aka Sharda Harrison. She's a real pretty lady this one. This is one example of a Eurasian mix at it's best. Very very pretty. Too bad I don't have a front view shot of her right now...

And finally, the 3 main cast members. Mamasan Tang aka Me.. *cough I really look like a mamasan hor!*... Leon aka Pavan... and Pearl aka the Red Geisha aka Amanda. Thats about it for day 2. I'll update with further pictures of Day 1 and 3 when we get our hands on them... but for now, will be crossing my fingers that Lydia really does some magic with editing up all the shoots that we did and makes this film. Gorgeous.

Shark's Fin Soup

CJ made soup last night. Shark's Fin soup nonetheless. Made with Shark's Fin, mushrooms, fish fillets, crab meat and alot alot of eggs in a chicken soup base... It was so very good. *I still have a little container in my fridge so I can have it again.* *Tap tap some white pepper and dark vinegar and we're set to go!!* Yummy!