Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Chin People

What do you do when you play with little girls? Act silly, lie with your head off the bed and pretend to be the Chin people! Thats Eirian up there and Lauren down here!

This always gets alot of laughs all around and we all take turns to sing a song.

All you need are a couple of simple things and you're ready to go!!

1. An eyeliner pencil. *For the eyes*
2. A thin blanket *To cover up the nose*
3. Some makeup remover *To remove the eyes when done*
4. A camera *To take the fun!*

The first one was Lauren singing Twinkle Twinkle to a very amused sister. And the 2nd one is Eirian and her rendition of Sing a song of Sixpence...*I love how she kept on pausing to think of the words, make it so *tooot!* hahahha.... Enjoy these videos but turn ur head to the left side to view it to get the full effect.. I still haven't figured out how to turn the video around.
Chin people! Here we come!!

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