Monday, February 18, 2008

A first attempt at Sambal making..

Lying on the kitchen counter was a rather large pack of fresh chili padi that my mom in law bought for CNY.. rather than having it start to rot. I lay claim to it *after asking my momma in law nicely of course to whether I could have it* And started my experiment.

I found some fresh green lime and blended it. Threw in the washed fresh chili and blended that too.. threw in a teaspoon of sugar and looked into the blender.

Something wasn't right and realised. *alamak!!* No balachan.. so I scoured the fridge and viola! I found a small bottle of "Bagoong" which was a similar variant of balachan prawn paste = Filipino style... they use this to eat with egg plant, raw green mangoes or sliced turnip! Nice! Threw in a couple table spoons of that and blended somemore.. heated a little saucepan and dumped the mixture in and stirred over a low heat till the chili was soft and everyone in the house started complaining that I was cooking "armpits"... Success!!

*The hubster was screaming "CHAO *Smelly* AHH!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU COOKING IN THERE!!!!* Hhahahaha... ohhh... Sambal.. ok. (Covering his nose)

And because it was made with chili padi, all you need is a small teaspoon and....

For chili lovers who like that swollen mouth kick - eating sambal chili... mine sure has enough fire power to ensure those voluptuous swollen lips you've always wanted. Hahhaha.... enjoy! Not bad for my first try...

And what best to eat it with.... SAUSAGES!!! I looove sausages!!...Especially BIG Fat ones like these.... Yummm!!! *Drool*

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