Sunday, June 28, 2009

The HM Challenge: Cup Beat with Me!

Okay, So I thought this would be fun to issue some interactive challenges from time to time. Here's The HM Challenge #1, that I want you. Yes, you the one reading this to join me in a Cup Beat Challenge. *pointing to you*

I'm a fan of Christine who does Happy Slip Vlogs and since I've caught this cup beat thing tonight, I've been slamming my plastic cup on my table much to the dismay of the one sitting next to me on his computer.

Ok, here's the Challenge. I will try to get this Cup Beat down so that I can get a good rhythm down and record it in an upcoming post once I've got it. Its a little tricky in the beginning but its something that you can catch quite easily. *I hope*

So, whats going to happen is... try this Cup Beat thing out and if you can, use ur digicam or phonecam and record your cup beat and send it to me at (Deadline- 15th July 09) So learn it fast!

Come on! Be a sport! Let me see or hear your cup beat!! If you're shy, you don't even have to show your face!! Lets aim for at least 5 people to do this with or for me? You don't have to sing a song but do the beat! It would be fun!! So who's up for the challenge? I'll post up your videos here if you send me one! Unless you don't want me to and its for private viewing only? Heh! Heh! Cup Beat anyone?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

"You're Giving me a Freakout!"

The other day while waiting for a customer in my storehouse. I spent some time with my youngest daughter, Eirian.

We were bored while waiting so I asked "come, let me take a video of u"... and this is what I got... totally unplanned and I was behind my phone sniggering. Shes growing up so fast... soon both my kids would be entering their pre-teens! *Another set of headaches!*

But... for now.. what is "you're giving me a freak out?!" -.-''

Mangy, Cute Cat Stuck its Tongue Out at Me!

On the way home from dance class today, I saw a cat sitting by the side of the walkway by the MRT station. I bent over to look closer and another cat came brushing past my legs and repeatedly bumped itself onto me *thus the shakey parts of the video*.

I meowed at the mangy looking kitty and while I was looking at it, realised that its stuck its tongue out and it stayed that way!

It was SOOO cute.. and it just sat there staring back at me. It smacked its lips, turned its head away and then looked back at me.. tongue still sticking out! Aiyoh!! So cute lah!!!

I love "Gong"* Cats!

*Gong = blur? Confused? Spazzed?*

Sunday, June 21, 2009

FINAL SOYJOY Challenge 4: Much Effort, Little Effort Slideshow

The final installment to all 4 challenges for the SOYJOY Low Gi Blogger Challenge 09.

Challenge No. 4 is our version of our Much Effort, Little Effort video or slideshow and this is mine. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did, putting it together. (Click on HQ for a high quality version & allow it to buffer completely so you can watch it uninterrupted)

DISCLAIMER: With several enquiries on this that I want to clear up. No, I didn't lose weight by eating SOYJOY. The weight was lost through selective low carb food choices together with a regular and constant exercise regime.

However, I do support and endorse that SOYJOY is a good snack alternative that would be friendly to your body and mood and that can help someone maintain their weight. SOYJOY is not a diet food. It is a healthier and smarter alternative if you do feel like snacking. It is also not meant to be a meal replacement food item.

This is the last opportunity for everyone to please show me your support and leave me your comments as each and every comment counts.

Please help me win this challenge by leaving me your comments.

Please tell your friends, readers, clients, customers, partners, forums and family about my final challenge video.. I sincerely appreciate your support!! I want to hear from you guys! :)

Feel free to feature my slideshow on your blogs or websites but do link me back here so your readers may leave me comments too!

You can go to this URL to find the code to embed this video on your website:

Do still come to and vote for me. You can do this once every 3 hours and at the same time, check out the other bloggers and their challenge posts too!

For Challenge 1 "Feed the Office"
This was won by Eunice with 253 unique office entries!

For Challenge 2 "How I like my SOYJOY Best"
This was won by Rayner with his secret SOYJOY salad recipe. Congratulations!

For Challenge 3 "What is Low Gi?"

