Tuesday, February 26, 2008

S.E.X to lose weight....

Lately, alot of people ask me what the secret is to living healthily and towards weightloss... and recently, I read this in an article from Men's Health that I think sums up what everyone should be encouraging in their life.

Have alot of S.E.X!!
S= Sleep Well
E= Eat Well
X= EXercise Well

And of course, it helps to have a good dose of those headboard banging real sweaty heart pounding sex regularly. *if you're in a relationship/married or whatever your status is.. or if you have a faithful partner lah*.

And who ever complained of having too much of all that? *smirk*
Food for thought... makes sense right?

Chicken Salad

We had chicken salad at the office yesterday and it was very Atkins friendly with a few points to note. And since I usually only eat one big meal a day these days... quantity is just nice too!

Preparation time: 5 minutes to open and throw together and mix.

1. Roasted Pepper Chicken - CHECK

2. Mayonnaise - CHECK *Was done in low fat Mayo- not recommended; tastes like crap diet shit but still edible.. next time use regular full fledged Mayo....*

3. Cheese - CHECK *I know its a lump of cheese, I was too lazy to grate it over*

4. Walnuts - CHECK *Walnut halves per 2tbsp serving has the lowest carb count*

5. Green grapes - You see alot on my plate but you would be limited to only 8 large grapes if you're strictly on the diet. For me, I worked out like crazy just 2 hours prior to my lunch... so grapes it is for me...yummm...

Ta-Daaa!! Lunch!! Together with my not very Atkins friendly Lemonade which holds 9gms of carbs.. accumulatively... I'm still under my 20gm daily limit!.. Whoooot!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mark's Wedding Part 2

The Wedding Dinner finally came after all that flurry in the morning and as usual, cocktails began at 7pm at the Conrad Centennial Hotel. Donned with my newly selected black halter pants suit and CJ in his ethnic indian top, we recieved a whole hosts of ooohhss and ahhhhs.. and "Pamela! Is that you?" exclamations which was very flattering all around.

I met long time distant relatives, mostly those that I really didn't know existed and paid my greetings to the ones that I did know...

And amongst the sea of people in black, grey and green... my dad had to be the only one in blue.. striking blue stripes too.... arghhh....
*CJ: nudge nudge, "eh ur dad is there".. point point....*
*Me: "Eh... lets pretend not to know him.. rolls eyes...wah lau...haha..."
Well he couldn't be missed after all... and we said our "Hi!" and made our way to register and search for our table. Table 5! Whooot! Food! I was hungry! This shot of him is a rare shot of him smiling. He never smiles and if he does.. its rare and I'm so glad I caught it on camera! *Sigh.. thats my D!*

It was a typical chinese menu... and food was served individually so there wasn't really much of a presentation to take pictures of. So no food pictures here...The little bear was cute though and I made off with 12 of them little critters before the night was over... thanks to the donations from my table.. and also snapping up some from the next table who left without taking theirs.. heheh.

And we finally took a shot together.. this too is a VERY rare shot. VERY RARE. I don't remember the last time we even had a picture together so this picture. Is now very precious to me.

If you find him familiar, its probably you know him from SIA. He's the senior foreman *maintenance* there. So when your plane flys smoothly up into the air, you know he's one of the team behind keeping you safe in the air...

So from the man who made me... above.. my D! To the man who married me... below.. CJ!

Aiyoohh! Lao gong!! U sooo hamsap...*cough* I mean.. handsome... heh heh heh... ok lah.. I love u lah...
And my Mama! My dad's mommy... this also is a rare shot.. wahh last night should have taken more pictures... my mama was a TTSH nurse when she was younger and she was SIIIBEII CHIOOO AHHH!!!!! Must find that photo of her when she was younger. *ahem, I know that my arms are looking crazy big but ... whatever ok!*
Now that she's older, she's partially deaf. 60% gone in one ear and 40% in the other so I joke with her.. "60+40=100% right? Mama! You're 100% deaf leh!!" And poke her in the ribs and she still laughs heartily... *phew! at least she knows I have a sick sense of humour...* I love this lady.. she always kept the best part of the chicken for me...and you know.. I looove chicken.

