Saturday, July 25, 2009

24hr SG Blogathon July O9 - Tangs/Lenovo/Intel *VIDEO INTENSIVE*

On the 17th of July, the Ogilvy team.. same lovely peeps who came up with the SOYJOY GI Challenge came together with 10 bloggers, CK Tangs, Intel and Lenovo and did a 24 hour Blogger Challenge.

Location? The display windows of CK Tangs at Orchard Road. Task? For these 10 bloggers to last the 24 hours without sleeping, fulfill blogging tasks within the time period and garner public support in terms of onsite votes to see who would be the people's choice and judges choice in terms of who gained the most online comments with their blogging post tasks.

There were many involved but I was there mainly for Claudia, Nadia, Jayden and DK. I am not familiar with the rest so I was definitely rooting for these 4 to come up with something and to witness Singapore's first Blogathon in Action! *excited!*

Luckily for me, it started on Friday - where I also run ZumFit classes at Orchard so before classes started for me, I popped by to say hi to my blogger pals.

In the first hour, each participating blogger was allowed to bring in a friend or fellow blogger to accompany them as they get accustomed to their area and being in the window with so many onlookers. Diana took the first picture *up there* while she was inside the display case looking down at me.. and I must say.. I was looking MIGHTY happy to see them there...

With that, I said Hi to Diana @ molemole who accompanied Claudia in her first hour. And who did I meet outside? Hisham!! Even with his gout pains, he still made it down to support the group in their challenge! Go go Bloggers! We support you guys all the way!!

I then went to check out Nadia and Jayden in their window. Each pair got to swap and move to a different window display every 6 hours and with 4 different windows to experience.. each of them surely had their share of ups and downs with each setup. Nadia invited Muz to be her first hour partner!! Hi Muz!!

The challenge started on Friday, 17th of July at 6pm and it ended on Saturday, 18th of July at 6pm. After giving my greetings, I went off to class and returned once it was done to check up on the gang to see how they were doing! So far so good! They were being given their dinners which they got to order from the Tangs Island Cafe.

Nadia doing well so far.. still chirpy.. still alert and happy too!

Claudia.. also still getting used to her window display and in the midst of dinner...

Guess who came by to say Hi too! Mr. Miyagi aka Benjamin Lee with his uber cute BABY!! Hi Baby!!! *wave wave*

Every 2 hours, they were allowed a 10 minutes toilet break and Tania aka @unfluff / Twitter walked about with her Toilet break sign to alert the bloggers of their impending 10 minutes of "relief".

Throughout the event, there was constant communication between the bloggers and the public through twitter. Friends, family and new online peeps "spoke" through twitter online, through their phones and many of the public watched as several live - twitter screens showed the conversations as it flowed throughout the 24 hours. On twitter.. everything was found under #bthon.

Many of us relished in taunting the bloggers with ice-cream as we stood outside the windows to oogle at them. We took photos of them from the outside and they took photos of us from the inside... and with that I left them for the evening to go home, "talk" to them through twitter and watch them through the live video feed that they set up to watch them online.

The next morning, they had a Twitter Retweet contest at 1015am. The first 20 Retweeters who tweeted the special message from 1015am-1030am and made their way down to Tangs to verify their Retweet and contact details would have won a $50 Tangs Voucher.

Nadia reminded me before I went to bed to be up on time and I literally JUMPED UP FROM BED AT 1015AM exactly the next morning. Absolutely gave me a headache jumping up so abruptly and running to my computer like a mad woman! "Retweet!! retweet!!" I screamed.. MAKE WAAAY!!!... *thumping my floor running like a clumsy elephant*

I rushed to my computer, turned it on and logged on only to see that the RT-Retweet Message was only released 2 minutes prior. I Retweeted and prayed that I had it in the bag. I woke my girls and then went to wash up.

