Saturday, February 02, 2008

Excuse me, are you an actress?

No, I'm not. I'm not Fann Wong, even though there are several who die die insist that one of my photos look like her. If you're curious, take a look at the facebook photo. Look like meeh??! Please lor! *urgh* And I'm so not Vernetta Lopez either, even though we obviously have some kind of similar looks because we're of the same blood mix! Does the name Lopez sound even vaguely Singaporean? Comparison found here.

Anyway, I've been offered to play a rather major part in a short graduation film called Red Geisha. Lydia, the director for this film aka Eric Khoo's latest production manager is a student at La Salle and is graduating this year with her BA in Film. Apparently though, there is another lady named Charlene that has been shortlisted for this same part too so we would have to run through an audition first.

It appears that I may be suited for a role as a mamasan. Do I even LOOK LIKE a mamasan to you?!?! I asked around and fortunately or unfortunately for me, the general response was actually a Yes... '''-.-

Gee, thanks hor!! *pout*

However, the name has gotten me a little confused though as a Geisha in her true form really isn't a prostitute or even a mamasan. She's an entertainer. *Don't even think about the movie, Memoirs of a Geisha - hell, she becomes a slut in the end anyway, totally emphasising the common misconception that they're prostitutes* Although, I think hazel coloured contact lenses for the shoot would look absolutely crazy good. *ahem, director what do you think?*

Anyway, as a graduating film and not a commercial show or movie, it gives me the opportunity to see if my photogenic-ness can be transferred to videogenic-ness and if I have a smattering of acting talent to show for without the whole country to criticise my every move. Emcee-ing work that I do, don't count ok! That's different!

Her film story sounds interesting and goes a little something like this...

The mamasan is obsessed with collecting dolls and replicates them to her prostitutes. What she doesn't know is that her latest addition to the brothel is a collector herself. So little does the mamasan know is that she would change from a collector to being in someone else's collection.

The brothel crumbles when there is another plot to take over the brothel by one of her prostitutes...
and how the ending goes.. I'm not quite sure at the moment but thats how it starts.

I was offered a small allowance.. *ahem Lydia.. its really small leh.. *cough cough must up it a little lah* to cover the 3 day shoot in April along with being dressed with customised cheongsams and robes. Accessories, makeup and hair included I assume too right Lydia? Its all about the look after all...

She did say that "I'd look Fantabulous with the cheongsams and robes" which I guess with good makeup, I might actually be able to pass off as a doll-like Mamasan? *trying to imagine.... well anyway if all goes well, by April, I'd be a hell of alot smaller in size than I am now, which would be a good thing esp. if going on screen "adds 10 pounds" to your look like they say.

While deciding if I wanted to take it up, we hit upon a little snag, there was a scene that is a little risque and I'm not quite sure if I want to do it. Its not a case IF I can do it, hell hahaha of course I could. But do I WANT to? WE need to ensure that its going to be done in good taste.

Unfortunately, its the opening scene and it involves quite abit of dim red lights, a lush bed, saucy red hot lingerie and a young man leaning over ........ me. *cough cough - Lydia... are you sponsoring the red lingerie because I don't really have one like that*

*faints* I looked over at CJ and asked him what he thought and to my surprise, he just shrugged and said "why not?"

I couldn't believe he was so non-chalant over the prospect of me in a state of semi undress with a stranger in a bed thats not mine, even though it was just a short film.

Be professional. But OF COURSE! But still! My mind ran amok in confusion. Huh? Am I talking to the CJ that I know? The person that abhors even the mention of my ex boyfriend's names. Why aren't you affected by the prospect of me doing something like that? Hell, I would give an almost immediate cry of defiance and scream "No way!! THIS MAN IS MINE AND MINE ALONE" Or is it just me? The thought nagged at me the whole day and I was feeling a little upset at the open-ness he was giving me.

That night, I asked if he would be accompanying me to the shoot which he replied "Yes of course! Don't worry, at most - the shoot will have to extend a little longer because if I see that young man try to be funny, I'll strangle him and they'll have to wait till he revives to shoot the scene again" and held me close. *Hai... this man sometimes makes me so confused and bubbly inside all at the same time.*

I asked again, "you're ok with me taking the role?" "No issues".... mumbled the man. So I guess, with his support *still looking at him suspiciously* and for the experience which I think would be interesting.

Heck, I'll do it.
*just do something about that allowance first? and can I have a copy of ur grad. film when its all done?*

La Salle judges, prepare some tissues for some drool. Lady in red coming to your way this graduation season and I hope with fingers crossed that Lydia gets a distinction all the way to the stars.... *twinkle twinkle twinkle*....

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