My table was literally POWER PACKED! We had high flyers all around the whole table. My dad's baby sister, my Aunty Irene here with her dentist hubby, my Uncle Ben... specialising in root canals.. whooo.. now thats where the $$kaching$$ is eh!

And my dad's brother - Uncle David, filthy rich high profile oil broker with his wife Caroline.. *He literally already retired about 10 years ago after amassing a fortune from brokering*.. Envy envy..
His collection of sports cars are enough to make car enthusiasts drool, cry and pee IMMEDIATELY. If you think you have the highest vehicle specs, he has them higher. Now that's what you call big boy toys!!!
He also created the now closed bar "Fluid". I guess he got bored so he closed it down but it was pretty hot while it was in operations then some years ago...
My dad's sister, my aunty Adeline who is now the PR director for the Four Seasons Hotel... she really knows her PR and of course our Notorious Uncle Robert Young of the AIA Robert Young Agency.. EVERYONE at AIA knows him.. notoriously hahaha.. he knows the funniest jokes which always cracks me up during family dinners but he always has this serious side to me each time he pulls me aside... always holds my hand and asks me in all sincerity "you doing ok?" and "marriage needs effort ok? From both parties... " He never fails to ask me that quietly and every time we meet. *touched*

He met CJ some time before we got married and drilled him a little and said to me "Just wanna make sure that my niece isnt' going to be marrying a bastard bum"... hahahahah awwwwwww....I guess CJ passed! Heh Heh Heh!

And my Grand-Aunty Margaret aka my Aunty Margs aka my Dad's Aunt ... she is the BEST COOK EVER! She makes the best nonya food. Pastries. Achar. Cookies and Cakes... REALLY. She's super talented and her food. Is. To. Die. For. Seriously.
And of course for health's sake.. a glass of red wine a day is good for the heart. And Circulation too!

I love weddings esp when there are alot of people there I know. And it was a good time to reconnect with those that I've not seen for a long time or those I see only once a year during Chinese New Year... at least I can say I've seen everyone twice this year already! Hehhee!

And whats a wedding without flowers... the colour theme for this wedding, white, cream and green. Very fresh and very sweet all the same...

And a group shot... not with everyone... *of course I'll have to get that from the groom in a couple weeks but with my papa... various relatives and my grandmother's two close male kin. My Uncle Kim, on her right in black who tuitions primary school kids and my Uncle Poh on her left who does FABULOUS foot reflexology. He's retiring in the month's time and will be doing ad-hoc food reflexology on a per client basis IF he feels like it.. ahaha and thats how being retired should be. When you feel like it. :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Men's Health: Martial Arts Feature.

Finally, after the long wait and me haunting the news stands daily, we got our hands on the magazine. CJ, my lao gong is in Men's Health March 2008 issue!

He wrote more about it on his blog so I won't need to go into details on this. Better take it firsthand from the person himself right? It was a Martial Art issue and he represented Karate... So cool right! :) This picture looks a little scary but how else is your face supposed to be when you're executing a flying kick!

During the photoshoot, his flying kicks was done so effortlessly that even the creative director and photographer was so impressed and only needed less than 20 minutes to take all the shots! There were SO MANY shots taken but I think this was the most impressive to them as he was literally flying in mid air.

Good Job Dah!! Very nice Mag article! For those who wants to read more details.. go buy Men's Health!..The whole magazine is really good read. REALLY!! $6 dollars nia... hahha... Buy it!

Mark's Wedding Part 1

On this day, 23rd of February 2008. My uncle.. who happens to be just 1 month older than I am gets married to his long time sweetheart Melissa. I lovingly call him just Mark. He's too young and close in age to be calling him Uncle!

