Monday, June 15, 2009

Challenge 4: Stay Tuned!

My Challenge 4 (Much Effort - Little Effort Slideshow) will be out later this week! Stay Tuned for this... and check back with this entry! As with the other challenges, I would love to hear from you so leave me a comment! :) In the meantime, enjoy this little SOYJOY commercial from Japan! Its uber cute lah!!

You can check out the other challenges here if you haven't seen them yet. :) Thank you for your support!

Challenge 1 - Feed the Office with SOYJOY! - Thank you for your participation! Results are out for this Challenge. I didn't win this one but I'm sincerely appreciative of all the support that you've shown me! *hand to heart*. I've gotten to know some pretty amazing people throught this challenge, loved the interaction!

The coordinator is now in the midst of contacting each registered contact for delivery arrangements and you should be receiving or would have already gotten your free bars this month to enjoy! Do leave me a comment and tell me how you guys like it or don't like about it! I'd love to hear from you! :)

Challenge 2 - How I like my SOYJOY Best! The Kitty Pictures won the popularity votes! Thank you for your comments! I like them too! Work for Food and Act Cute for Food!

Challenge 3 - What is Low Gi? Find out more about what it is!

So check back in later this week for the final installment to the SOYJOY Low Gi Challenge.. RSS or Bookmark me NOW! :)

As I've mentioned in my video greetings... Signing out.. This is Honeymeow..You should know me by now.. Ciao!! ~

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