Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Aver!

On the 16th of December, Little Averlyn had her 1st birthday! Wendy, her mommy aka Arkerchi aka Honey Pudding had graciously invited us to a lovely time at her parent's place over at MacPherson.

Averlyn was dressed in a handmade dress made with love by none other than Wendy herself.. a little satin smocked dress that made her look just like a sugarplum fairy!!

We arrived early and plodded about amused with little containers of sweets which lay about ready for the picking... yummm... slowly but surely guests streamed in and the buffet arrived..FOOODDD!! Thats what a party is all about... kua kua greedy me... hehehe...

*whipping out my camera*... pictures!! I like taking pictures of food. But not before we take one of ourselves first! Heheheh... "Come on Lauren! Take a picture with mommy!" **Camera click**
"Heeyy!! Daddy also put his face in the picture!!!" pouts Lauren..

I turn the camera over to review the photograph and swished an evil eye to the other side of the sofa "weeiii!!! *kbish CJ* like that also u want....cheh~"

Anyway... Armed with my paper plate.. Attaaackkk!!!

Oohhh Chicken Wings! My favourite.. and an Atkins staple.. Attaaackkk!! *as u can see the ugly Singaporean rearing its ugly buffet head in me... *

Hmm... Siew Mai.. Meat= good... skin of flour... *hmn... considering...* ok Attaccckk also.. hehe Damn it! I'm on a carb holiday for goodness sake, can eat flour... whooooo... I like siew mai.

Rice?... erm. No thanks.. carb holiday doesn't mean I go on an excessive carbohydrate binge.. rice is just empty carbs. Pass!! But does look good though.. I'm sure the kids loved this.

Yew Char Kuay!!! ok.. I admit.. I had one.. Crispy Yew Char Kuay lehhh!! Who doesn't like this!
Samosa... ok... filled with curried potato.. a completely carb dish.. I had one just because I felt like it but I won't recommend wacking too many of these.. it goes right to the hips!
Otak! I love otak too! Chili one please! Heheh... *drools*
An All time Perennial Favourite... Feeeeeshhh balls!! I wonder how many male fishes had to die just for this.. hHAHAHA kidding. Everyone loves fishballs.. right?

And Fwwah!! Home made vegetable curry! Shiok!!! Picking out the tau pok and avoiding the long beans... *carbo lah!* If I have to eat something carb on my carb holiday, must make it worth it!

Bak Chang aka Meat Dumplings! These WERE SO GOOD. Ok.. I know.. its Rice. BUT WAH LAU EH... I LOOOOVE Bak Chang. Esp Nonya Changs...Tau Sar Changs... Chang Chang me!!
And wacking all that food... there was a chin chow *grass jelly* and longan dessert... very refreshing and very yummy too. I like longan! And we washed it all down with coke light *wahhh!! very considerate of them to consider our drinking choices! We only drink coke light and we had 2 cans just for ourselves. Yuum!! Coke Light is good.. and zero carb!
After all that eating, the girls ran off to play with the other children there and left us adults to our own devices.. CJ got into a talk about going on a carb free lifestyle with Kenny's best friend (K = Wendy's Hubby which *ahem* btw already lost about 9kg over the past 2 months going carb free too! Soo proud of him!) while I pottered around the house, peeking at the cupcakes that Wendy baked and taking photos of their guests with their camera.. I like her new camera! Has anti shake; something I don't have... *grumble*

Then its picture time! How can I leave without taking a picture with the birthday girl!! Say Cheese!!! *grin*
And of course, my girls have to take one with her too!
And then ... a group family photo with the Sims *ourselves lah!* and the Tans. in front of the display of purple swirly cupcakes with gummy bears that Wendy baked..*Smile everyone!!*

And of course Eirian was her biggest cupcake fan ever.. she had 4 cupcakes when she was there... asking shyly "Uncle Kenny, can I have another one? and another? and another?". She was so caked out and then she happily hoppped out of the kitchen with ANOTHER 4 MORE.. *faint* tapau-ed in a little container to bring home. And ate them all HERSELF once she reached home... how can 8 cupcakes fit into such a little body? *wonders*
And this is a sign of a party.. a smattering of shoes EVERYWHERE.. now where's my slippers..... Eeenie, meenie, miney, MOE! Thanks for the invite Wendy and Happy Birthday Aver! Once more... :)

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