We headed down to my kampong over at Serangoon Gardens to celebrate Holy Matrimony at St. Francis Xavier Church over at Chartwell Drive.. the church I grew up in, baptised in and had holy communion. It was a while since I stepped back there. It reminiscent of my childhood when I was in Singapore. Of Catechism... and Sunday mass... Only now, the church is now totally new! Air-conditioned and renovated everything! ... So it shows how long it has been since I've stepped back in there... Oh what a fallen Catholic I've become... *small sigh*

27 years ago, Mark and I were constant playmates.. we ran around the house like Monkeys.. did everything together for as long as he was over my place or I over at his. We insisted that we sit together on the chairs when we watched TV together... and in this pose is how most of our relatives remember us.. each time we all get together.. relatives would exclaim... "remember how you and Mark were so small and sat together on that chair? Now both of you are so big now!"

Yes, I remember.. of course.. the picture was a legend in the Toh family.. everyone remembered it but no one saw it around until Mark dug and dug and found it in an old album so he could use it for his wedding montage... *touched* that he put me in as a significant part of our childhood.

So here we are... around 3 years old together... and years pass... 27 years later and we're turning 30.. and voila... picture down below.. I'm already married and Mark's getting married! Gosh! Its such a poignant moment... *gasping back holding back my tears*... its funny how things run full circle... So very happy for him.. I'm so happy for u lah Mark!!! *bursting out in tears*

So today held a renewed experience for me too, after more than a decade. I actually headed out in a halter top and in a dress! I'm rarely in dresses and much less a halter. This dress came to me specially selected by my girlfriend, Destiny... funny how it sounds if you think about it...
Destiny chose this dress for me... lol... very nice. So I took it as a sign and plucked up some courage and put it on today. Funny how I look a little blind and lost when Lauren takes pictures of me.. hahahaha...

The mass ended, they said their vows, lit their candle and signed their certificates all done beautifully. My girls tried to follow the songs and said Amen when the guide book indicated a response. They looked at me a little puzzled and asked me why they had to do this, and do that.. why we had to sing all the words instead of say it. Why I made the sign of the cross?
Argh.. so many questions.. that only made me wonder if I should have lead them down the path more more religious spirituality of what I was born into... rather than giving them free will.
Everyone adjourned to the church's canteen for a lunch reception done by Angeli's Catering.. it was really not bad!.. the food was good. The drink was BAD. To me at least. It was water chestnut juice! I'm ALLERGIC to waterchestnuts!!

I peered into the cup, sniffed it, asked the person sitting in front of me.. what is this? She said... tastes like Gula Melaka?

Puzzled, I sniffed it again... someone said.. sugar cane! So I took a sip and BLLLAAARGHH! Spit it unglamourously out into my plate. WATERCHESTNUT!! I squealed. And the caterer came by and confirmed, "yes maam, its waterchestnut drink". I nearly fainted out of alarm.

I sat there for a couple of minutes, praying and praying that I would not burst out in hives or swell. But thankfully, albeit for a little itching on my face.. I was fine. Phew!~~
So thats it for Mark's Wedding for the first part of the day... next coming up tonight.. Wedding Dinner and I have yet another Destiny chosen outfit. A black halter top pants suit!! Fwwwoooaahh!! HOT!!... part 2 coming up IF I have pictures.. :)
Congratulations Mark!! *Love love*
*Evil laughter... Welcome to the Dark Side.... bwuahahhahahahahah*

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm so Flattered!

When someone tells you that your pictures don't do you justice or when they exclaim with open arms "wow! you look alot better in real life than in your pictures!". You get really flattered.


I'm so tickled pink and am so appreciative to all of you *to those who said this to me and read my blog* to your sincere compliments that totally made my day!

I'm by no means a stunner, but hell, I think some of my pictures are really not bad...and if you think I'm better in real life... wow.. I'm inspired more to move on and reach that target.

I appreciate genuine appreciation to the efforts that I've put into this. A heartfelt thank you... all of you are wonderful people...

Thank you.

