Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eric Khoo's Wrap Up Party

Pree aka Jane Doe invited me out one evening to Eric Khoo's wrap up party for an upcoming local movie called "My Magic". You can check out more details on this upcoming movie here.

You may be wondering what a wrap up party is? Well its not where we all go get wrapped up, its more to celebrate the competion of the shooting of the film.. hence; wrap up.

She acted in it as the "young wife" in the movie and even though its a small part. Its a part nonetheless! I'm so proud of her! So of course, I was pleased to attend the gathering with her.

It was a rather sit down affair with around 4 tables filled with personal friends, cast and production crew of the movie. I guess I was the only outsider there! But of course, no blushing from me! I love going to things like this.. hehehe... I didn't get a shot with Eric himself as he was playing host to almost everyone there so I've taken a shot of him here from a friendly lady named Lydia. She blogs here and I tell u, she has such amazing eyes.
She was his production manager! Kudos to that for working on an opportunity like this at such a young age! Impressive. Maybe next time, she might consider recommending me for a casting for an upcoming movie too? *Hint Hint Lydia!! Hahah I have no shame... hehehe*

So of course there was food! I love hotel pastries but I couldn't eat them of course so I stopped Pree from eating hers above till I finished taking pictures of it. *Droollss* Strawberry tarts look super delicious....

And Pppffffftt! Here's Pree's plate.. she eats so little lah and she couldn't even finish THIS plate...
I attacked the fruits and when I went back, CJ went "OMG! U had Kiwi!!! CARBS LAH U" *smacks my forehead* Damn... :( Mistake. *wails*

There were alot of other food there and the spread was not all that bad, nasi lemak and other carb filled dishes. I tried to take what I could but I still had to eat my crystal prawn har-gao WITHOUT the skin... attempting to eat my siew-mai with minimal skin and everything else... *chomp chomp chomp!*.... yummy...

So the main actor was actually Francis aka Bosco the magician aka Singapore's original fire eater. With our table encouraging him to share some magic tricks to entertain us for the night, he conceded and showed us a little one that had everyone go, oooooohhhh....
It wasn't magic, it was more of understanding physics and equilibrium. He attached a fork and spoon together, placed a toothpick in one of the fork's tooth and balanced the little "invention" off a rim of a glass... It looked pretty amazing and immediately everyone said "lets try" and try we did... a little less than 10 mins later and a few forks and spoons crashing onto the table... we did it.. heheh * I did it on my first try!! not bad eh!*
Soon enough, the whole table was filled with floating forks and spoons, much to our amazement and we had to bring Francis back to show him how proud we were to achieve it hahaha.. next time, when I'm bored at wedding dinners.. I know what to do!

And of course, only Eric Khoo could be the only one who can actually bring HIS DOGGIE into the hotel and allow it to frolick around with all the girls going goo goo gaa gaa over its furry little body...

Thanks for the invite Jane Doe... :)
It was a pleasant evening at the Goodwood Park Hotel.

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