I had to run my girls through a little breakfast routine and to wash them up and kept on screaming on twitter to HOLD MY VOUCHER!! slowly but surely people made their way down to Tangs to claim their voucher and by the time I could get my girls ready and run out the door, it was down to 6 pcs left!! OMG!!! *Grab a cab - who went by a LONGER WAY!! Damnnitt!!*

On the way there, I said to my girls... "if we reach there and we get the voucher.. You both can have it, $25 each and get something nice." Our taxi stopped and we ran out squealing to the Tangs front entrance with our arms in the air.. "Did we get it?!" Yes we did!! *cheers!*

Lauren did a little happy dance right there and Eirian jumped up and down.. Whooot!!
The funny part there as that a couple of minutes later.. Lauren's slippers BROKE APART. Literally fell apart in several sides. So she used her budget to buy new red Ipanema designer slippers.. and a small purple CareBear while Eirian used her budget to buy a brand new Disney Princess school bag!

We "caught" DK doing a snore on the sofa.. *snigger*... we were hoping to catch at least ONE of the bloggers who would doze off but none did throughout the Blogathon.. perhaps next time it should be 48 hours.. then there would REALLY be some snoring somewhere. It would really be quite unbearable for 48 hours and that would REALLY be a challenge indeed.

What do you get when you put a new Coffee Maker with DK for 6 hours? A Coffeemachine Demonstration Salesman!

The guys over at a new window in their last 6 hour stint.. by this time, they have already been in there for more than 18 hours... rotated against 3 other window displays and have done several blogging tasks throughout the night.

Eirian was happy to be there too!

And my happy girls who got to use their $50 Tangs voucher that their Mommy so unglamourously won for them in the morning... *pffft*...

DK got a little mental by the last 6 hours and started doing his Michael Jackson Impersonations with his hat in the window.

And he decided to be a frozen mannequin for some time and we signed to him.. "YOU CAN'T BLINK!!" and he didn't! wahahah Hilarious... he stood there for a while.. frozen and not moving.

Nadia had a whale of a time with the Khiels Boys who went around to the different windows and to the public to promote Khiels products and to motivate the Bloggers to keep on going...

And who did I meet there but @brokenshardz aka Robert Sim.. this is the guy who people mistaken for my husband online for as they share exactly the same name. Hahaha!

My dear friend, Joe Augustin was engaged to be there on both days to emcee the event and at 4pm on the 2nd day.. there was a scheduled talk in the biggest window display where all the bloggers got together along with some public crowd to have a "talk".

All 10 bloggers in one window.

DK doing a studious compulsive geek on his laptop.. must blog.. must blog... *nervous twitch*... must blog. *twitch twitch*

And Nadia & Jayden.. really quite tired by the time evening came around... almost coming to a close!! and at 6pm.. everything came to a close... and at 630pm... the results were announced.

Nadia won the public's choice with 61 onsite votes! Congratulations! This girl has been on a blogger winning spree all month!! Insane!! Wahaha!!

And Nicholas won the Judges choice with the most points via online comments through the blogging challenge in the 24 hours. Congratulations too! And thats it! 24 hours, 10 bloggers, 4 Tangs display windows, Prizes galore, Public, Friends and 2 Big Winners...

Imedeen After 90 Days...

On April 19th 09, I was invited over to the Imedeen Beautique at Takashimaya for an Imedeen event where several other female bloggers and myself were selected to give Imedeen a go for 3 months. Details about that can be found HERE.

3 months later on the 18th of July 09,
we went back for an update, to do another dema-scan to see the condition of our skin and if it has improved from our initial scan.

My results came out quite obvious *Don't know why I look so pale & fair in this picture though - perhaps it was the lighting. I don't use face powder but why do I look like I'm glowing* anyway... I can feel the difference too! Results were not obvious in the first month so thus they say you have to do a 90 day cycle to really see results and results I did see!

If scientific proof was necessary, my scan *left* was my previous one in April.. the red specs showing the amount of collagen and moisture I had in my skin. Pretty bad! And my scan *right* was what I did last week! Alot of difference eh?

Overall, I began to notice significant differences once the second month came about.. I forgot about my nightly moisturiser one evening and a couple of days after too but realised at the end of that week that I didn't even need my nightly moisturiser anymore!

