Monday, February 18, 2008

Honeymeow Sauce at McDonalds

You've never seen sauce like this at McDonalds unless you've eaten there WITH ME. I've been making this concoction at this fast food place for more than a decade now...

I'd proudly call it Honeymeow Sauce... you can't ask for it over the counter but you can make it and it tastes GOOD!! HAHAHAH .. to me at least lah!

What you'll need are the following:
4 packs of Garlic Chili Sauce
2 packs of Mayonnaise
*Tastes better if u can wiggle some tartar sauce out of them instead of Mayo.*
4 sachets of Black Pepper
1 or 2 packs of BBQ Sauce

Open everything, dump into a nugget container, blend blend blend till you get something like the above and just sit back and... enjoy...

There you have it! Honeymeow Sauce... *yummmm....* Perfect for fries, nuggets and any burger you order at MacDs... sauce never tasted this good. Hmmmmm....

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karlsfoodie said...

i must go mac w u 1 day =)