So my dear friends and readers, please leave me a comment before you close this window. Each unique comment means alot to this challenge and of course, I would love to hear from you. :) THANK YOU!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

How you gain 5.5kg in 4 KL...

How do you gain 5.5kg in just 4 days? Let me show you how... on the 10th of June till the 13th of June.. my lovely inlaws, my girls and myself took the AirAsia flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a short school holiday family getaway.

My family minus CJ who stayed behind in Singapore for work. :)

The girls and myself in the 45 minute van ride which we took from KL International Airport. RM150 (around SGD$70?) to take all 7 of us in the passenger van to our hotel which was situated in walking distance from the Petronas Twin Towers and KLCC.

We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel... strange though.. many things weren't working in our room.. the bathroom light was flickering when we entered - they fixed it in 10 minutes.. the toilet flush didn't quite work well, it was uber SLOW... and one out of the 2 phones in the room didn't work... hmn... ookkay...

The lobby of the hotel.. where we were given 2 complimentary hotel buffet breakfasts each morning.. of which I took completely full advantage of and practically had EVERYTHING.. plus several thick slices of hot toasted butter rustic loaf... *heaven*...

The room was comfortable though.. the girls slept together on one bed and I took the other.. and they had a ball of a time each evening catching the cartoon channel which showed cartoon movies which they loved and watched till they fell asleep.

Bathroom was standard but not as clean as Singapore.. personally, I would NOT have a bubblebath in that bathtub.. it was strangely yellow and stained.. eeeeewwwww!!! But different from Singapore Hotel bathtubs *those that I have patronised at least* which usually was.. quite spotless and shiny. I'm sure there are exceptions where some were frankly just as gross? But those that I have gone to here ARE spotless and shiny. Hahaha! :)

Heeheee! Camlovin' in the bathroom of course!

I opened the window and looked down and we had a lovely view of the pool! Which we swam on the 3rd day once in the morning and once in the evening... and I got a chance to lounge by the poolside in my red bikini... damn! that $5 bikini gets alot of mileage!

When we touched down and unloaded our lugguage, we head over to go check out the Petronas Towers from the outside... didn't take the tour which they supposedly had? and head up to KLCC Shopping Mall for some dinner and a little shopping.

During the trip however, I was in awe at the many amount of shopping malls, their multiple levels of shops and the multitude of luxury brand name boutiques that profilerated the malls in KL. Even Singapore doesn't have that many boutiques I'm sure!

A viewpoint of me staring up at one of the Petronas Towers. So high!....

Inside the KLCC, one of its atriums... it was around 8+pm and the mall was still crawling with shoppers..

I looked up and I love high ceiling malls and took that viewshot only to stand there for a while longer and think that the structure of the ceiling was quite intruiging! So I took another picture facing up while kneeling on the ground. If I stood and looked up, I probably would have lost my balance and fallen backwards.. *pffft! my balance isn't that great*

And an even closer view.. nice structure eh? Looks like.. *bursting out in laughter as I realise this.... an asshole!!* Hahhahahaa!!!.. damn!... ok.... moving on...

And the trip was very very very very generously sponsored by my lovely sister in law - Serene *CJ's younger sister* and her hubby, my brother in law - Mark... *loves loves* Eirian took a picture with her grandma aka my mother in law - Catherine!

We went to a Japanese restaurant and I took my first dish in KL that broke my carb intake cycle.. Ebi Tempura with Ramen... *slurps* Not bad!

We did a little shopping and the girls found a T-Rexs' head and posed under it...*roar!*

We then head down to the supermarket and I fulfilled completely my first thing on my shopping list.. bubblegum and chewing gum!! Now that really gave a new name to a "kid in a candy store" because I was literally shoving packs right into my basket.

And I came away with my personal stash! Which by now - a week later .. has already been 1/3 obliterated/injested and bubbles blown.

And we found cute little kiddy sized bottled of flavoured strawberry milk and grape milk for the girls to drink while on the trip! ... cute lah!

