Monday, January 07, 2008

Where do you go?

This is one of my favourite songs that never fails to get my head bopping, shoulders swaying to the beat and put that little grin on my face. The hubster and I love this song and the latin guitar in it is just SO APPEALING. How can you NOT like latin guitar!!! *gawk*

It must be the spanish blood in me that just draws me to latin/spanish/salsa type of songs. When I youtubed for this video after listening and dancing to this song FOR YEARS NOW, I never really bothered to really check out who No Mercy was and boy was I suprised...

HolyMommaofGod, he *main singer* is hot! And I squealed like a school girl when I saw the music video come on and the hubster gave me the "green evil eye" and a very loud "HHMMMFF!" and those other 2... they're TWINS! whahaha.. *awww, he's jealous... does that means he still loves me like crazy? hehehee*

For starters, thats just the type of built that I looove... broad strong shoulders, strong arms, big body and legs, big hands, not too tall... "tua jia tua jia" *big built* kinda guy... just like ma hubby... *siiigh dreamily... wipe drool*

And I'm a boxers girl so wah lau eh!! Put a guy like that who can sing, on a bed, IN BOXERS and a guitar stumming a good latin tune... WAH LAU ... *breathing hard, trying hard not to hyperventilate & fall off my chair*

May not be everyone's cup of tea but this is certainly mine... bwuhahahaa... *smirk*

Enjoy.. because I am... whooooooo.......

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