Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mark's Wedding Part 1

On this day, 23rd of February 2008. My uncle.. who happens to be just 1 month older than I am gets married to his long time sweetheart Melissa. I lovingly call him just Mark. He's too young and close in age to be calling him Uncle!

We headed down to my kampong over at Serangoon Gardens to celebrate Holy Matrimony at St. Francis Xavier Church over at Chartwell Drive.. the church I grew up in, baptised in and had holy communion. It was a while since I stepped back there. It reminiscent of my childhood when I was in Singapore. Of Catechism... and Sunday mass... Only now, the church is now totally new! Air-conditioned and renovated everything! ... So it shows how long it has been since I've stepped back in there... Oh what a fallen Catholic I've become... *small sigh*

27 years ago, Mark and I were constant playmates.. we ran around the house like Monkeys.. did everything together for as long as he was over my place or I over at his. We insisted that we sit together on the chairs when we watched TV together... and in this pose is how most of our relatives remember us.. each time we all get together.. relatives would exclaim... "remember how you and Mark were so small and sat together on that chair? Now both of you are so big now!"

Yes, I remember.. of course.. the picture was a legend in the Toh family.. everyone remembered it but no one saw it around until Mark dug and dug and found it in an old album so he could use it for his wedding montage... *touched* that he put me in as a significant part of our childhood.

So here we are... around 3 years old together... and years pass... 27 years later and we're turning 30.. and voila... picture down below.. I'm already married and Mark's getting married! Gosh! Its such a poignant moment... *gasping back holding back my tears*... its funny how things run full circle... So very happy for him.. I'm so happy for u lah Mark!!! *bursting out in tears*

So today held a renewed experience for me too, after more than a decade. I actually headed out in a halter top and in a dress! I'm rarely in dresses and much less a halter. This dress came to me specially selected by my girlfriend, Destiny... funny how it sounds if you think about it...
Destiny chose this dress for me... lol... very nice. So I took it as a sign and plucked up some courage and put it on today. Funny how I look a little blind and lost when Lauren takes pictures of me.. hahahaha...

The mass ended, they said their vows, lit their candle and signed their certificates all done beautifully. My girls tried to follow the songs and said Amen when the guide book indicated a response. They looked at me a little puzzled and asked me why they had to do this, and do that.. why we had to sing all the words instead of say it. Why I made the sign of the cross?
Argh.. so many questions.. that only made me wonder if I should have lead them down the path more more religious spirituality of what I was born into... rather than giving them free will.
Everyone adjourned to the church's canteen for a lunch reception done by Angeli's Catering.. it was really not bad!.. the food was good. The drink was BAD. To me at least. It was water chestnut juice! I'm ALLERGIC to waterchestnuts!!

I peered into the cup, sniffed it, asked the person sitting in front of me.. what is this? She said... tastes like Gula Melaka?

Puzzled, I sniffed it again... someone said.. sugar cane! So I took a sip and BLLLAAARGHH! Spit it unglamourously out into my plate. WATERCHESTNUT!! I squealed. And the caterer came by and confirmed, "yes maam, its waterchestnut drink". I nearly fainted out of alarm.

I sat there for a couple of minutes, praying and praying that I would not burst out in hives or swell. But thankfully, albeit for a little itching on my face.. I was fine. Phew!~~
So thats it for Mark's Wedding for the first part of the day... next coming up tonight.. Wedding Dinner and I have yet another Destiny chosen outfit. A black halter top pants suit!! Fwwwoooaahh!! HOT!!... part 2 coming up IF I have pictures.. :)
Congratulations Mark!! *Love love*
*Evil laughter... Welcome to the Dark Side.... bwuahahhahahahahah*

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