Thursday, February 14, 2008

Atkins Update: Last CNY kg gone

As expected and perhaps even a day earlier than previously mentioned, I'm now down to 79kg and this is the weight I've been plateauing since November... no more CNY food in my system.

I actually gained 5.9kg over my first carb break and over Christmas. I started Jan 1 08 at 85.9kg! Quite a huge rebound but it took about 2 weeks from 1st to 14th Jan 07 to work it off to 79-80kg again. Water weight and food just needs a little detoxing and exercise.

For those who are staring at this in horror, ie. What?! How come u gain weight so fast?! Well, lets just say, I ate with wild abandon. Hahaha.. and meals were UBER heavy during festive seasons.. whats not to gain? Heh Heh...

CNY came and fwahhh laooo, just 4 days and I literally piled on 4kg of food/water weight. Thats literally 1kg per day.

So now that I'm on par with my plateau weight today. Its time for it to go down. THE ONLY WAY IS DOWN!!! *ROAARRR!!*

Stay tuned. Fat blasting coming up! My 2nd phase has only just begun.

How many more months do I have? Let me count...hmmm... About 4 months to drop 24kg. I'm sure it can be done. If I can drop 16kg in 2 months.. 4 months is now a luxury.

Target - 40kg down. Current standing - almost 1/2 way there.

It can be done.

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