My forehead cleared up TREMENDOUSLY! It has been clear n smooth without much of a breakout since I've started the Imedeen cycle! Elbows, knees and heels also have soften... my general appearance of skin on my arms & legs also have taken on a different kind of texture.. somewhat of a slightly more velvety feel...

I don't see much against the crows feet or wrinkles that I have but my face doesn't feel tight and stretched or even overly oily. Generally feels quite balanced. And the best part was this realisation which came to me one night when my girlfriend Shelly highlighted it to me... *Okay.. so girl talk here... *

I mentioned that my boobs seemed to look a little more perkier lately and was wondering if it was the chest/shoulder exercises that I have been doing that helped to pump up the muscle in the area to make it so. And she mentioned that maybe it could be the effects of the collagen that Imedeen helped to boost my skin tone.. and as women who have had children, been pregnant, breastfed or just of old age with big breasts like me - Saggy boobs are definitely a concern.

Those few millimetres of lift can make such a difference between a sad looking chest and a perky and cheerful looking one... so with that realisation.. it was all so worth it just for this reason alone.

With this checkup... Maureen Law, lady boss of Imedeen, graciously provided us with another 1 month supply of Imedeen and I will continue this till it is completed. I will really miss taking Imedeen seeing the kind of results that it has shown so far and perhaps I would consider it personally to make it a regular & worthwhile investment for my skin once this is cycle is over in August.

Box below is the new International Packaging for the Radiant Complexion range for Imedeen. Imedeen - Beautiful Skin Begins Within. Thank you Imedeen!

The Marmalade Pantry w/ Ogilvy & SOYJOY

The day after the SOYJOY awards night, SOYJOY's boss - Ricky Suhendar and the Ogilvy peeps set out to give a dinner treat to the blogging contestants and for everyone to mingle and get to know each other more since we haven't exactly gotten to know each other while doing the contest and pitted against each other.

However that evening, I was due to conduct one of my AquaFit classes so instead of joining everyone for dinner, I grabbed a cab *as seen in picture above* and met up with the Ogilvy gang and Ricky for lunch instead! We met at The Marmalade Pantry over at Palais Rennaissance.

It was a pleasant meeting with conversation flowing easily and the food was pretty amazing too! I've heard so much about The Marmalade Pantry and now I see why it has been raved so much about! I'm definitely going back! I'm still fantasising about my Warm Spinach, Roast Onion salad with Bacon, Fried Mozzarella Cubes, Pine nuts, Poached egg with Added Chicken. (Chicken - Special Order of course!)... and my "Daniel" smoothie - Banana Orange SoyMilk Natural Yoghurt & Wheat Germ... both were SO DAMN good... *drools*

It was great getting to know each other more and sadly, it was sad that I had to miss the dinner with the rest of the bloggers and the rest of the team. Thank you once again for the lovely lunch! I enjoyed that tremendously.. I'm so going back soon!! Marmalade Pantry! Here I come!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

SOYJOY Awards Night

On Wednesday 15th of July, I attended the SOYJOY GI Challenge Awards night with the hubster, CJ (not in picture but he kindly took alot of pictures for me that night!). It was held at House @ Dempsey. Those that came to join me for the evening was my bestgal friend, Kay. (Above) and my favourite online galpal, Priscilla.

The evening was filled with a buffet dinner that was really not all that bad, I liked it. Along with a talk by another nutritionist about Low GI and then the announcement of the winners.

Nadia won by public choice by getting the highest number of votes on the website during this campaign. Challenge #4 was won by Ivy with her cartoon drawing video. And thus the overall Judges choice with the highest points was Eunice.

