Monday, July 06, 2009

31st Birthday: Actual Day Reflections...

On the 2nd of July, which was the actual day of my birthday.. I had a pretty good day! First off, I spent a good part of the day taking 2 very satisfying naps and in between prepping for a new corporate class that I was going to teach in the evening. I really enjoyed the ladies in that class. It always helps too that they are enthusiastic and wasn't too stressed about the technicalities of each move. ZumFit is a fun class! So if anyone wants to take it, be prepared to just release your inhibitions and enjoy yourself while I run you through a full body workout. :)

My sister in law, Serene also bought me a cake which I had a slice of. It was good!! Carbs!! But still.. I must have my own cake! I love my sister in law and we're lucky to be close unlike many other in-laws who hate each other.

After my corporate ZumFit session that evening, I rushed off to meet my girls and CJ and headed down to the CROCS media night (Of which you will read about in a following post) and had a lovely evening there together with the CROCs gang amongst others.

Met Nadia and Jayden there too and got to know some very lovely ladies which I hope to see in my upcoming ZumFit class! *cough* Hey ladies! I know you read my blog.. so email me at for your registration forms and I'll see you this Friday!

When I met my girls and CJ before the event, they presented me with my birthday presents. They decided to buy me 2 pots of flowers. One medium sized pot of mini red roses.. anyone who knows me would know that I'm a huge fan of red roses.. but not a huge fan of getting cut or bouquet flowers as I don't like seeing them die. So potted plants were PERFECT!! I get to tend to them and see even more bloom as the weeks pass. I like! ... and my girls chose a small pot below that I could put by my table to add colour around me. :) So sweet lah!

Overall, my actual day celebrations was somewhat peaceful and enjoyable with a good mix of family, friends, new business and new friends... Happy Birthday to myself.. and thank you for everyone who PLURKED, TWITTERED, FORUMED, FACEBOOKED, EMAILED, SMSED and CALLED me with your birthday greetings. Thank you for remembering my birthday.. and remembering me.

I have never gotten so many birthday greetings in my life! Just for me! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you... I feel loved & blessed already. :)

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Spank-A-Lot said...

Looks you really had great fun! Sorry I was unable to make it. Sadly, I had to work.