Sunday, February 10, 2008

Meeting the Dutchess!

After reading all about Joyce for quite some time now, we finally got to meet when she arrived in Singapore for a short CNY break. I've put her as igcognito and blurred for confidentiality's sake but you can be assured that she's one pretty lady.

Group photo!! Without molemole though, who left a little earlier to visit a relative.. :)

The girls over at moms4moms got together on this 3rd day of CNY and of course, it was a potluck feast with Ratna *Cupcake Momma!* making us her CNY inspired cupcakes, her hubby Ali making his famous Sambal and Nasi Lemak... pasta, meepok, mixed fruits, fishballs, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, hotdogs, really good brownies, YU SHENG! and of course, DURIAN PUFFS... Fwaahlao0-eh!! the puffs were gooood! *drool*

Okay, time to drool at the screen now.. Durian puffs... *sllurp*

This here is probably Singapore's best Brownies! It was so damned good. I had to pack some and bring some back with me...*heh heh*

And whats going to Cupcake Momma's house without the cupcakes! Everything!! Wah lau!! So pretty right!!

If you were wondering if I ate any of the food since I'm on my diet? Well, of course I did! Everything! hahaha I'm on a CNY break and I resume tomorrow. So in the meantime, DAMN the extra 2-3kg that I gained just over the few days of CNY.. but it was OH SO GOOD. :)

It was wonderful meeting you in person Joyce! Finally! and to the rest of the mommies who attended too!! :) Big Hugs and Happy Chinese New Year!


Anonymous said...

Great photos! are damn farni lah you.
Love yr blog.
Cheers rosteo

Dutchess said...

I enjoyed meeting you too, Pam! After all this time, it was good to finally see you in person.

And psst.... your photos don't do you justice in real life :D

Edleen said...

Hey Pam!

nice meeting are those Brownies? *wink*

the day was fun and glad to have finally met some of the Ladies we've only known virtually :)

have a Great Week! and Congrats on being Featured!!! woohoo!!!

honeymeow said...

Thanks Edleen!! and how could I miss a chance to meet the Dutchess!! Hahhaha...

The brownies were pretty orgasmic and even the tapau-ed ones, I didn't get to eat because I went to another party and gave it to the host *wails* why was I so generous!! Regret regret hahahahaa... Does anyone know where the brownies were bought from? I need to get them when I break carb next...

In the meantime. I gained 4kg over CNY.. 4KG!!!!!! Wah lau eeeehhhh!! *faint* Time to run. Like. Mad.