Both Nadia and Eunice will be going to Japan this week from the 24th - 29th of July 09! Have fun girls! Soak it all in because if we won, we would have done so thoroughly ourselves. :)

In all honesty, am I disappointed? OF COURSE I AM! But life goes on and more opportunities will come again... and it would be great if you, my dear friends & readers continue to read me and share in my life as you have been doing so the past couple of years... :)

A picture with Nadia... and a picture with Rayner.. who knows.. this guy came out from the shadows as an Anonymous blogger.. whos' face was so secret. No one knew how he looked like unless they met him in person. He revealed himself in this contest so perhaps now that this has ended.. he may go back to being "faceless" again... will you Rayner?

And the girls who came to root for me in the evening.. Kay and Priscilla... *hugs*

Many many pictures taken together of course... Kay and me... and Priscilla and me...

And whats a blogger event without even MORE bloggers!!... Diana aka molemole came too... and I grabbed Ivy when she turned up to take some pictures together too! Who knows when I'll be seeing you again, Ivy? Right? .... our paths will cross again I'm sure... :) Thats me in my "Mamasan & girls" pose again... *facepalm* Apparently, if I take a shot standing in the middle now.. I am "the MAMASAN..."....

Pictures with Diana, DK, Mus and Jerrick! I'm sure you know these people! Its like the whos who in the blogosphere right now too!

And Lennard came with Suzane to say Hi and lend his support too! He's so sweet lah!! And DAMN!! why does my HEAD look SO BIG!!! ..... *grumble*

And the night would not have been complete if I didn't have a picture with one of the SOYJOY bosses, Pak Suhendar and SJ Marketing Manager collegue... (I'm so sorry.. forgot your name...*blush - paiseh paiseh*)

The hubster took this picture and there was a shot before this which had us standing side by side and he exclaimed "WHY SO FAR AH!! closer!! Stand nearer & hold each other!!".... (okay.. coming from my hubster... strange lor! -.-'')... so here you have it... the next picture... all arms interlocked & amused.

And once the winners were announced, they were presented with giant bolster size SOYJOY bars as their "trophy" - behind these pillows had the words SOYJOY GI JOY CHALLENGE - NAME OF WINNER plus an envelope with their travel itineries for Japan.

Rayner, myself and Ivy had arm rest sized mini pillows and vouchers. For a while, we took various group shots with our pillows for the media - namely Berita Harian.. and for other photographers present.

And a final group shot together with the SOYJOY banner before we left for the evening... :)

Thank you Otsuka and Thank you Ogilvy - Parita, Brian and Pat and the rest of the Ogilvy PR gang for the opportunity to participate in this challenge.

I have learnt so much, gotten to know interesting people and made new friends too so this experience has been priceless. Thank you.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Teaser to SOYJOY Awards Night

No, I didn't win. Nadia and Eunice won! However Rayner, Ivy and myself were pleased to have participated. Thank you so much for your support! Keep on reading.. Pictures of the SOYJOY Awards night coming up after this so look out for it! *running out to instruct tonight*...

In the meantime! Darn it! I can't help but feel like this picture of me looks like I'm one of those event girls that were hired to give out free samples.... -.-''... looks like it right? ... Pffft.... more to come.. :) Book mark or RSS me if you haven't already done so!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Drowning in Laksa...

Todays dinner marks the end of the carb binge that I was in for the past 8 days since my birthday last week. Today was Laksa day!

Complete with chicken slices, bean sprouts, chili fish balls, fried fishcake, tau pok, fresh prawns, and spicy otak swimming in laksa rice noodles and a lovely hot concoction of Prima Laksa sauce and sambal... *burps*

Thats it.. time to detox! Bye bye high carbs! Time to lean out and work off the extra food weight piled on this past week and aim towards 60kg... and then see if I want to move down to 55kg when I'm there. :) *pat tummy*

Saturday, July 11, 2009

TV Commercials & Birthday Lunches...

This post moves from the end of the week to the start of the week... it was week filled with carbs and carbs and more carbs!

My very lovely, talent agent called me up on Wednesday night to cast me for an upcoming commercial which I filmed with Michelle Chong and some of the cast yesterday. Client name undisclosed till the commercial airs - which is soon so look out for it.

