Thursday, January 31, 2008

I love Gulay! *Vegetables!*

I'm rojak. For those who didn't know, I'm a mixed breed. My dad is a Singaporean Baba Chinese Dude and my mom is a Spanish Filipina babe.. hehehe.. so thus. Rojak.

Back in the 'pines, me and my sisters are the senoritas who are "mestiza" *mixed* and my mom the senora.. *aka the lady boss*

*I can hear some people now going "ooohhhh no wonder she looks like that"*

And so when I came across this Knorrs tagalog commercial over youtube, I shared it with my girls and the tune was so catchy that now we hum this together on the way to school in the mornings. Even my nephew Gareth likes watching it and he's 100% chinese.

I LOVE commercials with a song or jingle. They're not easy to create ok!

If you have a Fili. maid, show this to her! She'd love it and hey, I'm sure you could do with her humming a cheerful tune while cooking too eh!

Enjoy. Even if you don't understand it... *ahhh... reminds me of mommy back in the 'pines* Time to send her an sms to say Hi... *muse*

I love Gulay! Gulay = Vegetables! Buhay = Life.


karlsfoodie said...

ahh no wonder u looks so pretty babe!!!!

honeymeow said...

Fwah Lao... u flatter me too much lah. :) *embarassed*