Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chick Flick Alert! PS, I Love You...

By the Hubs! *you can be confused here... scratch head*

Usually, I would be the one literally dragging him to the chick flicks that I want to watch or when duty calls and he has to train, I catch them with my galfriends instead.

But this time round, it was HIS suggestion so we're going to catch this one together soon.. I already know that I will NEED TISSUES for this show. Watching the trailer already got me running and grabbing him so tight that he couldn't breathe. *wails*

As a chick flick, this show is HIGHLY romantic... those kind that make you feel like there's a frog trying to climb up your throat and makes love so idealistic that sometimes, it becomes like a dream. *muse*

I remember recieving love letters from him.. but that was literally a decade ago.. they were crazy! Stuffed with poems, songs... on little cute pieces of paper... will I recieve some again? I don't know.. but right now, the papers my letters I recieved are slowly turning yellow... *sigh - looking hopefully at CJ...blink blink...*

Nothing beats a hand written letter these days. No instant messages. No emails. I want paper.

What if you losed your loved one tomorrow? What did you do today to make today worthwhile? And what didn't you do...... Who knows what tomorrow will bring. *Choke* Did you say I love you today?

For now... I'll be happy to lie on his chest and listen to his heart beat just because it still is. *love*

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