Monday, February 18, 2008


*stop rolling your eyes!!* Hiao = Vain...which I am.. I have no qualms to admit that I'm vain. Heheh.... Some say I look a little drunk (I wasn't ok! The redness is BLUSH and I just realised I should have put on some lipstick!!).. some say I look a little Chao Dah *burnt*.. it was the swimming lah!! But overall.. I'll just keep this as an update of me at 79kg..

Ok so I'm fat. Big Deal. I foresee some angst filled readers blasting me soon but know this first.. I won't be this big for very long more.. just watch this space... I think its a pretty shot anyway. Although I look a little shocked.

For some reason though, I can't help feeling that it looks a little SPG too.. because of the tan...hmmpf...you think?

Anyway.... Big Grin :) I'm on my way down...

A first attempt at Sambal making..

Lying on the kitchen counter was a rather large pack of fresh chili padi that my mom in law bought for CNY.. rather than having it start to rot. I lay claim to it *after asking my momma in law nicely of course to whether I could have it* And started my experiment.

I found some fresh green lime and blended it. Threw in the washed fresh chili and blended that too.. threw in a teaspoon of sugar and looked into the blender.

Something wasn't right and realised. *alamak!!* No balachan.. so I scoured the fridge and viola! I found a small bottle of "Bagoong" which was a similar variant of balachan prawn paste = Filipino style... they use this to eat with egg plant, raw green mangoes or sliced turnip! Nice! Threw in a couple table spoons of that and blended somemore.. heated a little saucepan and dumped the mixture in and stirred over a low heat till the chili was soft and everyone in the house started complaining that I was cooking "armpits"... Success!!

*The hubster was screaming "CHAO *Smelly* AHH!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU COOKING IN THERE!!!!* Hhahahaha... ohhh... Sambal.. ok. (Covering his nose)

And because it was made with chili padi, all you need is a small teaspoon and....

For chili lovers who like that swollen mouth kick - eating sambal chili... mine sure has enough fire power to ensure those voluptuous swollen lips you've always wanted. Hahhaha.... enjoy! Not bad for my first try...

And what best to eat it with.... SAUSAGES!!! I looove sausages!!...Especially BIG Fat ones like these.... Yummm!!! *Drool*

Honeymeow Sauce at McDonalds

You've never seen sauce like this at McDonalds unless you've eaten there WITH ME. I've been making this concoction at this fast food place for more than a decade now...

I'd proudly call it Honeymeow Sauce... you can't ask for it over the counter but you can make it and it tastes GOOD!! HAHAHAH .. to me at least lah!

What you'll need are the following:
4 packs of Garlic Chili Sauce
2 packs of Mayonnaise
*Tastes better if u can wiggle some tartar sauce out of them instead of Mayo.*
4 sachets of Black Pepper
1 or 2 packs of BBQ Sauce

Open everything, dump into a nugget container, blend blend blend till you get something like the above and just sit back and... enjoy...

There you have it! Honeymeow Sauce... *yummmm....* Perfect for fries, nuggets and any burger you order at MacDs... sauce never tasted this good. Hmmmmm....

Sunday, February 17, 2008

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As with blog hopping on a daily basis, we come across various methods of how to increase your blog traffic and recently came across this one from one of my daily reads.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chick Flick Alert! PS, I Love You...

By the Hubs! *you can be confused here... scratch head*

Usually, I would be the one literally dragging him to the chick flicks that I want to watch or when duty calls and he has to train, I catch them with my galfriends instead.

But this time round, it was HIS suggestion so we're going to catch this one together soon.. I already know that I will NEED TISSUES for this show. Watching the trailer already got me running and grabbing him so tight that he couldn't breathe. *wails*

As a chick flick, this show is HIGHLY romantic... those kind that make you feel like there's a frog trying to climb up your throat and makes love so idealistic that sometimes, it becomes like a dream. *muse*

I remember recieving love letters from him.. but that was literally a decade ago.. they were crazy! Stuffed with poems, songs... on little cute pieces of paper... will I recieve some again? I don't know.. but right now, the papers my letters I recieved are slowly turning yellow... *sigh - looking hopefully at CJ...blink blink...*

Nothing beats a hand written letter these days. No instant messages. No emails. I want paper.