The call time was at 7am. Wah lau! So early lah! I was out of the house by 610am and hit the makeup department before 7am where they fluffed so much powder on me, I was practically glowing powder.. -.-''

Then it was off to wardrobe where I was fitted with "office wear" as you can see here. It was more like a jacket than a blouse actually. You would be seeing me in 2 outfits during the commercial. Both outfits were baggy so I'm just crossing my fingers that I don't look 6 months pregnant on tv.

Then it was off to a birthday lunch treat with my best galfriend, Kay at The Rice Table Kitchen at International Building. I love the indonesian buffet there (costs about $18 for the buffet + $4 for a refillable juice drink) and since it was carb week... BWUAUAHAHAHA... rice rice rice n more rice... *burp* (Waddling out really looking 6 months pregnant)

Earlier in the week, I had another birthday treat from Serene, a really sweet friend, blog reader, face booker and dance mate at the gym. She brought me to Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant at Takashimaya for some La Mian, Xiao Long Bao dumplings and dessert! *slurps*

Carbs!!! *screams - thud*... but my noodles tasted pretty good. It would have been better if it was SPICIER though... and my red bean ice-cream dessert! Very nice! Talk about immediate AFS! AFS = After Food Syndrome where you want to fall right asleep after eating a heavy carb filled meal... *burps...damn it! I keep on burping!*

And moving further up earlier in the week last Sunday... my brother in law and mom in law decided to make a homemade Nasi Lemak combination. Fried Luncheon meat, Fried Hotdogs, Fried Sunny side up eggs, Sambal Prawns, Assam Sotong *squid*, Woh Hup sweet Sambal, Home Roasted Peanuts & Ikan Bilis and of course.. Chicken Wings!!

All these topped a huge pot of Lemak *Coconut* rice. *faints* ... so full... and to top of this sinful week of carb loading?... Tomorrow we will be making Laksa... *squeal & hop around*... from Monday.. it will be detox and low carb for the next 3 months again... unless of course, I get the chance to go to Japan on the 24th? We'll know the results of that SOYJOY challenge on Wednesday, 15th July so watch this space to find out who wins & who goes to Japan this month!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cam Lovin' is all about the Smiles & the Angles..

The things I've realised when taking self portraits that most bloggers like myself indulge in are... that your arm length is the perfect distance to taking self portrait shots when fully stretched out.

Raising your arm at a 45 degree angle upwards and looking up gives a more flattering angle that slims the face and somewhat shrinks the upper body in the shot.

Everyone has a side of face that has a better profile look so find out your best profile shot and use that when camlovin' ... if you know that you have a big head like me, when taking pictures with friends, make sure you're positioned at least half a head behind your small headed friend so both your faces balance out in the shot.

Taking pictures in moving vehicles in the day give very nice lighting so take several shots in the taxi/car when it stops at a traffic light.

Bathroom shots give very unflattering background and specially when there is a toilet bowl in the background *worse if its not flushed and you see something extra floating about (pukes)* and bathrooms usually have poor lighting unless its a hotel bathroom and even these shots tend to be too overly warm.

Angled shots fill up the space of the picture frame more than staring directly at the camera with your head upright so it gives a more fuller picture.

And for varied side profile shots, looking away at a point 45 degrees up and away can give some pleasant profile pictures... and this tends to emphasise your eyes to make it look "bigger".

For ladies, I would think that if you're made up for the day with makeup, take some time to do these shots if you want them since you have taken the time to put on your "face". I find that shots that are taken without make-up... can be nice for the rare some but usually better for most with some makeup on.

Try not to take overly high angled down shots as it can make you look stumpy. Shots taken from below are strange too and why would you want pictures that can see right up your nostrils? Very unglam and unflattering...

So do you have more camwhoring or cam lovin' tips to share? Drop me a message!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

On my Birthday on the 2nd of July 09, I attended the Crocs media event for the introduction and launch of the new website. In this picture with me is JP Mccarvel, Crocs Marketing - Events Specialist and the moderator of the new site.

