Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Secret to Tofu Skin....

Apart from washing my face with face wash every day, here's the secret to tofu smooth, zit free skin. No more big ass pimples bursting out from the weirdest places once you know what a pimple actually is and how to kill it. It is after all, an inflammation and by disinfecting it and keeping the area clean.. they disappear with a snap of the fingers.

The secret is....

Listerine. No kidding.

Just soak a cotton bud undiluted and dab the liquid directly on the pimple after u wash your face, perhaps twice a day or 3 times if the zit is red, big and hot and u'll see it deswell and dissappear really quick and doesn't leave a mark!! But of course itchy fingers like me would squeeze all the pus out first before I attempt this. *not recommended bc it gives u big pores*
I've turned many a disbeliever to this method and I know it works for me. But like what Moley said, it may work for my skin and hers too. She calls her skin - smooth like Chwee Kuay because of it... BUT it may not be suitable for yours so please.. test test first.. and if u end up looking like Igor.. errr... then u should not continue this treatment. :) Any how ... no harm trying if you don't have ultra sensitive skin... :)

Ahh... zit today! Gone tomorrow!


Fitness | Design Jurulatih said...

Wow! Really? sounds too good to be true though. Is there a preference on which type of Listerine works best?

honeymeow said...

Hi Jurulatih,

No preference, I just use whichever "flavour" is available.

And welcome to my blog! :)