What if you losed your loved one tomorrow? What did you do today to make today worthwhile? And what didn't you do...... Who knows what tomorrow will bring. *Choke* Did you say I love you today?

For now... I'll be happy to lie on his chest and listen to his heart beat just because it still is. *love*

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Atkins Update: Last CNY kg gone

As expected and perhaps even a day earlier than previously mentioned, I'm now down to 79kg and this is the weight I've been plateauing since November... no more CNY food in my system.

I actually gained 5.9kg over my first carb break and over Christmas. I started Jan 1 08 at 85.9kg! Quite a huge rebound but it took about 2 weeks from 1st to 14th Jan 07 to work it off to 79-80kg again. Water weight and food just needs a little detoxing and exercise.

For those who are staring at this in horror, ie. What?! How come u gain weight so fast?! Well, lets just say, I ate with wild abandon. Hahaha.. and meals were UBER heavy during festive seasons.. whats not to gain? Heh Heh...

CNY came and fwahhh laooo, just 4 days and I literally piled on 4kg of food/water weight. Thats literally 1kg per day.

So now that I'm on par with my plateau weight today. Its time for it to go down. THE ONLY WAY IS DOWN!!! *ROAARRR!!*

Stay tuned. Fat blasting coming up! My 2nd phase has only just begun.

How many more months do I have? Let me count...hmmm... About 4 months to drop 24kg. I'm sure it can be done. If I can drop 16kg in 2 months.. 4 months is now a luxury.

Target - 40kg down. Current standing - almost 1/2 way there.

It can be done.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You have been warned.

*Valentines Day Update Below*

This is a warning to those who are going to talk to me tomorrow, on Valentines Day.

Be warned. I'm going to complain. ALOT.

I took my first spinning class today. My sister, Alexandra is a spinning instructor at California Fitness. Some of you may already know her. Picture of us above taken on Christmas evening 2007. She has been constantly trying to get me to spin but I've never tried so today, I thought I'd try it and I did.. it wasn't my sister's class but another lady who was running the intermediate class. Gay Kiang think I can do it even though I never tried it before so I did it.. and according to CJ outside watching me behind the glass.. I did it quite well too.. Quite happy about it.. I ended the class in high spirits and in alot of sweat.. phew! and then...

.....adrenaline drained away throughout the day and AAAAAAARRRGGHHH!! faaarrrkkkk!!! Damn Damn Damn!!!

My legs are now dying. I'm walking like a freaking duck. And I cannot imagine how I'm going to be tomorrow morning.. its going to be bad. I'm sitting here under a thick blanket with my thighs COVERED IN COUNTERPAIN.

So prepare yourself if you're going to be talking to me tomorrow.

Expect alot of Yelping. Cursing and even more cursing... ... you have been warned. *Gumble grumble grumble*

*UPDATE: Well, it turns out that I woke up fine this morning. Just like normal! I'm amazed at the rate of recovery this time round and I think wrapping my thighs in counterpain last night worked so well!!.. Time to buy a new tube of Counterpain liao!! Whoo hooo!!*

A Chockful of CNY Greetings from the Sims!

The first couple days of CNY has come and gone but people are still around celebrating.. Here's wishing Gong Xi Fa Cai from Lauren and Eirian to all my friends and to those who read my blog.. thank you!

Both Lauren and Eirian on the first day of Chinese New Year all ready to go visiting in their cheena girl outfits...

And me on the first day... Happy New Year everyone!! *ahem no comments that I'm looking a little stunned ok.. I know that already.. hahha alot of Ang Pows to give out mah!!!*

And my Mister Humsup hubby... HUAT HUAT HUAT AH!! We absolutely LOVE this shirt on him.. not only because he's looking rather.. macho in it... *gggrowll....* but that he can finally fit into a shirt like this! I haven't seen him in FITTED clothes like this for over a DECADE!! I like.