"JP has been wearing Crocs since December of 2004 when he received his first pair of “beach” as a gift and has never looked back since. JP has been working for Crocs since 2007 and is based in Singapore. To contact JP regarding this site, please email him at and he will be happy to answer any questions or comments you have."

For Crocs fans, you now have an interactive portal in sending in your suggestions, comments and have the opportunity to be engaged with your favourite brand.

From suggesting and promoting a new favourite idea to commenting on other ideas. is a laboratory for Crocs customers to share, innovate, express and explore ideas around Croc's products and services.

You can find out more about what the website is about HERE. Your questions like why they created this site, what would you find and how you view, vote and comment on ideas are answered there.

Do go check it out and participate! Click on the screenshot image below to go directly to the website.

The local Singapore Crocs site can be found HERE. I think that this is a excellent pro-active initiative on the brands' part in opening interaction with their customers and at the same time, allow for feedback and market research directly from supporters of the brand.

So if you're a fan or if you just want to find out more, go View, Vote and Voice out over at the new website and see the best ideas get possibly integrated into upcoming product lines! Who knows, your suggestion may be part of the new collections! Credit will be given to you too if the idea is used!

The evening was at the Screening Room @ Ann Siang Road again *which Lauren was highly amused as it was the 2nd time we were there.. previously we were there for a SOYJOY event and she still remembered that previous evening* started out with drinks and food.

I appreciate that food & refreshment are given out during sessions
such as these as it can get a little late and I also brought along my kids! - They definitely need food for the evening..

With the introduction of the website and its functions and features, we also roamed the lounge where several new pairs of Crocs new collections were displayed for us to touch, inspect and feel.

From childrens collection, to womens collections to mens wear...

And something we were always amused by.. a GIANT croc shoe display.. which they filled with Gibbits (those cartoon/image like rubber attachments that u can use to decorate your Crocs shoe with) and Crocs keychains for those who participated for the evening.

Later that evening too, Crocs announced that the selected participants that evening were allowed to choose one item and it would be gifted to us so we chose something we liked.

Lauren chose black slippers, Eirian chose a ballerina like pump but in pink, mine was a high raised wedge slip on as seen below but I selected a red/black version and CJ selected a brown male pair. Am waiting for them to deliver it to us soon! Excited!

The evening ended nicely after mingling with several very lovely ladies and we left with Crocs goodies - a mug, notebook, selected gibbits and keychains each. With that, I'd like to thank Crocs for inviting me and giving me an opportunity to privately view their new collection and be introduced to their new online initiative!

Go check it out!

Monday, July 06, 2009

31st Birthday Celebrations Pt. 2

As with last year, I had 2 parts to my birthday celebrations.. actual day festivities with family and a separate day with friends. After doing my ZumFit class for the evening on Friday night, I got changed from sweaty workout gear to my night outfit and met some friends over at Fishermans Wharf in front of The Central for Dinner!

Those who turned up were: My youngest sister, Alexandra, EY (Zumba Dance Mate and also my dance student), Vikki (my favourite Aqua instructor who taught me most of my moves) & her friend, Leila? (Vikki - pls confirm spelling), Priscilla (my online gf buddy) & her friend Derrick, Willie (a California Fitness dance mate) & her friend Elin, Daphne aka Daphnemaia aka Hello Kitty, Hendribudi, Mohd. Hisham, my favourite galfriend Preetha aka Jane Doe from 91.3FM with her man, Regan and his brother and last but not least, Josh Lim aka Tow Kay of Advertlets, right down from KL for the weekend! Whoot!

Thank you everyone for joining me to have fish & chips for my birthday! Your presence even though I only had a couple of minutes to speak to each of you touched me greatly.

After dinner, majority of us moved down to Azzucar which is situated right in the middle of Clarke Quay. I LOVE AZZUCAR with its cosy atmosphere and music that I totally dig! The band is named Cubania.. apparently from Cuba of course.. and the lead singer is also the BOSS of Azzucar.. Miguel!

