Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Strawberry Chicken Cranberry Salad & Misc....

So after a weekend of being down with the flu and almost 5 days of not exercising and eating at least one carb laden dish of rice/noodles each day I was sick.. I'm so ready to go back low-carb free.

I literally waddled down to the gym this morning for a light "come back" workout and to steam up my sinuses. It worked quite well and I left bugis with lunch on hand...

Plonked my ass down on my favourite leather chair.. *ahem* actually I only have one chair hahah anyway.. and made lunch. There u have it. Something very colour balanced as usual. I like my meals colourful with a good dose of green/brown and reds.

What do you see? Well its oak lettuce drizzled with zesty Italian dressing, sprinkled with dried cranberries, a peeled black pepper chicken leg and topped with fresh korean strawberries and a blob of cottage cheese and at the side, Meiji fresh milk.. hehehe...

And this being proof again.. eating to lose weight. Is. Not. Difficult... surely anyone can stomach a lunch like this? :) I can.. anytime. All the time.

And I love ONION RINGS! After I recovered somewhat, we had onion rings for dinner last night! *cough* yah lah I know.. sick and recovering still eat ONION RINGS?!? Heh heh... yep!! So GOOD!!! *slllurp* Don't you like onion rings?

And my daughter Lauren is a genius! Hahha a creative sculpturist!! Hhaha I'm so proud of her. *Contemplating sending her to an Arts School next time hahahahha....*

When I was lazing about over the weekend filled with virus, she was busy in the living room with some scraps. I heard the scotch tape whizzing in the hall but didn't bother with what she was up to.

She later came to my bedroom and presented me with a "get well soon" pressie! I opened up the pack which she painstakingly stapled like a gift and lifted this little animal up.

I was stunned.

"Oh!, Its. A...... *staring at it and turning it around* err... colourpencil animal?". (breaking out in smiles and CJ going into a jealous fit behind her *CJ pouting - "I also want!!""*)

I was and still am SO AMUSED. She crumpled little scraps of old newspaper and scotch taped them together and gave them limbs with her colourpencils! ... So clever!! Hai!! I'm so proud of her.. and this little thing.. now has a prominent place in my bedside. :)

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pamsong said...

Haha. Wow. I'm impressed!

Popped by cos we share the same name and first last name initial. Got freaked out for a bit. =p