Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I GOT IT!!!!

--------BIG freaking TOOT!!!--------
I'm practically bursting as this totally made my Chinese New Year!! Must share! Must share!

I'm getting a Magazine Feature.

ON ME.. me!! Me!!! *doing a jiggly dance*
Can you freaking believe it!?!

Whoot! I'm ecstatic! Literally over the MOOON!
*feeling a lil' faint - swoons!*
Having just gotten off a great online chat with the magazine writer, she confirmed that it's a GO and well, which magazine you ask? Lets just keep that as a mystery at the moment... *editorial confidentiality lah!*

Its going to be about my weightloss journey. I'll reveal it once the story gets written and the photos are taken but we're aiming it to probably be out around June-July issue which is perfect timing for my reveal and my BIG 3-0 birthday this year! And perfect time frame to work off my remaining 24kgs for this article!!

And at the same time, my favourite designer Hayden will be designing a reveal dress for me and since I already love his designs, I know its just going to be holy moley AMAZING!!

And for those who I've already invited way in advance to my birthday, you know who you are. Clear your dates!! Its going to be a big thing. Now all I need is a beauty company to work on my hair and skin and its going to be almost HEAVENLY... and I think I know who may be interested to take this up... *huge grin*

Can you tell I'm laughing like a lunatic?
(Mental note: Must lose weight! Must lose weight!!! Only 24kg to go!!)

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