Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weightloss Update: 68kg

Lately, I've been getting the same "your face looks smaller" comment from people that prompted me to check out my latest weigh in to see whats going on and I was pleasantly surprised! Even CJ - the hubster, the one who sees me daily noticed & commented that my face looks particularly smaller over dinner the other night, together with at least 10 other totally unrelated people who said the same thing....*raise eyebrow n pat face... have meh?*

I have been 69kg-70kg for the longest time now. I attribute it to an increase in muscle mass as my clothes are getting smaller (a firm medium as opposed to my previous 5XXXXL clothes) as the months pass but the weight is still the same! So I stepped on the scale today and realised that I finally broke plateau! 68kg!

The last time I charted in for the last weigh in at 69kg was HERE. I'm still 13kg away from my target weight of 55kg but 8kg away from a weight that everyone insists that I should stop - 60kg.

A 32kg difference and a far cry from my previous 100kg self in late 2007...Pictures and posts on the 100kg me can be found HERE. So Yes.... I've come a long way I know.. and yes I'm glad... but theres a little more to go before this journey reaches its destination and then its maintenance all the way from there on end... :)

So for now, I'm still doing it old school by watching my diet... checking carbs... looking into GI levels... hydrating madly and exercising passionately... :)

No secret. Just 3 words. Diet & Exercise. The remaining 13kg.. here I come....


Fitness Fabulous said...

Good going! Don't stop!

Aka Pamela S. said...

I won't! And Thank you for reading me so regularly! Have you voted for me today? *heh heh*