Lauren on the way to visit relatives in a cab... Say Cheese!!

And isn't this like the CUTEST picture of Eirian in the cab too! Aiiiiiii!! *pinch her cheeks*

And another shot of us in the cab after we left Cupcake Momma's House on the way to the Dojo for yet another CNY food feast... *cab drivers must think we're nuts.*
Here's wishing you a prosperous and lucky new year to you!!! HUAT HUAT HUAT!!
Hahaha.. I can't get enough of HUATing everyone! This year is going to be FABULOUS!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Atkins Update: Post CNY

So I gained 4kg as the scales showed. I even did a digital chart at the gym on Monday to check an accurate weight gain and it showed 83kg on Monday.. CJ insisted that its water retention and food weight.

I wasn't too convinced but after 2 days of a light detox and a moderate amount of exercise, I weighed in again this evening and I'm pleased to update that I'm back at 80kg. So it showed that I really took a hell of alot of water and the food was darned heavy!! Carbs are bloody heavy!!

Now just 1 more kg to go to hit 79kg like before and I can start moving downwards from this freaking plateaued weight...


Let the bodies hit the floor!!

Ok.. so after all that moo-ing.. I've resorted to some heavy metal.. but instead of the original Drowning Pool version.. I settled for the Chipmunks so that I can be a rabid munk for a while...

*screams* Head bang Head bang.... *Do not click on this if you do not like listening to grunge like this... screams!!* I need food....

Some days.. you just feel like.. Mooing.

Can you relate? I can. Feeling a little off today. I feel like Moo-ing already. *time to lie down and close my eyes*

Monday, February 11, 2008

CNY is all about Food, food and more food!!

Dong Dong Long Qiang, Dong Dong Long Qiang... Happy New Year!! Gong Xi Fa Cai! ... Chinese New Year this year was surprisingly enjoyable.. so enjoyable that I GAINED 4KG in just a few days.... *screams* But for luck, I tried everything I was offered and enjoyed it too... including all the cookies and treats u can imagine CNY would have...

I contemplated making these pictures small but they do no justice to them tiny so enjoy the feast thats below.. starting off with ... reunion lunch,.. we don't have dinner for several reasons..

1. Its easier to wash up and rest for the rest of the day when its a lunch.

2. Everythings freshly cooked from the morning itself without having to wait till dinner time.

3. My SIL goes to her in-laws for dinner.

4. We like sleeping in after a heavy meal ... heheheh....

So we woke up in the morning, admist preparing lunch and had walnut and raisin cake for breakfast with milo and coffee... *so good...*

And my MIL had peanut pancakes... while I scoffed down cashew nut cookies... *aiyah no wonder so fat lah!! But they're REALLY VERY GOOD...HEHEHE ...*

I love homemade cookies!!! *love love*And then it was time for lunch!!!

Abalone... *which I DON'T eat but its good luck for everyone else who does like it...* I nibbled a little just for luck...

And Century Eggs!! With preserved ginger!! I likeee!!!!!! *Pam licking the yolk... *

And of course.. Roasted Pork.... ohhh all that cracking skin... soo goooodd.....

Chicken and innards.... *bleh.. I don't eat innards of anything.. not chicken, not all that u can find at the Kuey Chap stall... no way.. no intestines.. no hearts.. no livers.. no blood balls.. whatever u call it. Blahhhhh* But I like Chicken.. alot..

And cabbage, pork and fishball/ fuzhou ball/ meatball soup.. my MIL makes this every CNY and its REALLY REALLY REALLLLLYY GOOD... the pot she makes it in can literally feed an army. Its as high as my knees. But we always finish it ALL by the 2nd day. *slurp*

And good luck veggies!! Or are they called Leeks? Well... I love this dish.. and its definitely a CNY staple for money money luck! Fa! Fa! Fa!!

And Garlic ketchup prawns.. aka HaHahey prawns.. for happiness... :)

And of course the mandatory teochew style steamed fish... *Love steamed pomfret!*

And a little side dish of preserved olive vegetables just for flavour to the rice..