And then the carb sinning continues... I walked past the Cinnamon roll shop and stopped in my tracks.. CINNAMON ROLLS!! Why why why did they stop selling those damn sinful things here in Singapore?!? ... so I bought 2. Hehehhee! *Finished one that first evening and the other the next evening.. all by myself.. (pats belly in satisfaction).*

And then we walked past... Omg!! Dunkin Donuts!! Buy donuts!! Packed in 6 and happily walked away with my carb stash for the evening.. when we hit back the hotel.. the girls and I wacked up 5 of these donuts and left one sadly in the box for the next day....

The next day was filled with window shopping, accessory shopping.. I found black knee height boots with heels! Love it! And it can ACTUALLY FIT MY fat calves... *happiness*....

And of course.. more food.. after a heavy buffet breakfast.. we head over to the Overseas Restaurant for lunch...rated one of the best Chinese restaurants in KL.. and after that lunch.. I TOTALLY AGREE!! *slurps*

Started off with old cucumber, pork and date soup... then fish fillets with green onions, sambal kangkong and a tofu eggwhite vegetable dish that everyone loved...

And its speciality - its roasted sweet pork aka Char Siew.. which was.. really.. absolutely heavenly that we had to order it twice... along with an order of excellent roast pork... *drooling*, deep fried corn tofu nuggets and sweet & sour pork... all good!!

The Char Siew was really succuent, the tender, juicy meat not over done but the charred bits and its seasoning was done EXCELLENTLY...

Then we head down to Times Square where we did somemore window shopping.. and found..

Some baby blue icecream which we bought because it just looked intruiging.. Lauren tried it and said.."Vanilla!!" and Eirian tried it and said "PLAYDOUGH!!".... -.-''.... playdough? *cough*... uh huh... okay.. moving on...

And then the best thing EVER... we found a KRISPY KREME shop and I knew I was in carb heaven.. we qued up for our selection of donuts and tea and while in the que, they gave us free original glazed donuts too! Very Singaporean to be so happy about free donuts huh? But How lovely is that? Good ah! *Still fantasising about warm glazed covered soft chocolate donuts...* Singapore MUST have Krispy Kreme lah!!

Some more shopping and then dinner! I had Pasta Marinara at the food court with homemade mushroom soup. The soup was gooood but my pasta was a little over done and too soft... and they used HOTDOGS.. pfffft! I could make better pasta than that.. but whatever it was, it was all still finished till the last drop and I practically waddled out of the food court with a belly that looked like I was 5 months pregnant.

We then went around desperately looking for a pharmacy where I could get some ENO to help the indigestion and heavy feeling of nausea from over eating.

The unsettling thing about that day though was that I started sneezing non stop and my nose was dripping steady streams of water. I chugged up Panadol Flu over several 3-4 hour intervals and prayed that I wouldn't fall sick more and end up not being allowed to travel back to Singapore! Thankfully, the next day.. I was fine.

The 3rd day's lunch was at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and we had Dimsum in the Lai Poh Hin Chinese restaurant which supposedly served the best DimSum in KL.

Our starters which was a tangy mixture of preserved vegetables, carrot, black fungi, fresh mushroom and chicken strips. Not too bad.

Carrot cake, cuttlefish balls, fish cake and stewed chicken feet...

Dumpling Money bags, Siew Mai, Haw Gow aka crystal prawn dumplings and Gyoza dumplings...

Then we proceeded to more shopping and back to the hotel for dinner at their in house chinese restaurant and to our surprise.. the food there was so damn good...

Eggplant with fishcake and minced meat, vegetable tofu mix with crab meat, steamed codfish and roasted chicken.... and their sweet & sour pork was absolutely first class.. we had to order two sets of that because everyone loved it so!

We were regretting not getting supper stash at the mall so we went to the hotel lobby and checked out the pastries and cakes... heh! heh! and bought some too!!