They really took AMAZING care of me that evening.. constantly checking in that everything was alright and if I needed anything. Personal attention from the boss himself too! Even called me when I was on the way home to ensure I was safe and checked in on me the next day that I was alright and happy.

In picture: Josh Lim, Boss of Advertlets - of which I fully support exclusively as of the past year in terms of long term blog advertising banners. My sister Alex and Balpreet, another dance galfriend from the gym!

My galfriend, Jo Lim - the sexy lady who clothes and plays a major influence your purchases for your favourite Timberland outfits and gear and Tow Kay Neo of Silk Minerals. Check out her online shop where you can get amazing colours and beauty products specially hand picked by her!

Silk Minerals has also always sponsored my eyeshadow so most of the eyeshadow you would see on my blogs as of the past 9 months at least are Silk Mineral colours! Check it out!


Krisandro and Leshane also came to spend time with me at Azzucar that evening. I was very very touched that they came! Thank you! Even though I didn't have alot of time to spend with them, their presence and attendance was definitely heartfelt! And Fwoah! Thank you for the present! I really like it!!

Whos in the picture? Josh Lim... Leshane and Krisandro.. *big loves to them all*. And I just had to take a picture with the sweetest and prettiest one there... Leshane! Even her name is pretty!! Argh!! Thanks again for coming!! *hugs*

My sister, Alex calls my boots, "CFM boots"... I didn't know those kinda boots even had a name! *CFM - Come F**K Me* -.-''

And a very sweet guy, facebooker and blog reader, Lennard came to grace me with his presence at the party along with a group of his friends too! How nice!! They're all so lovely. And he gave me a box of chocolates too! Awwww....... thank you!

A group shot with Lennard and all his very nice friends...

Other than booking up all of the lounge space and 6 tables for me for the evening on a complimentary basis, Azzucar also extended preferred rates for drinks and sponsored a HUGE cake FOR ME! I did not have a single drop of alcohol that evening too! So it was a free flow of iced water all night for me...

The cake was so big that even after cutting large slices for everyone who came for my party, we still had half a cake left which I cut up in even larger slices and my sister, Alex went around giving out to the other patrons at the club till it was all finished.

In the picture: Krisandro & Leshane, Josh Lim, Preetha D aka Jane Doe and my other favourite couple, Adele and Joe Augustin... Adele looked SMASHINGLY pretty that evening! *whistle*. Do check out Joe's PODCAST!


I was pleased with the cake... yes I was.. hahahaa! But I didn't get to eat it! Hahha.. I can only hope that it was good!

With that, the live band Cubania *which I absolutely adored the kind of music they played* sang me a reggaeton version of Happy Birthday... I blew out my candles.. on my 3rd, 31st Birthday cake. First was at my aunt's house, 2 weeks ago - Durian cake. 2nd was on my actual day, Mango Vanilla Fruit cake and this was my 3rd cake. They put on 25 candles for me as they refused to believe that I was turning 31.. awww.. flattery eh...

And some more pictures with more girlfriends who came to join me for the evening, french galfriend, Anne Valluy and her close friend. Loreta, a very lovely Brazilian woman with her husband...

The night was very enjoyable with the people who came to celebrate it with me, with cake, with the dancing & music and the dance challenge on stage which absolutely gave the exhibitionist in me an absolute kick! And I love how the clubs now are all smoke free!

No more going home smelling like an ash tray.. only smelling like sweat & purfume! hahahah! And a shot of some of the gifts I was given for my birthday that ranged from chocolates to lotions, eyelashes, eyeshadow, makeup kits, hand painted cards, necklaces and vouchers.

As of now, I'm due for a Birthday Brazillian which is a gift by Preetha, to meet up with Adele Augustin for a pressie, meeting my galfriend, Serene for La Mian birthday lunch treat on Tuesday and my close galfriend, Kay for another birthday lunch on Friday...

Looks like I won't be watching my carbs for another week... will resolve to detox from next week onwards... but for now.. THANK YOU EVERYONE.. because you came, you made my birthday that little bit more special with your presence. Thank you. :) Love u all...