Monday, February 11, 2008

Update to the "I got it" post!

TOOT TOOT TOOT!!!! Adding on to this post.

Today is just good news all around!

Firstly, the editor of the magazine CONFIRMED that she's taking on the story today.


Can't say which mag but its a really good one. *Squeal!*

And.. there may be 2 photo shoots instead of just one!... one mid-way shoot to "visually chart" the progress midway, so basically where I am now... and one final one just before the article comes out in June/July.

Fwah lao!! I'm mighty pleased!

And in addition to that, Hayden has confirmed that he's a GO with the dress and photoshoot outfits! *faint*

AND there's more!... I just got off the phone with one of my working partners, Bonafides and now I have a - Face, Nails, Hair and Makeup sponsorship for the photoshoot! *double faint*

Can it get any better? I'm sure it can... and I'm waiting in bated breathe and heart throbbing anticipation... now all I need now is... the editor to tell me her plans... and the writer to start taking down details of this journey...

*screams!!!* Run Pam Run!! *Ok.. I'm DEFINITELY jogging tonight! I've got an additional 4kg from CNY to burn off!!!*

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