Their custard filled donuts were crazy big. See my finger? Its diameter was double the length of my finger.. big!!! A Lemon tart.. I love lemon pastries! and a Blueberry nutty cake... *so good*

The next day after breakfast, we checked out the chocolate factory across the road and bought chocolates to bring back home. The girls checked out the chocolate kitchen where there were chocolate chefs preparing different treats like bars and chocolate covered biscuit fingers...

If you ever go there however, I would suggest buying the chocolates in the value packs available as it is more worth the money... those in boxes are all just packaging and when you open them, you find a small packet inside.. not worth it!

And there was a street artist Silver man which we found sitting in a corner on one of the streets, "frozen" in his art and people gathered around him to take pictures with him and he just sat there.. frozen... unmoving... must be quite taxing on him after some time I'm sure...but very intruiging.. Human statue.

And a picture of the Petronas Twin Towers when I first walked past in the day on Day 1 of our trip.. and when I walked past again after dinner.. a night shot.. :)

So thats it! Thats how you gain 5.5kg of food weight in just 4 days.. Full Breakfast-Lunch & Dinner PLUS a full Tea break and Supper treats consecutively for all days... I came back to Singapore knowing that I've packed on alot and I stepped on my scale on our return on Saturday to check, I saw the 5.5kg gain... staring at me right in the face.. *faints*

4 days later... on Thursday.. after a little bit of detoxing.. I'm down 4kg.. with the remaining 1.5kg left in my system to slowly work off.... :) KL.. you'll see us again...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Come Celebrate with Me!

My Birthday is coming up in 2 weeks time on the 2nd of July. I'm conducting my ZumFit class at Orchard till 815pm on Friday, 3rd of July.

I'm looking for friends and readers who would be interested to join me for a quiet dinner somewhere near Clarke Quay together at around 9pm on Friday, 3rd of July. *cough* Dinner goes dutch aka pay your own. Then after to proceed down to Clarke Quay around 1030pm to my favourite club, Azzucar for some dancing.

Do RSVP here via comments or on FaceBook or email me at to let me know if you're coming or even if you're tentative so I know who would be joining me that evening :) Hope to see you!

And to my lovely readers, even if we haven't met yet. This night would be a great night to come meet! :) Don't be shy! Even if you feel you can't dance, come try.. :)

Someone asked if I had a wishlist, material wise and yes, I do! Here it is for fun, but if you feel that you want to get me anything other than these bc I know they're expensive or NOTHING at all, thats fine with me too.. I would be happy knowing that you remember me..

1. Red Ipod, 2. Dance Sneakers, 3. Quality Long Black Workout Pants in Medium, 4. Shopping Vouchers, 5. A Brand New Hairstyle & Highlights, 6. A New Handphone, 7. Tiffany Pendant/Bracelet, 8. Latina Fever CDs x Vol. 1/2/3 found at the CD Shop at Pacific Plaza, 9. A new Digicam and 10. A Paid Up Full Brazillian Wax Package.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Samsung Unpacked: Jet Smartphone

On the 15th of June 2009, Samsung Unpacked introduced the new SmartPhone, the Jet. And its launch was created to simultaneously introduce the new product in 3 countries, Singapore, London and Dubai on the same day.

Having taken the coach from the Swissótel the Stamford, we were ferried to the Changi Exhibition Hall which was literally in the middle of no where... and boy! were we in for a surprise!

I was expecting a regular presentation and press conference and possibly some food and refreshments but what I was greeted with upon arrival really surprised me out of my boots.. it was really lavish and impressive! Good Job Samsung!

You can check out the corporate event video that came out the day after the event! The communications for this event worked fast! See that HERE! I was caught twice in the video but thankfully, it was a flash as I was caught stuffing my face with mushroom tarts! *Gah! Unglam!*

So we entered on a purple carpet and proceeded for registration and gave our namecards to be included in the bowl for the lucky draw. I got my tag and I was again amused, Pamela Sim - Blogger.. hahaha! Blogger.. a few years back.. never did I think I would hold such a title... much less in a social event.