Braised mushrooms, with braised erm.. oysters and ... ermm that black hair fungus thingy... hahah I have no idea what thats called but I take some for luck too.. I'm sure everything has some kind of good luck meaning lah.. so just eat lah! Jiak Jiak! Yum!

And this Chinese New Year fish.. Don't ask me what this is called but we always have it and its somewhat bitter usually.. surprisingly this year.. it actually was quite nice.. albeit REALLY BONEY. Must eat this too.. for luck of course.

And treasures dessert.. with longan, dates and a whole host of other stuff that I have no idea what they're called but I love this all the same. And my MIL makes the best kind!

Then we move on to CNY first day lunch!!.. We headed over to my aunt's place over at my Kampong at Serangoon Gardens... and had... mixed vegetables.... yummm... all pictures here of course in full glory....
I love broccoli!!

And there was a pot full of STUFF.. I can only call it STUFF bc I could SEE the prawns, and meat but when u dig into this pot, its filled with so much ingredients of all kinds..I can only say. Its stuff.. just dig and pour onto ur plate.. its hard to choose so just eat.

And of course, my grandma's place always has Sayur Lodeh....*so good*

And Chicken...its not curry.. but its not soysauce chicken either.. I couldn't figure it out but its still good all the same..

And there was this this dish and I could see the fried tofu, quail eggs, prawns, sotong and some kind of green bean that I don't usually eat.

And of course YAM!!!! I love Yam! This was nian gao *that brown sticky sticky thing* sandwiched with 2 pieces of yam and dipped in batter and FRIED. WAH LAU.... soooo sinful and nice ok!! I look foward to this ever since my aunt's maid started frying this up for CNY each year... and oh btw.. all those dishes up there are cooked by the maid under my grandmother's watchful eye. She's a really good cook, this maid! Fwah! Impressed.

And the creme de la creme of going visiting on the first day of CNY is this. Crabmeat balls with bamboo shoot soup. My grandfather used to make this with bamboo shoots that stuck out of the balls like little spiked bombs but since he has left and gone to heaven.. somehow the balls are still around but looking a little more "decent" without all the spikes. :) I had so many of these, I nearly exploded.

And a very happy to be eating during CNY me... *cheese!!!*

And the 3rd day arrived... and after the gathering where I met Joyce.. see previous post on this.
I followed up the evening meeting the hubby at his Karate Dojo for some CNY fun and food!
When we arrived, we were greeted with TABLES AND TABLES of Yusheng! Hahha I LOVE Yusheng.. but no pictures here bc I was too busy lao-ing and eating it up! *drooooll*
A polish guy there brought along a platter of cheese which he says is his country's dish.. and I loved that too! I like olives.. and it had capsicums, pickles, chili sauce *his idea to make it more asian* and a LUMP OF CHEESE. I love cheese!! *scream* (Pam being an ugly singaporean and loading her plate with at least 10 pcs of these babies and running away laughing like a mad woman, bbwuhauahahahaha)

I had to take the pictures of the prawns.. it was a HUGE platter of prawns and I love prawns!!

And there was a spit. And turning above it was a LAMB. A whole LAMB!! BBbbaaaa!! Baaa Black sheep... and it was good.. very.. erm.. lamby but well roasted.
It was a complete indian buffet with Naans and Chappatis and everything u'd fill them up with.. from chicken to daals to whatever u know indian.. they had it. *pictures of these not included.. too many already...*

And of course. Chicken Tandoori... which was REALLY GOOD.... so red.. so good.

And my plate.. with dried mee siam, pappadums and more cheese sticks... So goood...

And finally yesterday, the last day of this SINFUL carb break. I made cheesy, cream pasta with bacon and mushrooms.. and I topped it with left over Pappadums... argh... no wonder I gained 4kg... *blah*....
Anyhow... GONG XI FA CAI everyone.. I'm happy CNY is now over with all that eating and I can now concentrate on working the bod!
Huat Huat Huat Ah!!!