Monday, February 11, 2008

CNY is all about Food, food and more food!!

Dong Dong Long Qiang, Dong Dong Long Qiang... Happy New Year!! Gong Xi Fa Cai! ... Chinese New Year this year was surprisingly enjoyable.. so enjoyable that I GAINED 4KG in just a few days.... *screams* But for luck, I tried everything I was offered and enjoyed it too... including all the cookies and treats u can imagine CNY would have...

I contemplated making these pictures small but they do no justice to them tiny so enjoy the feast thats below.. starting off with ... reunion lunch,.. we don't have dinner for several reasons..

1. Its easier to wash up and rest for the rest of the day when its a lunch.

2. Everythings freshly cooked from the morning itself without having to wait till dinner time.

3. My SIL goes to her in-laws for dinner.

4. We like sleeping in after a heavy meal ... heheheh....

So we woke up in the morning, admist preparing lunch and had walnut and raisin cake for breakfast with milo and coffee... *so good...*

And my MIL had peanut pancakes... while I scoffed down cashew nut cookies... *aiyah no wonder so fat lah!! But they're REALLY VERY GOOD...HEHEHE ...*

I love homemade cookies!!! *love love*And then it was time for lunch!!!

Abalone... *which I DON'T eat but its good luck for everyone else who does like it...* I nibbled a little just for luck...

And Century Eggs!! With preserved ginger!! I likeee!!!!!! *Pam licking the yolk... *

And of course.. Roasted Pork.... ohhh all that cracking skin... soo goooodd.....

Chicken and innards.... *bleh.. I don't eat innards of anything.. not chicken, not all that u can find at the Kuey Chap stall... no way.. no intestines.. no hearts.. no livers.. no blood balls.. whatever u call it. Blahhhhh* But I like Chicken.. alot..

And cabbage, pork and fishball/ fuzhou ball/ meatball soup.. my MIL makes this every CNY and its REALLY REALLY REALLLLLYY GOOD... the pot she makes it in can literally feed an army. Its as high as my knees. But we always finish it ALL by the 2nd day. *slurp*

And good luck veggies!! Or are they called Leeks? Well... I love this dish.. and its definitely a CNY staple for money money luck! Fa! Fa! Fa!!

And Garlic ketchup prawns.. aka HaHahey prawns.. for happiness... :)

And of course the mandatory teochew style steamed fish... *Love steamed pomfret!*

And a little side dish of preserved olive vegetables just for flavour to the rice..

Braised mushrooms, with braised erm.. oysters and ... ermm that black hair fungus thingy... hahah I have no idea what thats called but I take some for luck too.. I'm sure everything has some kind of good luck meaning lah.. so just eat lah! Jiak Jiak! Yum!

And this Chinese New Year fish.. Don't ask me what this is called but we always have it and its somewhat bitter usually.. surprisingly this year.. it actually was quite nice.. albeit REALLY BONEY. Must eat this too.. for luck of course.

And treasures dessert.. with longan, dates and a whole host of other stuff that I have no idea what they're called but I love this all the same. And my MIL makes the best kind!

Then we move on to CNY first day lunch!!.. We headed over to my aunt's place over at my Kampong at Serangoon Gardens... and had... mixed vegetables.... yummm... all pictures here of course in full glory....
I love broccoli!!

And there was a pot full of STUFF.. I can only call it STUFF bc I could SEE the prawns, and meat but when u dig into this pot, its filled with so much ingredients of all kinds..I can only say. Its stuff.. just dig and pour onto ur plate.. its hard to choose so just eat.

And of course, my grandma's place always has Sayur Lodeh....*so good*

And Chicken...its not curry.. but its not soysauce chicken either.. I couldn't figure it out but its still good all the same..

And there was this this dish and I could see the fried tofu, quail eggs, prawns, sotong and some kind of green bean that I don't usually eat.

And of course YAM!!!! I love Yam! This was nian gao *that brown sticky sticky thing* sandwiched with 2 pieces of yam and dipped in batter and FRIED. WAH LAU.... soooo sinful and nice ok!! I look foward to this ever since my aunt's maid started frying this up for CNY each year... and oh btw.. all those dishes up there are cooked by the maid under my grandmother's watchful eye. She's a really good cook, this maid! Fwah! Impressed.

And the creme de la creme of going visiting on the first day of CNY is this. Crabmeat balls with bamboo shoot soup. My grandfather used to make this with bamboo shoots that stuck out of the balls like little spiked bombs but since he has left and gone to heaven.. somehow the balls are still around but looking a little more "decent" without all the spikes. :) I had so many of these, I nearly exploded.

And a very happy to be eating during CNY me... *cheese!!!*

And the 3rd day arrived... and after the gathering where I met Joyce.. see previous post on this.
I followed up the evening meeting the hubby at his Karate Dojo for some CNY fun and food!
When we arrived, we were greeted with TABLES AND TABLES of Yusheng! Hahha I LOVE Yusheng.. but no pictures here bc I was too busy lao-ing and eating it up! *drooooll*
A polish guy there brought along a platter of cheese which he says is his country's dish.. and I loved that too! I like olives.. and it had capsicums, pickles, chili sauce *his idea to make it more asian* and a LUMP OF CHEESE. I love cheese!! *scream* (Pam being an ugly singaporean and loading her plate with at least 10 pcs of these babies and running away laughing like a mad woman, bbwuhauahahahaha)

I had to take the pictures of the prawns.. it was a HUGE platter of prawns and I love prawns!!

And there was a spit. And turning above it was a LAMB. A whole LAMB!! BBbbaaaa!! Baaa Black sheep... and it was good.. very.. erm.. lamby but well roasted.
It was a complete indian buffet with Naans and Chappatis and everything u'd fill them up with.. from chicken to daals to whatever u know indian.. they had it. *pictures of these not included.. too many already...*

And of course. Chicken Tandoori... which was REALLY GOOD.... so red.. so good.

And my plate.. with dried mee siam, pappadums and more cheese sticks... So goood...

And finally yesterday, the last day of this SINFUL carb break. I made cheesy, cream pasta with bacon and mushrooms.. and I topped it with left over Pappadums... argh... no wonder I gained 4kg... *blah*....
Anyhow... GONG XI FA CAI everyone.. I'm happy CNY is now over with all that eating and I can now concentrate on working the bod!
Huat Huat Huat Ah!!!


Chawanmushi said...

wah much food in one day ah stomach would surely burst LOL But they all look yummy :-)

honeymeow said...

No lah, its over 4 days. Thursday to Sunday.. :)