And who else do I find attending the event too! My lovely blogger chicks, Diana aka Molemole and Claudia! Along with the other bloggers like DK, Hisham and several others... I love these girls!! *hugs hugs*

With waiters and waitresses serving hors d'oeuvres and refreshments of Lychee Martinis, Beer, Wines and Orange juice.. we were spoilt for choice.. I love how the martinis were purple too!

And this was my favourite hors d'oeuvre choice. The crabmeat egg roe bruchetta. I don't remember how many of these I had but I had ALOT. I love these! Love them! There were also smoked fish bruchettas, duck crepes, mushroom tarts which were excellent, scallop spoons and cream cheese bruchettas with truffles... *slurps* Enjoyed while mingling with the senior Samsung executives from around the region and Singapore and other members of the media invited for the launch.

Yeah! Thats me! .... heh! heh!... I was quite happy to be there.. *musing*

We were then ushered into the hall where we walked down a curtained area into the main auditorium where they had setup the stage together with laser lights, screen and Allan Wu as host! Nice one..

What was on highlight for the evening was the unveiling of the the Samsung Jet and with the unveiling, along came entertainment that was quite interesting along with an information session on the features of the new Jet Smart Phone.

I realise that I am not a tech. blogger and most of my readers do not come here for tech. information but I would say that for more information of the new Samsung Jet which you should really check out can be found HERE.

Check out the phones detailed features HERE. You can take an interactive quiz to get to know the Jet more too HERE. You can also go to this site and check out the accessories and specifications that come with the Jet along with free downloads to beautify your computer with for those Jet fans...

When you get your hands on one to try out or even buy, check out the back of the phone, there is a vertical red stripe design that run along the back of the phone that looks uber nice!! Its not obvious in the pictures or the video but check out the phone itself to see it! VERY NICE!!! Excellent esthethic touch Samsung.. I like!!

There was the stage launch and entertainment.. then when that was done, mainstream media and those interested were ushered into a media room where further technical questions were asked and answered while the rest moved on to a display hall where several display consoles with a couple of Jet phones were available for attendees to have a hands on feel of the phone.

I would so totally love one. It seems so easy to navigate around with and it looks oh so nice too...and with so many features that I use so regularly too! *stares at my current phone.. Pfft...* (Cough, cough.. my birthday is in two weeks....*cough* Samsung? cough... hint.. cough...)

When everyone had enough of taking pictures and playing with the phones, we were ushered upstairs where we were greeted with.. OMG.. surprise! It was a full fledged launch dinner setting! That was totally unexpected! We knew there was going to be food but we didn't expect them to pull out all the stops and really make it a function. We were all very impressed.

And the table setting was gorgeous too wasn't it? I loved it! Everything was set to purple theme too! Too Lovely....*sighs just looking at it*

With at least 30 tables and every table full and everyone gifted with a 6 course dinner.. whats not to be impressed with? Favourable impression for the Jet launch? Yes, Positive!

Some Entertainment during dinner... there was also a band and live jazz singing and a lucky draw conducted where they gave away Jet Smartphones to 10 lucky winners! Those winners were sure happy to leave with those phones! Lucky!!

It was almost like a Samsung Dinner & Dance almost with all their regional executives there. We were just in awe at the evening's ambience around us and almost frozen too as the airconditioning in the place was really first grade.. it was SO DAMN COLD!

Dinner started off with a Dill & Olive Foccacia loaf with Artichoke dip.. interesting and a little salty.. the rest of the food can be found on the menu below.

Starters of Lobster and Tomato soup....

Main course of either Beef or Fish...

And Dessert! Cake, Sorbet & Berries, Nonya Kuays and Macaroons....

And the night ended with a little more entertainment and the coach that sent us back to the hotel... the group drum act was really quite a good touch.. it was loud, dynamic and impactful...

Oh.. and we all left with a product booklet and a souvenir Jet keychain... sweet.. so there it is.. GOOD JOB SAMSUNG.. very impressive launch.. and an impressive new SmartPhone.. so again people.. go check out the phone.. its officially launched now and should be in the stores soon enough to get your hands on them...

SAMSUNG JET... Smarter than Smartphone..