Monday, February 18, 2008


*stop rolling your eyes!!* Hiao = Vain...which I am.. I have no qualms to admit that I'm vain. Heheh.... Some say I look a little drunk (I wasn't ok! The redness is BLUSH and I just realised I should have put on some lipstick!!).. some say I look a little Chao Dah *burnt*.. it was the swimming lah!! But overall.. I'll just keep this as an update of me at 79kg..

Ok so I'm fat. Big Deal. I foresee some angst filled readers blasting me soon but know this first.. I won't be this big for very long more.. just watch this space... I think its a pretty shot anyway. Although I look a little shocked.

For some reason though, I can't help feeling that it looks a little SPG too.. because of the think?

Anyway.... Big Grin :) I'm on my way down...

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