Saturday, January 26, 2008

My 2 Flont Teeef

It finally happened. Lauren dropped her first tooth in January 2008 at 7 years old. She's turning 8 this year. It was her first baby tooth that erupted too so it makes sense that it was the first to drop. It was loose for quite some time now and finally one evening, armed with tissue paper, I plucked her first tooth.

Without a struggle and with us chanting "Boh Gey Boh Gey Jiak Tau Gey!" *no teeth no teeth eat bean spouts* . We happily gave her a cotton wrap to bite and add pressure to the bleeding gum and officially pronounced her a big girl now. *proud moment*

We announced that we would need to stand at the window that evening and sing a song and chant a special rhyme to let the Tooth Fairy know that there's a brand new tooth to collect and reward!

Lauren was puzzled and in this high tech world, she gave us a doubtful look and said "sing at the window can already meh?" Soooo... we said "nah thats not all! We also have to send her an email just in case! toothfairy@be***w****.com to let her know also" And with that, she was satisfied.

The next evening, She packed her little tooth in a little plastic bag and wrote a little note to the fairy and tied it inside with a string and put it under her pillow.

It said:
" Lauren tooh is kids tooh.
It came out.
To Fair Tooh

We then bought 3 shiny pink pencils and tied it together with a pink rubber band and exchanged it under her pillow around midnight while she was sleeping.

She woke up the next day very pleased at her new exchange and asked me if I saw the tooth fairy bring her tooth away. "But of course! Mommy can see all kinds of magical creatures..." Just don't go shaking all ur teeth so that u can more stuff ok!!!" I replied.. a little alarmed that she really might think her teeth is the new currency for little treats. So now, my elder daughter is Boh Gey *toothless*. With one more right next to it loosening up in the weeks to come. *itchy fingers trying to loosen it more* Smile!!

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