Saturday, February 23, 2008

Men's Health: Martial Arts Feature.

Finally, after the long wait and me haunting the news stands daily, we got our hands on the magazine. CJ, my lao gong is in Men's Health March 2008 issue!

He wrote more about it on his blog so I won't need to go into details on this. Better take it firsthand from the person himself right? It was a Martial Art issue and he represented Karate... So cool right! :) This picture looks a little scary but how else is your face supposed to be when you're executing a flying kick!

During the photoshoot, his flying kicks was done so effortlessly that even the creative director and photographer was so impressed and only needed less than 20 minutes to take all the shots! There were SO MANY shots taken but I think this was the most impressive to them as he was literally flying in mid air.

Good Job Dah!! Very nice Mag article! For those who wants to read more details.. go buy Men's Health!..The whole magazine is really good read. REALLY!! $6 dollars nia... hahha... Buy it!

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