Monday, April 07, 2008

Have u seen a baby snort?

Over the weekend, I went over the Shelly's place to pick up my new sexy heels.. *whoot! they're pretty hawwwwwt!* and play with her son Joshua.

He's one CUTE BABY OK! So very heavy too.. really really heavy. I've never seen or carried such a heavy baby before in my life hahahaha... and he's almost coming to 10 months old only!

And he makes the funniest cutest snorting face too! He crunches up his face, squints his eyes, pouts his lips and makes this snorty "Snnnrrr snrrr snnnr" sound.

Its SO CUTE!!! I caught it on video too when Eirian was playing *ahem* more like annoying him by putting her face in his face.


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