Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Video Greetings - Honeymeow

Yeah, I know.. kinda freaky.. bare faced no makeup... really draggy tired.. major major eyebag issues... so yeah.. I know it doesn't compare to the glamour mama in pictures.. theres me.. and then theres... me!

Sitting inside my storehouse waiting for a customer so sitting on cardboard boxes. In need of alot more sleep.. so just watch, this is for you and ... yeah that what I said in the video.. "this is Honeymeow... you should know me by now.. " *snigger*

And yes, I am aware that Nadia & Rayner have thousands of votes way above mine but that doesn't mean u stop voting for me people! Your support is still very important!

There will be 2 winners in this challenge - one with the highest votes which at this rate is one of those 2 number rich fore runners and one that will be selected by the judges based on challenge & effort. This is where you come in... leave me comments! I love reading all of them but they'll also help the challenge along! Really!

By the way... Apart from the magazine coverage, the other bloggers and myself will be mentioned on Class 95's Morning Show throughout next week from 6am - 10am.

My feature day is on Tuesday next week, 26th of May 09 so TUNE IN with the Flying Dutchman, Glenn Ong & Vernetta Lopez as they.. *cough* (Hey Hi guys!!!! Welcome to my blog!!) read my blog to see who I am so they have something to say about me... so LISTEN IN!! I know I will! I definitely want to know what they have to say! *excited*

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