Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cupcake Monster

Oh so beautiful Christmas tree cupcakes....*ahem... my photo taking skill not bad eh! hahahah* that I ordered for Christmas parties from Cupcake Momma... It was such a hit EVERYWHERE we brought it to...

It was only ONE of many as seen below... (image here taken from cupcake momma's website - didn't have time to take the ones we had because they were snapped up so quickly!)

Trish, owner of Cupcake momma is so amazingly talented and the cupcakes are just breathless... I'm always amazed each time I order from her and boy.. have we ordered from her.. again and again... :)

... always greatly appreciated by Eirian the Cupcake Monster... yummy!!


kaze said...


I wanna order from cupcake momma and i have already emailed them...however havent heard from them yet :(
How did you order from them?

The cupcakes look so lovely! I just cant wait to get my hands on them XD

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi! I emailed them too! They're really popular so I guess you've either got to wait for a reply or if there's a number then call them?

Kaze said...

Hi Hi
Got their reply! And I managed to get my order in time! so happy!
Woah..most excited to learn abt yr weight loss journey!
Wanna learn from u XD