Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gareth @ Chinatown

CNY is approaching and Chinatown is filled with much to see of things that represent all things about the upcoming Spring Celebrations. From a magnitude of food, cookies, jellies to all kinds of outfits in silky soft chinese silk.
We went around indulging in the sights and soaking in the atmosphere and of course couldn't resist rubbing the tummy of this dude.... "Fa! Fa! Fa!!" Money come! Money come! heheheh

So after some serious CNY shopping along Chinatown, we settled at MacDonalds so that Kim Kim aka me could grab some coke light and he grab some milk and nuggets. I like this shot because it looks slightly distorted and *toot* and makes his cheeks sooooo grabbable! *mmmmm nyeng nyeng* Nyeng Nyeng = his version of Kim Kim.. why it doesn't sound the same.. I dunno. -.-''

Then off to more CNY shopping!! ~CNY music playing in the background......Gong Xi Gong Xi~ Bye! *can u smell that? Chao Dah (burnt) smell? Oh! Don't worry, thats JUST MY POCKETS BURNING.... -.-''.... wails...CNY is expensive. Phew~*

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