Sunday, January 27, 2008

Caffelicious at Carrefour

Ok... so I forgot to take a picture of my cappucinno when it was still full. Hahah.. so I settled for taking it once I finished it all. And finished it, I did. It was really good.

I like shopping at Carrefour. But after a while, the walking gets tiring and the throat starts to parch. We strolled towards the bread section only to be stopped by a man hollaring, Coffee! Coffee!! ... Coffee sounded good at that time so we sat down and gave him free rein to serve us what he thought was good.

Cappuccino? Yes please and 2 servings were churned out for our afternoon pleasure.
We were pleased to note a very well fluffed and tasty foam on our coffee, just the way a cappuccino should be. Mmmmmmm....

Right beside us was Bengawan Solo and we were encouraged to purchase some "kuih kuihs" which we did... *btw this was still in November- Carb break so Kuihs were not off limits, incase you were wondering* so we had a couple of gooey kuihs, a great cup of coffee and a pretty entertaining "host" in our barista too! What a pleasant afternoon!

They have all kinds of coffee there and they're cheap too! (Compared to Starbucks or Coffeebean lah!) Good for a caffeine kick in the middle of shopping.

We spent at least 45 minutes there just people watching, eating our kuihs and talking to our barista who, we found was named Gabriel.

It was a nice cosy corner and when I shyly asked if we could take a photo behind the counter, he was more than pleased to pose too and show me a little around the coffee making equipment... oooohhh....

So next time you're at Carrefour at Suntec and have a caffeine craving, pop by and look for Gabriel, grab some kuihs, revel in the aromas of the bakery next door and enjoy your day.
We'll be back soon Gabriel... soon. :)

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