Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Real Glam Ride...

Just 2 days ago when I was down at Chinatown again doing some early CNY shopping with the hubs and my in laws.. we came across the most Glam Ride ever... Have u seen a trishaw so pretty?!?
I was so amused that I immediately whipped out my camera and stepped right in front of this trishaw and squealed "Stopp!! Take picture?!"
I was enthralled at how much intricate details he created on his trishaw! Rhinestones EVERYWHERE... feather boas, cushy cushions, a masquerade mask, FURRY PINK SEAT and even carpeted "grass" for your feet! And Butterflies!! Everywhere!!! Sooo nice!!! Even behind can! What a nice entrance this will make if u can get him to ferry u to a dinner date that needs a roadside entrance... Wahhh!!!

Its ever so Glam! He graciously obliged to the photo and then offered to take me up and down the street for SGD$2!... hahha I didn't take the ride but I should have and pretended to put on some giant sunnies and pretended to be "someone". Paiseh lah.. but if the hubster jeered me on to do so, I would have embarassingly sat into it and silently enjoyed it too! Hahahaha maybe I'll bring my girls down one of these days for this "Glam" ride along Chinatown.. and I know they'd be thrilled and ... *ahem* me too..

Short of a horse and carriage in Singapore, a uncle ridden trishaw will do but oh! so glam! I like!

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