Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chicken Salad

We had chicken salad at the office yesterday and it was very Atkins friendly with a few points to note. And since I usually only eat one big meal a day these days... quantity is just nice too!

Preparation time: 5 minutes to open and throw together and mix.

1. Roasted Pepper Chicken - CHECK

2. Mayonnaise - CHECK *Was done in low fat Mayo- not recommended; tastes like crap diet shit but still edible.. next time use regular full fledged Mayo....*

3. Cheese - CHECK *I know its a lump of cheese, I was too lazy to grate it over*

4. Walnuts - CHECK *Walnut halves per 2tbsp serving has the lowest carb count*

5. Green grapes - You see alot on my plate but you would be limited to only 8 large grapes if you're strictly on the diet. For me, I worked out like crazy just 2 hours prior to my lunch... so grapes it is for me...yummm...

Ta-Daaa!! Lunch!! Together with my not very Atkins friendly Lemonade which holds 9gms of carbs.. accumulatively... I'm still under my 20gm daily limit!.. Whoooot!

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